N’Sync’s Chris Kirkpatrick Glad to be on Lance Bass’ Gaydar


Chris Kirkpatrick talked to People magazine about a disclosure by Lance Bass that Bass thought bandmates Justin Timberlake (because he wanted a gay part in a movie) and Kirkpatrick (because he hung out with a choreographer) were gay back when they were in N’Sync together.

Said Kirkpatrick: “I think it’s awesome that Lance thought I was gay while we were in the band together. He’s been going through a lot after coming out, and we respect that and give him his space.”


  1. Paul says

    Did Lance really say those two were gay “back then”? But presumably no longer? What a nuanced understanding of sexuality.

    This Kirkpatrick guy certainly seems sweet and understanding, though. Most famous (former) teenage heartthrobs wouldn’t respond nearly so well to accusations of “digging dudes.”

  2. Jonathon says

    “I think it’s awesome that Lance thought I was gay…”

    Huh? I appreciate the sentiment, but am confused at the syntax. Wasn’t the whole selling point of “N*Sync” the sex appeal of the group to young girls who went out in droves to buy their crappy music? Wouldn’t the idea of a “heartthrob” like Kirkpatrick or Timberlake being gay sort of throw a wrench in the works?

    Complete disclosure: I thought ALL of them were gay. So Lance was no surprise, nor would Justin be a surprise.

  3. justincredible says

    He thought it was awesome? I guess that’s because he’s so secure, right? He reminds me of a chihuahua I know… yappy small.

    What’s next, Clay Aiken is gay?

  4. Mike says

    Paul: You need to read more carefully. Lance _used to think_ they were gay because of certain behaviours. It’s not their sexuality that’s changed, it’s his assessment of it.

  5. Nita says

    David, Lance Bass seems sweet and gentle and seems like he’d make a really cool guy friend and/or father. He seems like he’d be into whoever he is with at the moment, and not out screwing around with 20 different people at once and lying about it. The horror eyebrows can be overlooked. Maybe.

    Why is he a bad representation for gays?

  6. Nita says

    Johnathon wrote, “”I think it’s awesome that Lance thought I was gay…” Huh? I appreciate the sentiment, but am confused at the syntax.”

    You’re right, it is confusing syntax. Maybe what he’s really saying is that it’s OK2BGay. There is no stigma, because he does not feel threatened by Lance Bass. Being gay, or rather superficially cool about homosexuality, is now an ‘in-thing’. Since he likes Lance, this is his way of showing support for Lance. There’s no guarantee that he’d say the exact same thing about someone else feeling that way towards him.

  7. queendru says

    Chris is eight years older than Lance who was 15 or 16 when he joined *NSYNC in the mid-90s. With Chris’s high voice and goofy persona I’m sure Lance was just feeling his way. I really don’t see Chris as being someone who would be offended Lance thought he was gay. He’s probably amused or even flattered by it.

    Timberlake, though, is probably a raging closet case with all kinds of internalized homophobia influenced by his obsession with hip-hop culture.

  8. jj says

    Look, I have nothing against Lance. He seems like a nice guy. But SERIOUSLY, is he the gay Jessica Simpson or what? I feel like his every word, movement or thought gets reported on every blog, every day. Perez is STILL obsessed with him, even after the whole outing fiasco. You’d think he’d leave well enough alone.

    You guys are single-handedly going to turn this kid into the next Lindsay Lohan.

  9. sugarrhill says

    Queendru, way to propel that stereotype that all gay men think every good looking straight man is gay. And way to generalize with hip hop culture as if country or alternative rock aren’t nearly as homophobic.

  10. nillachino says

    Interestingly enough, Kirkpatrick was interviewed for a magazine (of course I don’t remember whhich one it is now…but it’s probably still online) where he mentions that he was sure that one of the members of the group was gay. oh, the gaydar on that one.

  11. phaballa says

    It’s called sarcasm, people. If you read the whole GQ interview from which the original quote from Lance was taken, the interviewer says, “Justin Timberlake claims that he knew you were gay all along” and Lance says, “Oh well, we all thought each other were gay.”

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