Liza Minnelli on Britney Spears: She’s Got a Disease


Liza Minnelli talked to the St. Petersburg Times on Tuesday about hip replacement, drag queens, being famous…and Britney Spears:

Minnelli_2“I just feel horrible for her. You know, she’s got a disease. And when you have a disease, you cannot help it. So it’s not your fault, but you’re responsible for it. I just feel so bad for her because I don’t think anybody really understands what’s going on. The way the press is now, she’s getting so much attention. Somebody said to me the other day, ‘God, you have to go to jail to get a good review.’ (guffaws) It’s an interesting period. They used to have clauses and contracts where you can’t get bad publicity or you’d get fired. But now bad publicity is good publicity. I just keep working and don’t think about it much.”


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    OMG, that’s hilarious! And could the remarks have come from anyone more relevant? That’s awesome. And hilarious.

    Now who can Ann-Margret chime in about? Hrmmm.

  2. Rad says

    BTW: For those of us needing reading glasses and mildly dyslexic, trying to read the “Post Comment Confirmation” block with the alphanumeric characters on a jumbled background… you gotta be kidding me! It’s taking me 3 and 4 times to figure out what the HELL it is I am looking at!

  3. Jordan says

    Yeah, Britney’s got a disease…called bipolar disorder and a desperate need for attention at all times.

    Anyone that shaves her head like that and and acts like she does has major mental issues. Girl needs help. Quick!

  4. claire booth luce says

    Everyone in Hollywood knows Britney’s a nasty pervert but they won’t admit it.

  5. FunMe says

    The sad thing about all this celebrity CRAZE is that these young “stars” are burning and crashing way earlier in life.

    I mean when you read of entertainers back in the day, most stars were probably doing the same thing, BUT they had pressure not to do it in the public. And if they did crashed and burn, they had already established some kind of career longevity (over 10 years). Think Liza’s mom, Judy Garland and Dorothy Dandridge.

    Today’s generation … I doubt they will make it over 30.

  6. j says

    Gee do you think that so-called reporter asked Liza about Brittany to get the garbage she wrote all over the internet. Now if she asked Liza something really relevant – like how did the 61-year-young diva survive and thrive. She might have found out that the reason Liza agreed to be interviewed was to promote her tour where she is dancing and singing the songs of her godmother – Kay Thompson – in a show that she has been performing around the world. Liza is not burning out but burning up the stages for her real fans. Not posted here is the end of Liza’s quote – she is too busy to worry about the likes of Brittany. Check out Liza’s tour schedule at

  7. jacknasty says

    How grand, how terribly grand! Love her.

    But she is kinda wrong, bad press gets you more bad press…but that is it. None of these tragedy case it girls is actually having success. Lindsay had several very successful films before her downward spiral…but after it has been bomb after bomb after bomb. Hilton has had all movies dirrect to video except House of Wax (which had 4 famous TV actors anyways) And Britney’s album wont sell half of what Oops I did it Again did.

  8. jacknasty says

    I agree 110% with rad. I have very mild dyslexia and the verification thing is really hard sometimes!

  9. Benjamin says

    Liza speaks “her” truth. If Brittany, in her opinion, does have a disease…aka…problem, then it is really not her fault. Not to make excuses for Brittany, but as Liza said: “you have to take responsibility for it”. Noone who comes into this world “ASKS” for a problem or a disease. Like any other human being who is dealt in the cards of life cancer, lukemia, a bipolar condition or alcoholism, they take responsibility for it and GET HELP. Brittany is recognized for her problems and her out of control lifestyle. She could be so much more recognized and remembered if she in fact did something about it and souight help for her conditions, whatever they may be. There are so many noncelebrities in the world going thru exactly what she is, like loosing her children to their biological fathers for alleged substance abuse problems and personality disorders.

    Brittany, listen to the people who are pointing out to you that if you get the problems fixed, you will get your life back and your childen…..and maybe even your career.