Public Gets Last Glimpse of Princess Diana as Accident Inquest Begins


Several snapshots of Princess Diana’s final moments were revealed yesterday as an inquest began into the circumstances surrounding her death, more than ten years after the accident in the Pont L’Alma tunnel that took her life as well as Dodi Fayed’s and that of chaffeur Henri Paul.

The BBC reports: “Speaking at the start of the hearing on Tuesday, coroner Lord Justice Baker told jurors he would be ‘conducting a vigorous and searching inquiry through the evidence so that the true cause of death may, if possible, be determined once and for all.'”

Many of the newly released photos depict the carnage following the accident, but the two pictures that were released of the moments before the crash are perhaps the most chilling, and appear to show consternation in the vehicle as it is sandwiched by paparazzi.


Via the Daily Mail: “Taken by one of the paparazzi, the princess is visible in the rear seat peering back at the pursuing French photographers. To her side Dodi Fayed is hunched forward in his seat. It is just seconds after the couple have left the back entrance of the Ritz Hotel on the fatal journey to Dodi’s Paris apartment and provides the last known picture of Diana alive. But it is the occupants of the front seat that catch the eye. Trevor Rees-Jones, Dodi’s bodygaurd and the only survivor of the terrible accident, holds a protective hand up as he peers into the lens. Beside him the driver Henri Paul – accused by police of being drunk – stares twistedly, almost mockingly, at the camera.”

Published for the first time: The most remarkable pictures of the Diana crash [daily mail]


  1. Leland Frances says

    Regardless of the lurid language of that rag the “Daily Mail” [the first story under their “Femail” (sic) column is “How I found my 13-year-old daughter having sex with her lesbian tennis coach”], I don’t give a flying fuck about what any inquest, investigation, autopsy, toxicology report “indicates,” or French bureauhack bleats. I don’t care how much alcohol was in Henri Paul’s blood system or how stupidly fast he chose or was told to drive. She would still be alive if it weren’t for the parasitic paparazzi. Look at the angle of those photographs. The photographer would have had to be directly in front of the car, obstructing its passage, thus convincing me even more that momentarily blinding camera flashes and/or swerving to avoid hitting one of them caused the tunnel crash. The very fact, as the article demonstrates, they were still taking pictures immediately after the obviously deadly crash proves they aren’t human but two-legged vermin. And I will celebrate the day that I hear a paparazzo has been killed “on the job.”

  2. Marc says

    It’s interesting that the lights are so bright that Rees-Jones puts down the sun shade even though it is clearly nighttime.

  3. says

    Diana wasn’t above using the media–paparazzi included–when it suited her, famously her visit to the Taj Mahal as a way of digging at Charles, her Panorama TV interview with Martin Bashir. Those who live by the sword, etc.

    She was dating the son of a high-profile UK mogul; people were lapping up that affair as it was reported in the tabloids day by day before the crash. Yes, the paparazzi are scum but if people weren’t inordinately fascinated by celebrity, those photographers would have to do something else for a living. All the UK tabloids, and many European magazines, paid a premium for Diana photos.

    Much as I enjoy it, too often this weblog feeds that celebrity mania.

  4. Jordan says

    True, this terrible accident was most likely caused by the paparazzi, but if Diana hadn’t been involved with Dodi, she never would have been in Paris in the first place and probably would still be alive today.

    She made some terrible miscalculations on her part, and paid the price. One of which was losing her HRH status (which if she had been smarter, she could have kept), but her actual dismissal of her Royal Protection Squad back in 1993 when she made the decision to “withdraw from public life” was probably her most deadly mistake.

    Even if she had been in the same situation but with the Royal Protection Assignment, the accident most likely would never had occured, but that is all speculation.

    Regardless, publication of such pictures anytime is still the utmost in bad taste. What’s next? Will the pictures taken as she lay dying be celebrated for the world’s morbid curosity? That shows how sick our celebrity-obsessed culture has progressed.
    Thankfully there were no photos of her in her coffin, or those would be front-page tabloid fodder.

  5. birchy says

    Whoever took these photos, almost certainly caused the accident by blinding the driver (notice the reflection in his glasses). I’ve heard that these photos were taken just before the crash. If not, they recklessly endangered the safety.

  6. dilip sengupta says

    May be, no such ‘accident’ will take place in a Tunnel…but the chase will continue…to interfere in the private life of celebrities….showing such ugly face in a different way…finally what purpose such photos will serve?…let us respect the departed souls…let her Sons decide how to keep her ‘alive’ in this world with ‘whom’ she was in ultimate love..we miss you Diana