Russian Orthodox Leader: Gays are Like Kleptomaniacs


Patriarch Alexy II, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, offered his opinion of gay pride to the Council of Europe, where he was speaking Tuesday. The Council of Europe has 47 member countries and seeks to “develop throughout Europe common and democratic principles based on the European Convention on Human Rights and other reference texts on the protection of individuals.”

Interfax reports:

“‘When persistent attempts were made to hold a homosexual parade in Moscow, we believed that that meant propaganda and advertisement of sin,’ Alexy told a session of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) in Strasbourg, France. Attempts are made to justify homosexuality by calling it a disease, the patriarch said. Yet kleptomania can also be considered a disease, he argued. ‘Why then no one advertises kleptomania while homosexuality gets advertised via gay parades?’ he said. ‘It is advertisement that is being forced on people who are a very long way from it,’ Alexy said. The patriarch also said the church commiserated with all sinners, including homosexuals, ‘sinners whom we love while we hate their sin…But at the same time, we Orthodox Christians cannot depart from what is taught by th Bible and by the apostolic tradition of the church,’ Alexy said. ‘Somebody may think otherwise, and nobody must be discredited on the basis of the character of their private lives,’ he said. ‘In the same way, nobody must try to force me or my brothers and sisters in faith to be silent and [to prevent us from] using the word sin for something that is called sin in God’s Word,’ the patriarch said. It is the right of religious believers to question the acceptability of legal and political support for a feature of society, he said.”

And apparently to beat the crap out of gays and lesbians at the parade.

Speaking of kleptomaniacs, Queen Padme called. She wants her look back.


  1. Pugzz says

    I am so, so, tired of “religious” leaders and thier bigoted/dangerous statements. They are the reason for more violence and war around the world than any other. Talk about people that have lost their way!

  2. dc-20008 says

    who is this individual, and what has he got on??

    More proof that religion is utter nonsense.

  3. says

    People of Earth, do not fear the man in the terrifying towering hat. He comes in peace. He will eat none of you. Please refrain from poking around the back of his spacecraft. That means YOU! ZAAAP!!!

  4. Rad says

    Being of Serbian Orthodox background, his archaic and ignorant rhetoric is the primary reason people have left the religion in droves.

    As a Serb, and looking at how my families faith has been… evicerated… by these tyrants… I gotta say when Tito was in power in that region, he had the right idea; keep your lame, ignorant peasant religions in the closet and build me cheap cars!

  5. says

    religious believers need to be positioned as the alternative rather than the norm and have their rights adjusted as such.

  6. the queen says

    well for chrissakes, what did you expect that old fart to say anyway, I love queers or something? I sorta like the drag tho.

  7. Sebastian says

    Well, if there is one gay kleptomaniac in Russia, could they please steal that tacky, gaudy “jewelry” and give him a shave? And, a shower possibly could help him clear his mind of his nonsense.

  8. Jonathon says

    I will say it again: The biggest failure of the Soviet period was the USSR’s inability to crush forever the Russian Orthodox Church. What a shame. And to see the Church back in power, having an inordinate amount of influence in the government, pushing discrimination on people like myself is just too much.

  9. Wes says

    Nice bling, moron.

    Seriously, its a sad world that gives people with funny hats reading ancient books written by dead men who claimed to speak for god more credence than a completely average down-to-earth homosexual. Unfortunately, most of the world still does.

  10. Jordan says

    Omigod, that headdress is hideous, and even rappers don’t wear jewelry that big anymore.

    What kind of drag queen is she trying to be, anyway?

  11. anon ( says

    I believe him comments were directed at Catholics more than anything else (the Catholic Church views gayness as a disease and he was talking to the Council of Europe), but beyond that he seems rather misinformed.

  12. Zlexar says

    He wears a crown with a cross on it in public and has a hard time with gays “advertising?”

  13. candipearl says

    Totally True

    My best friend from high school….we’ll just call him *Ben Weeks(the dirty klepto whore)stole my boyfriend…that counts, right?

    *names have not been changed, in order NOT to protect dirty klepto whores :)

  14. candipearl says

    Me, a liar! i guess it’s better than being a dirty klepto whore, and after all the watermelon flavored Smackers we shared…i trusted you!!!

    That’s cool though…your dad, was a much better kisser

    Miss ya :)

  15. ReasonBased says

    Christians believe that donkeys once talked, that virgins can give birth and people can rise from the dead, and it is the GAYS who have a disease???

    It is time to call religion what it is: mental illness.

  16. says

    Thank you, REASONBASED!! Sooooo I’m a diseased klepto but he’s normal? Ummhh…let’s see…So Jesus was raised among the dead on the third day, rose up above and will be back for final judgement to take 144000 fidels to live a thousand years while the rest of the world is in complete chaos…and I’m diseased? Haa!!

  17. anon ( says

    Actually, he is NOT saying that gays are diseased, that is the position of the Catholic Church (a longtime rival to the Orthodox Church). Rather, he is saying that position is wrong and that gays are engaging in sin. His statement is really not meant for a general audience, he is targeting other church leaders and their comments. Gays are simply caught in the crossfire here.

  18. Spyridon says

    What part of “Nobody must be discredited on the basis of the character of their private lives.” is so hard to understand? miloRAD above, the church stood up for Serbia while liberals bombed your nation. So, let’s be fair here.

  19. Jose Nungaray says

    Patriarch, Alexy II WANTS TO FOCUS ON THE WORD SIN. The old testament condemns IDOLATRY(having any statue within a christian temple is IDOLATRY. And bowing to this idol is also an offense towards God, who forbids anyone of his followers to venerate or worship such idols. God demands total worship and veneration towards Him and not the “saints” or Mary(mother of Jesus). So, Patriarch Alexy should focus on obeying the Lord before he condems other people’s “sin”.So get rid of all your idols from your temples or churches, and focus on Jesus Christ, the one that God Almighty allowed to be worshiped.And the Lord will take care of the rest of the world.

  20. nic says

    I am not sure how one can infer from the above post that Patriarch Alexy was directing his remarks to the Catholic church.

    The following is from the “International Herald Tribune – Europe” (10-02-07):

    STRASBOURG: Russia’s senior religious leader assailed homosexuality as a sin and an illness Tuesday and urged Europe to rediscover its Christian values.

    Speaking to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a body that polices human rights in Europe, Patriarch Alexy II, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, made few concessions to West European sensibilities as he called for a return to Christian values.

    Alexy’s visit to Strasbourg came before a planned meeting Wednesday with French bishops and President Nicolas Sarkozy.

    Though he has travelled before to countries that are predominantly Roman Catholic, this visit is his highest-profile trip to Western Europe and another step toward better relations with the Vatican, from which the Orthodox Church has been estranged for almost a thousand years.

    I am no fan of the Catholic church nor any religion for that matter. One need only read the comments of the benighted old fart in this post and Jose Nungaray’s comments further down to see how absurd religious belief is.

  21. anon ( says

    It might be a poor translation or transcription of his remarks but you need to understand that current doctrinal disputes between the two churches in relation to the attempts by both the current pope and John Paul II to reconcile with the Orthodox Churches. In essence, both sides are feeling each other out on where they might compromise on doctrine in order for a reconciliation to take place, but the Catholic Church has been the aggressive suitor while the Orthodox Churches have been the reluctant brides. Alexy II is not a man who thinks in our terms, but rather in terms of church politics, so his remarks cannot be seen as personal opinions or casual remarks, but part of the overall negotiations. Ultimately, the idea cannot be inferred from just these remarks, but can be known from a wider understanding of the situation.

  22. nic says

    Anon (,

    i really don’t care about the push and shove among religious sects or denominations or entire belief systems. all i’m saying is that it takes a lot of stretching of what has been reported in the media to conclude that what alexy said is other than what he meant. apparently you think there are some finer points to this issue. i don’t.

    nevertheless, this disagreement doesn’t concern me enough to be overly contentious about it.

    peace, my friend.

  23. gleeindc says

    He calls us sick? The man is either schizophrenic or needs some fashion tips from any of the Cockettes. The bear beard and the drag are hard to combine and, while each is sorta fabulous alone, mixing them takes a certain sensibility. Obviously he doesn’t have it.

  24. Andrei A. says

    What a shit head! Take off the bling, have a shave and return to the last century where you belong!!!

  25. Hephaestion says

    The only group more cruel and brutal and oppressive than the Communists in Russia was the Russian Orthodox Church.

    They used to forbid musical instruments, too, which is why Russian choral music became so advanced… it was forbidden to have a guitar or a piano or whatever, so they SANG.

    The Russian Orthodox Church is a bunch of Thugs of the Worst Order.