News: Mario Lopez, Louis Vuitton, Sydney, Tom Ford, Brazil

road.jpg Robert Goulet dies at 73, awaiting lung transplant at hospital.

Gorbachevroad.jpg Does Annie Leibowitz’s Louis Vuitton ad contain a hidden message from Gorbachev about poisoned Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko?

road.jpg Being Mr. Gay Brazil requires Representative Barney Frank on Larry Craig: “I don’t think he should have been arrested, but it’s more likely than not that he was interested in sex. You have a right to privacy but not hypocrisy. During the period that I was closeted for seven years, I was always a gay rights supporter. I think it’s a fundamental violation of principles to vote one way and act another.”

road.jpg Following rash of gay bashings, a “safe space” opens on Oxford Street in Sydney: “Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said the City had agreed to lease a recently vacated shop front in a Council-owned building to ACON for use as a night-time Safe Space for the gay community. ‘“Following discussions with ACON, the City has agreed to provide the premises free of charge for ACON to use on a nightly basis,’” Ms Moore said. ‘“The Safe Space will act as a refuge for people who feel threatened or abused.” Residents continue to report assaults, robberies and anti-social behaviour associated with large late night licensed premises. There are ongoing reports of serious problems and people tell me that they fear for their safety.”'”

Marioroad.jpg Ass-tastic: Mario Lopez lets it all hang out for Halloween.

road.jpg Wentworth Miller holds on tight!

road.jpg Two pink triangles from the Holocaust being auctioned in the UK: “They are expected to fetch hundreds of pounds when they go under the hammer at the Mullock’s Auctioneers at Ludlow Racecourse on Thursday. Also being sold at the auction are other rare items including a description of a Spanish flu pandemic that killed millions and an apologetic letter from composer Edward Elgar.”

road.jpg Jesse Helms documentary comes to DVD, and includes never-before-seen interview with Matthew Shepard.

road.jpg Frequent Towleroad commenter David Ehrenstein writes on “Obama’s Gospel Mistake” in the L.A. Times.

road.jpg Harper Lee to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom.

road.jpg Tom Ford is buying mineral rights to the land beneath his Galisteo, New Mexico ranch in order to block oil drilling: “Ford paid the state Land Office about $84,000 earlier this year to purchase the mineral rights to more than 1,400 acres, according to Land Office records. The purchase came in response to Tecton Energy’s controversial proposal to drill eight exploratory wells on 65,000 acres, or 101 square miles, in the Galisteo Basin where it has acquired mineral rights.” All drilling above ground is expected to continue.


  1. says

    At least according to NPR this morning, Goulet died while awaiting a lung transplant, not a heart transplant. He was recently diagnosed with a rare lung disorder, so that makes some sense.

  2. Rey says

    That’s correct – Goulet had pulmonary fibrosis.

    Thanks for posting David Ehrenstein’s piece from It’s a very excellent, to-the-point piece.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Robert Goulet was a classy performer back when television had a taste of Broadway and Vaudeville flavor to it–I mean, on the variety shows and specials.

    As far as Senor Lopez: Just because he has a beautiful bottom doesn’t mean he has to be a beautiful “bottom”. Some of y’all gay guys want to “bottom” every beautiful man y’all see…get on my damn nerves.

    Y’all aint gonna’ ruin my fantasy.

  4. Becks07 says

    Heart…lung…yellow stripe in the middle of the road…yellow stripe on the side of the road…royal giving head…royal not giving head…

    What does it matter? Facts are a bore when you can stick the ass of Mario Lopez on your blog and rake in the hits and the ad revenue.

    Andy has shown a grievous disregard for accuracy. It may be a hobby, but some people see this place as a source for news and when it is so incorrectly related, it is a cause for disappointment.

  5. Rey says

    Becks07: You should classify this site in your own head as “strictly entertainment” to save yourself from the heartache that you seem to be suffering from.

    I have not seen a “grievous disregard” for accuracy from Andy here. That would entail not fessing up and/or apologizing for anything misleading or incorrect which I have seen him always do when need be.

    Then again, I collect my news buffet-style. I gather tidbits here and there and then research and confirm the remaining facts for my own self. This site is a wonderful resource for my gathering ways.

  6. nic says


    i have not found andy to be purposefully inaccurate. he, like most of us, is a busy man.

    i do not fault him his little slips; he is, after all, more than ready to accept responsibility. i appreciate the “heads up” he gives us about all things gay. is that “so wrong”!!??

    go challenge the NEW YORK TIMES, or better, challenge FAUX-NEWS. your time might be better spent.

    there is simply no pleasing some jerk-offs!

  7. Buster says

    “Robert Goulet! Robert Goulet! My God, Robert Goulet”

    And not that it’s really practical but, yes, I too would love a warning before hitting a Perez Hilton link.

    Becks – People seem to forget that this is Andy’s site. It’s not a public service. You don’t pay to subscribe. He can post Mario’s ass or Andy Dick’s ass or George Bush’s ass or whatever the hell he feels like. There are moments when I too read something on this site and think “how gay!” (in the bad way) or “who cares?” or “what a waste of time” then remind myself of the fact that I’m free to go start my own occasionally annoying/irrelevant/silly blog. You can do the same.

    Finally guys, I actually met Mario in person ON HIS 18TH BIRTHDAY just as he turned legal and I called dibs at that moment, so the rest of you will have to wait ’til I’m done.

    Which will be a while…

  8. Becks07 says


    I actually agree with much of what you are saying (although I find it rich that NIC excoriates me for being an unsatisfied jerk-off and then in the VERY NEXT POST moans about his Towleroad issues LOL). But no worries.

    What I did a lousy job of conveying is that I am concerned that Andy will apologize for an inaccuracy and then LET IT STAND. Is it impossible to edit his posts? I am most concerned about the Viscount Linley story — it is simply not true and puts a very good person and accomplished artist in a terrible light (adulterer, coke-head, liar, etc.).

    It just seems that it would be so simple to correct the story and save the world another ignoramous who reads the version posted by Andy and believes it to be true.

    But you guys are right — I need a chill pill on all this, and I have just taken it :-)

    Besides, there are all the great updates on Banksy and Mika to appreciate here 😉

    Cheers guys, and thanks for the feedback.

  9. Jordan says

    Mario is just too yummy. And seems like a really sweet guy. He would probably be the type to ask if it was good for you, too.

    I thought it so strange that Gorbachev of all people would be doing a Vuitton ad. I actually got to hear him make a speech and have lunch with him at a VIP table (with his very burly bodyguards standing by) at a luncheon I got suckered into going to once with a well-connected friend. (suckered since Barbara Bush was there as well)

    Strange ad indeed (but I do have that bag).

  10. johnnzboy says

    “Being Mr. Gay Brazil requires Representative Barney Frank on Larry Craig” – what a peculiar (and somewhat distasteful) duty for him to perform – will we ever discover what accidentally happened here? Seems a pity to misplace a story on a hot gay Brazilian…

    And Becks07, what’s a hogperson?

    And why are you constantly referring to the vacuous but harmless Mika, and tagger-cum-art-darling Banksy? The lady doth protest far too much…

  11. Becks07 says

    @ JOHNNZBOY — \\”Hogpersons, please!\\” is from a John Waters film.

    Why am ***I*** constantly referring to Mika and Banksy? LOL Oh honey, let\\\’s just not talk…why ruin the moment?

  12. brad says

    don’t y’all feel a bit ridiculous after posting your comments on this site? i read them often, and i can never figure out why you guys pick on each other so much.

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