1. says

    JRM is right that a lot of his success is do to what he looks like. He is actually a pretty crap actor: he is basically the same in every role he plays. In almost every movie, his character always seem like manchild, and he alterately mugs for the camera with expression of “wide-eyed wonder” or bursts out into petulant fits like a spoiled child). His Henry VIII on the Tudors is SO BAD. He’s like a male version of Mila Jovavich

  2. JR says

    Hmmmm, well even though the statement is true to an extent, the fact is that your looks really only get you so far. I mean, does anyone REALLY think that Brad Pitt is an “incredible actor”? Beauty fades. Work on your craft and worry about your looks second. THAT will ensure your longevity as an actor and make you better looking in the long run. Good acting always wins over good looks.

  3. Sojourner Truth says

    Seldom has anything given me instanteous wood as has that drop dead sexy shot of Rhys-Meyers with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth…

    Just makes a fella wanna drop to his knees in thanks.

  4. Jordan says

    He is smokin’ hot, with facial hair or not.

    I like him better with it, but I like that rough, dirty look sometimes. It’s boring if both of us are too pretty 😉

  5. tello says

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman, John C. Reilly, Harvey Keitel, Forest Whitaker…

    Those guys are ugly as rats, but they put Brad and JRM to shame. Sorry, I’d rather watch their movies and use porn for the pretty boys anyday…

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