News: Jeffrey Toobin, Wildebeest, Ann Coulter, He-Vage, Norway

road.jpg Norwegian clergy to defy church, carry out same-sex marriages. Chaplain: “There will be a certain amount of civil disobedience. I want to start wedding homosexuals as soon as a new Marriage Act is in place.”

Dianasmileroad.jpg Diana’s final smile on film.

road.jpg Jeffrey Toobin looks at Lawrence v. Texas in new book on Supreme Court, The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court: “There was no mistaking the significance of Kennedy’s opinion. The point was not that the court was halting sodomy prosecutions, which scarcely took place anymore. Rather, the court was announcing that gay people could not be branded as criminals simply because of who they were. They were citizens. They were like everyone else.”

road.jpg Welsh gay and lesbian film festival offers record £25,000 prize for best film: “Festival director Berwyn Rowlands said talent from at least half of the films shortlisted were flying in from all over the world to attend the event. ‘This is a prize that unites a global network of film festivals located in LA, Sydney, Manila, Hong Kong and Dublin to bring together the most promising new talent from around the world,’ he said.”

road.jpg Ann Coulter’s piehole opens up: “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.”

road.jpg Britney Spears now licensed to cause havoc on the streets of L.A..

road.jpg Anglican advisory committee says Episcopalian church has “complied with a directive” on same-sex unions and gay bishops folowing an announcement by the Episcopals that they would be exercising “restraint” on those issues in the future.

Wildebeestroad.jpg 10,000 dead. One-percent of world’s entire wildebeest population die in mass drowning over the course of several days. “As the animals passed through southern Kenya during their annual migration, part of the herd attempted to cross the fast-moving Mara at a “particularly treacherous” point, according to Terilyn Lemaire, a conservation worker with the Nairobi-based Mara Conservancy who witnessed the incident. ‘Once they jumped into the water, they were unable to climb up either embankment onto land and, as a result, got swept up by the current and drowned,’ she wrote in an email to National Geographic News.”

road.jpg The Daily Mail tackles some tough issues. How much He-vage should a man show? And which aging male stars have had plastic surgery?

Sleazeroad.jpg Folsom Street down under: a look at Sydney’s recent sleaze ball.

road.jpg Domestic Violence Hotline for gay/bisexual/transgender men receives $75,000 Verizon grant to expand to cover Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut: “The Verizon grant is significant for several reasons. It expands a model program into other states, and it provides a lifeline to gay, bisexual and transgender male victims currently without access to services. It also raises awareness among other corporations that domestic violence is a critical issue that impacts everyone.”

road.jpg Irish man gets eight months in prison for gay bashing: “Garda John Lavery gave evidence that the victim was walking towards the diving board at Blackrock, at 3am on April 15 last year when he saw a group of youths were already there. He was accosted by Corcoran who shouted homophobic obscenities at him. Corcoran shouted, ‘What the f*** are you looking at you poofter, you faggot.’ He punched the victim to the face and told him he was going to kill him. The victim managed to escape and he reported the incident at Salthill Garda Station two days later.”


  1. says

    I concur. See Ann for what she is: the circus – someone who dreams up the most ridiculous comments she can think of in order to sell books to white, Republican men. That’s her game and nothing more.

  2. tjc says

    Wow — I had a very different reading of “he-vage” — there really should be a clarification on the front page:
    he-vage (rhymes w/ Cleavage). I thought it was he-vag(e) — as in vagina. Never one to use the phrase mangina, but who can’t help but think of fajitas as a rhyme for vagina (thanks to former coworker Rob B!), I need to look at some porn now to get the image of camel-toe out of my head.

  3. Jordan says

    That photo of Diana is heartbreaking. To see her happy and think what her life could have been.

    Why hasn’t someone killed Ann Coulter yet? Wouldn’t it be a mercy killing for the rest of humanity? Put the bitch to sleep like the dog she is. Pity though…as much as I believe in euthanasia, that’s too good for her.

    Britney now actually has a license? How did she pull that one off? No matter. She’ll probably never remember to carry it.

    Sydney’s Sleaze Ball looks ok, but sadly, not really very decadent anymore. I want to party in Prague with the Satanists.

  4. Marc says

    Maybe Sydney’s Sleaze Ball isn’t what it once was, but it is still looks ten times more fun than anything the American gays have got.

    American gays, stop being so boring!!!

  5. ROB says

    Here’s the only problem with Ann Coulter: people keep giving her a platform. Andy, it’s your blog and you can do what you want with it, however, she isn’t in any way deserving of our attention. There has been speculation for some time now that even she doesn’t believe half of what she says; she’s a media manipulator who deserves to be COMPLETELY IGNORED. Andrew Sullivan said it best when he referred to her as a “vaudeville act.” I think “cartoon” is actually more accurate. And this is the last time I post anything about her. I swear.

  6. nic says

    mann coulter likes to refer to herself as a polemicist. what she is, perhaps more than what she would like to acknowledge, is a literal devil’s advocate — satan’s avatar, as it were. does anyone have trouble picturing her with horns protruding from her emaciated head? she is a media whore; no more and no less. repug, bitter, straight, white males are her bread and butter. excuse me while i retch.

  7. k thonpsob says

    on a visit today to Ann Coulters site I noticed is advertising on her site. i challenge (yup its a fagwa)to all of you that read this to complain to for supporting ms. coulter and indicate to them that you and your friends will not support

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