Partying Princes Drown Sorrows with Defeated Brit Rugby Team


Princes William and Harry partied into the night on Saturday with members of the English rugby team following their rugby world cup defeat by South Africa at the Stade de France. It didn’t appear that Harry was snorting vodka this time, just drinking straight from the bottle. Now word on whether he then went after outside centre Matthew Tait’s nipple, as he seemed to have lost his shirt at some point during the night.

William Harry

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  1. the queen says

    I keep hearing more rumors from British friends of mine that Prince William has slept with a lot of young college guys. Could it be that the future King is a Queen?

  2. Jordan says

    Looks no different than any drunken frat party. This one only has Royalty (thus making it newsworthy).

    What would Diana think? (Not to mention the Queen?)

    I just feel sorry for William. Imagine having that huge destiny hanging over you. No freedom whatsoever, with the world practically at your disposal, you have no real choices of your own….your life is not your own.

    Harry? not so much. He’s got it made. Unless something really tragic happens to William, he’s got a free, party-ride for life, but eventually that would get old. Look at Princess Margaret’s tragic, unfulfilled, unhappy life. Maybe being royalty is not a thing to envy after-all. Imagine trying to find meaning in life when you have the world.

  3. Leland Frances says

    The picture at the top with the fuckable blond twink looking down screams the caption, “Is that a scepter and orb in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

  4. says

    Prince William is def screwable…How frustrating it must be not to be able to do crazy(yet fun) things like like like…say…sleep with men and then marry a woman while still sleeping with men. Ugh…royalty!!

  5. Brian in Seattle says

    This looks just like every other rugby party I’ve ever attended, except these guys are wearing a lot more clothes.

  6. peterparker says

    While everyone is drooling over Harry, William and the blond shirtless guy, did anyone even notice the dark haired guy wearing the white t-shirt in between Harry and Mr. Blond-boy in the top photo? The dark haired guy is the hottest one in any of the pictures. Even without an orb and scepter in his pocket!

  7. anon ( says

    What’s the difference between a str8 rugby player and a gay one? After the game: nothing.

  8. says

    WHo releases these pics its obvious they know who was at the party same as harrys vodka snorting pics its not like random famewhores were there. Athletes can get penalized for drinking people hanging with harry presumably have an image to keep who is releasing these private pics.

  9. TONY says

    I’m just happy the guyz are out there and having a good time & enjoying life!!..that makes me happy that they are not restricted to the rulez of grandma