Kansas Church: If Clay Aiken’s Gay, He Can’t Sing Here


Parishioners at the Central Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas where Clay Aiken is reportedly scheduled to give a Christmas concert in late November are apparently worried they might have a gay enter their holy sanctuary and want to make sure that’s not the case before Aiken is allowed to sing there:

“The Central Christian Church controversy reached a fever pitch shortly after the performance was announced, and the executive pastor Mark Posson felt compelled to send a letter to concerned elders. A source tells the National Enquirer, ‘Pastor Posson thought it was in the church’s best interest to circulate a letter.’ In the note, the pastor avoided the gay issue, declaring Aiken was a Christian who didn’t ‘drink, smoke, swear or womanise’. The clergyman also recalled interviews Aiken gave to Rolling Stone magazine and an internet site, in which he stated he was not gay.”

Well, that doesn’t sound like he “avoided the gay issue” to me, but take it for what you will.