Tearful Ellen DeGeneres Begs Agency to Return Dog to Kids

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An emotional Ellen DeGeneres broke down on her show today, pleading with a dog rescue agency to return an adopted dog she had given to her hairdresser and two girls because it didn’t get along with the cats at the DeGeneres-De Rossi household. Here is Ellen’s tearful hello to her audience.

The AP reports: “The talk show hostess and her partner Portia de Rossi adopted Iggy, a Brussels Griffon mix, on Sept. 20. But when things didn’t work out, DeGeneres gave the dog to her hairdresser. In doing so, DeGeneres violated an agreement with the Mutts and Moms agency by not informing them of the handoff. When the agency called DeGeneres to ask about Iggy, she said she found another home for the dog. The agency sent a representative to the hairdresser’s home Sunday and took the dog away. DeGeneres went public with the doggy ordeal Monday while taping an episode of her show to air Tuesday. She admitted she didn’t read all the paperwork involving the adoption.”

Perhaps Mutts and Moms, a volunteer nonprofit organization in Pasadena, should add “militant” to their organization’s name.


  1. says

    Wow… You’ve got to love Ellen. She’s one of the few people on TV today that comes across as having a heart and soul. This is really, really bad for this non-profit; They’ll be rushing that dog back right now!

  2. David says

    I definitely feel bad for Ellen and her friends, but I’d be careful about calling out the Mutts and Moms group on being cold. They don’t know anything about the hairdresser or her family. Obviously, it’s doubtful, but for all they knew, the family WASN’T able to care for the dog to their standards and couldn’t pass their background check. I totally understand why they took it back, but I do hope they give the family a chance to reapply for the ownership.

    Go through the proper channels, get the dog back, and everyone will be happy again. This didn’t need to be a huge deal, nor did it need to go to television. I understand why she’s upset, but Ellen fans are now probably miffed with a nonprofit that saves dogs. Just read the contracts next time.

  3. Sushi says

    I read in another news report that a rep from “Mutts & Moms” went to the hairdresser’s house WITH the police to take the dog back.

    Now that makes sense. How and why could anyone give up their pet otherwise.

    These pet Nazis must be taken to task and return that dog. They have hurt themselves irrevocably with their stupidity already. The public is going to go crazy today when this show airs.

  4. says

    I Googled the Mutts and Moms site to grab their email address in order to send them a plea to return the dog and…wouldn’t ya know it….they took the email address off their contact page.

    But ya gotta love the Google CACHE option. Wa-lah…there it was.

    So, if any of you are interested…here is the email address: pawboutique@yahoo.com

  5. jake says

    This is the exact reason I do not have a dog. I would love to have one, yet when I go the a shelter, or contact a rescue organization I walk away feeling that I’m looking for an animal to abuse, neglect or engage in bestiality. Which is exactly how the people who run those places make me feel. It’s not true obviously, and their gestapo tactics keep a dog from finding a good hime. It’s too bad these zealots don’t have any common sense. They’re perpetuating the pet population problem by these actions.
    I’ve kept quiet about this a long time thinking I was the only meanie out there who felt abused by these people. Glad to know I’m not alone.

    It’s too bad too, I have a perfect setup for a dog and would welcome the companionship.

    Maybe one day there’ll be an organization that cares for pets and people both.

  6. says

    I adore Ellen, puppies and children, but I can kinda side with the dog rescue on this one. . . .

    Earlier this year my partner and I decided to adopt a dog in the D.C. area. We searched around, and as a result witnessed a ton of dogs being adopted into bad homes or for bad reasons. I imagine if you go to any local pound, you can see people scoping out the mean looking dogs for dog fighting, e.g., or adopting a dog on a whim without a clue about the responsibility needed.

    The rescue where we ultimately found our puppy made us agree to all kinds beforehand (neutering it when it came of age, keeping the rescue apprised of its health and location, etc.). We also submitted to a home visit so the rescue could ensure the dog was going to a dog friendly home. All was done to ensure the welfare of the dog. If one could adopt a dog and then give it to someone else unchecked by the rescue, it could lead to very bad results. Granted there should be loopholes such that the dog can go from one good home to another with approval, but I think these rules have a purpose.

  7. soulbrotha says

    I agree with NOTFORYOU & DAVID.

    With all the children dying in Iraq and Darfur, this is really ridiculous. I am sure that with her star power, she could have easily taken care of this matter privately without dragging all of America in on it. I love Ellen, but come ON!

  8. Mike says

    I just can’t believe that Mutts and Moms isn’t in MAJOR damage control mode right now, that is, if it values its future role saving animals. Unbelievable! Now dog lovers are going to target them. I imagine they will be giving the dog back in the next 48 hours, if they aren’t completely INSANE.

  9. peterparker says

    Well, I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here.

    Pet adoption agencies want to see their animals placed in loving homes. I’m wondering if there was a reason, aside from Ellen’s violation of the terms of the contract, that the agency took the dog back. For example, reputable pet adoption agencies will not allow a dog to go to a home that does not have a fenced-in yard. This helps insure the dog will not wander into traffic to get hit by a car. Maybe the representative for Mutts and Moms showed up at Ellen’s hairdressers’s house simply to inspect and make certain the dog was safe only to discover that there was no fence to help keep Iggy out of traffic. That’s one scenario in which I could see the adoption agency removing the dog, however, you’d think they would state that as a reason.

    Now, if they took the dog away from a loving, safe home simply because Ellen violated the terms of the contract, then someone should slap them upside the head because at that point they’ve further traumatized the dog simply to stand on principle.

  10. Jim says

    Here’s a bigger question. Why are cops accompanying this organization to reclaim a dog in what is most likely a civil matter? It’s not like the animal is a child. Anyone who has had experience in a civil dispute (like having a moving company refuse to give you back your belongings until their inflated phony bill is paid) will understand how bizarre it is for the cops to be so obliging.

  11. noteasilyoffended says

    To Shaw Rez:

    Logic has to prevail on some level. Ellen is NOT Michael Vick. She is not looking for dogs to “fight”. She adopted a dog in good conscience. It didn’t work out. She found the dog a loving home with someone she knew and sees often. Period. Rules were made to be broken when it is the best thing…and this was.

  12. ghost says

    Oh, get over it! Seriously, it’s a fucking dog. How about Ellen cry to the cameras because the country she lives in doesn’t accept the relationship she’s in?? What’s the lesbian equivalent for “grow a set”? She’s toothless. Way to pick your battles, Ellen!

  13. Gregg says

    First of all, the email address is still on the Mutts & Moms website. Not on the contact page, but it’s still on the site.

    Secondly, they do have a VERY long list of things you need to agree to in order to adopt, including (from their website):

    “** I understand that a home visit is required prior to final placement.
    ** I understand that a home visit does not guarantee placement.
    ** I agree to provide my own collar, leash, choke chain or harness, and personal ID at the time of completing the adoption contract. If I do not have these available, I understand that I can borrow these items from Mutts & Moms with a $25 deposit. Crate deposit – $50.
    ** I understand that my dog must be walked on harness, soft fabric slip collar, or choke chain. Walking my dog on ID collar only puts my dog in unnecessary danger and I agree that I will not do it under any circumstances.
    ** I can make a donation of at least $250 to help rescue, provide medical care, spay and neuter, board and place other abandoned dogs.
    ** I understand that any donation or contribution is a gift freely given, not a purchase price for a dog.
    ** No goods or services have been or will be provided in exchange for my donation.
    ** I understand that my donation is not refundable.
    ** Mutts & Moms reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason.”

    They seem a little skanky with the whole “donation” thing. But I’m betting that the hairdresser simply didn’t meet their criteria, and Ellen is bullying them by using her celebrity power.

    Mutts and Moms does sound a bit militant, and I wouldn’t adopt from them. But I don’t know if Ellen’s behavior is much better…

  14. says

    I have a lot more compassion for animals than I do people. People can make choices to make their lives better. Animals have very little choice in life. This place did the wrong thing and they need to fix it. Ellen did the right thing.

  15. says

    Oh Hell nah!! So a dog got full coverage on Ellen and Desmond Tutu, President Jimmy Carter and them didn’t get squat for a very public outcry to save Darfur??? Please someone tell me I’m day-dreaming!!

  16. says

    noteasilyoffended – I totally agree there should be loopholes to these rules and hope there are. I doubt that Ellen would have given this dog to an unsuitable home, so hopefully the rescue group can allow for the transfer back to the home in accordance with their established rules.

    My point was that the rules are in place for a good purpose. They should be enforced fairly and applied to everyone just the same. This is unfortunate, but ultimatley Ellen is responsible for causing the situation, not this dog rescue.

  17. joe says

    Ellen is wrong not to have read the agreement. She should have called the agency and request instructions on how to correct the problem she created. I am glad to know that just because of her status as a celeb she did get a free pass. I feel bad for the children but it is a life lesson on how to follow directions. I think the agency should have been able to work out an arrangement for all concerned including the dog. As far as the agency I am sure that they must be firm in their policy. There are so many stories like what Ellen did…getting a puppy because they are so cute and then if it doesn’t work out well just find another place or return them. Thank goodness they were not children. Lets take them but after the fun wears off lets return or better yet dump them somewhere. Ellen must act like an adult in the situation. Sorry folks.

  18. Zeke says

    I love Ellen and I love dogs but I’m with many others here who wish that this sort of passion, emotion and attention would be given to issues of much greater significance (which Ellen is certainly aware of) than whether this puppy goes back to this family or to another qualified adoptive family.

  19. anon (gmail.com) says

    People are shocked! when they get fined or arrested by people from the ASPCA, which typically can act as police, judge and jury in most jurisdictions. Pets are slowly losing their status as property under the law. A $500 tax on animal adoption would solve a lot of these issues.

  20. cattymiss says

    Hey everyone, I just saw a video of the woman who went to the home. The story is that she entered under a guise of just doing a home check. Once she got in and saw the dog in their backyard (and they did have a fenced in backyard), she grabbed the dog and called the police. She would not let it go. Since the electronic device in the dog said that Mutts and Mom’s still owned the dog, the police allowed her to take it away. This is a terrible way for them to have done this. The proper way would have been for them to have met with Ellen and the family. Ellen did not honor her contract, I get that, but for all involved there should have been a more compassionate way to do this. That woman did not have time to assess the family or whether the dog was in a harmful environment, she simply went to take the dog back.

  21. Anon says

    Well I think Ellen does not cry about about gay rights on TV out of decency and modesty. Know what I mean? it’s too close to heart, so with this dog story she allows herself a bit of ‘releasing’..and maybe she’s also crying for all the other times she’s never allowed herself to say how upset she was about a particular injustice she felt victim of.

  22. Sputnik says

    This is no one’s fault except Ellen’s. Mutts & Moms have every right to revoke the dog, regardless of the home Ellen gave it to.
    And shame on Ellen for making the rescue organization look bad. She’s the one who screwed up — not them. They (Mutts & Moms) have taken on the responsibility to ensure the animals in their care are placed in homes THEY deem fit — not Ellen or anyone else. If the family wants the dog so bad, let them go through the proper channels like everyone else.

  23. says

    On the TMZ interview last night, the 12 y/o girl that was part of the dogs new family said that Mutt’s & Mom’s came to her house and asked to do a “home check” and then once inside grabbed the dog and ran out the door. When the police were called, it was determined that the dog’s microchip still was registered to Mutt’s and Mom’s, so the police let the woman take the dog.

    Seems like they care more about their rules than their dogs.

  24. FD says

    If that’s how Mutts and Moms operates, then it’s war baby! I think that organization needs to be taken down a few notches.

    PS And quit bitching about this getting prominence over Darfur etc etc. If we used that standard, it would be fucking Save the Children 24 hours the day and I don’t think Sally Struthers has it in her.

  25. E says

    While the circumstances surrounding this story are unfortunate (taking away the dog from some children), the pet adoption agency was, in all honesty, acting in the best interest of the dog. Shelters all over America would have done the same thing. It is in every single contract that you sign when adopting a pet that if you cannot keep it to return it to the shelter. The shelter doesn’t know the owners or the conditions of the house that a dog might go to if given away by the original owner. This is a good thing- would you want a person who seems like a perfectly good pet owner going to a shelter, adopting a dog, then giving to a friend who fights dogs or abuses them without your knowledge? I would think not. It is unfortunate that the dog must now sleep at a rescue facility instead of a house but at least the shelter knows that the dog is safe.

  26. says

    The organization Mutts & Mom’s only want to look out for the best interest of the animal. Ellen herself couldn’t properly care for this dog so they removed the dog from the new home before the animal (and the people) could build up a bond with each other, so they can now determine if that family is an appropriate one for that dog. It would be much worse if the dog bonded with this new family and the mom decided in several weeks that she couldn’t deal with the dog, as Ellen had, and it had to be removed again. The kids will get over it faster now than several weeks into having the dog if the mom decided she couldn’t keep it. If they really want THAT dog they can apply to the agency in the proper manner.

    Ellen’s histrionics here is rather appalling and manipulative. She could have dealt with the agency privately (with a lawyer if she had to) to try to remedy the situation, but she (someone who professes to love animals)chose to publicly embarrass the shelter into submission to her will by making them out to be mean people to the public. This can, and probably will, hurt the shelter preventing needy animals from being adopted into good homes. Ellen chose this shelter because I presume she believed they were doing a good thing, now she wants to ruin them for selfish reasons because she didn’t read her contract with them. Her actions are despicable and she should be ashamed of herself.

  27. soulbrotha says

    Oh please FD,

    Stop exaggerating! Nobody said anything about “24 hour coverage” of Darfur! But with so many important issues like Darfur and gay marriage to talk about, “Doggiegate” is hardly worth the coverage she gave it. Again, she could have handled it in private. What was the point of this public weepfest?

  28. RP says

    I find it so funny that people are complaining about how there are more important matters, when if these issues are so important to you you’re time complaining could be used more efficiently to pro-actively stop these other travesties than whining that Ellen didn’t martyr herself for your cause.

    Sorry… just saying. Not everything has to be so crucial. Geez, leave it to queens to be over-dramatic.

  29. Jenn says

    All i have to say is that what was done, was done in bad taste. They should have allowed the puppy to stay!
    There are plenty of other out cries to save the children. But dont animals deserve the right to be treated with respect?

  30. Sean H says

    The height of irony and hypocrisy.

    Whenever there is a real post on this site; something with real substance and grit–hardly any comments.

    You put up something up about some whiny kid and his home camera talking about a fat popstar or post with a half-naked Jake Gyllenhaal and this website explodes.

    Do you people even realize you do this? How the hell can you complain about what issue Ellen Degeneres is concerned with today if you spend your whole life caught up in trivial crap?

    Just ridiculous. Go back to looking at cute boys or something.

  31. Gregg says

    To the people talking about video interviews, can you post url’s? Otherwise you are simply talking out your ass.

    And why don’t you wait to hear what the adoption agency has to say? Or do you only want to hear one side?

  32. Emmy says

    How surreal it must have been to watch this Ellen episode in a prison, a cancer ward or in a home with a deployed soldier. You know..people who are having terrible days too that prevent them from being funny. Perspective, people. Perspective.

  33. RP says

    Yeah… let’s complain that every show including the Price Is Right isn’t focusing on all the atrocities of the world non-stop, because for some of you nothing else is allowed apparently.

    For Christ’s sake, some of you people can’t seem to see the forest for the trees!

  34. says

    Trying my best to ignore RP and FD…not succeeding…

    I love my girl Ellen, oh and pets are lovely, BUT a puppy is a puppy and should NOT, and I repeat should NOT this type of coverage and “attention” when human lives are being wasted around the globe, including queer lives(did y’all check out the Ugandan story?).How can you see this as mere “bitching” when the minute a celebrity spits out racist, sexist or homophobic remarks, you quickly jump on your high horses?

  35. Gimme a Break says

    Ellen is just part of the growing trend of people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and try to spin it like it’s everybody else’s fault or that someone is being mean to them.

    Ellen didn’t read the contract, period. All she had to do was return the dog to the agency and then tell her hairdresser to go apply for the dog. case closed. Instead, she pulls a “T.R.” and starts crying about everything but her own stupidity.

    Ellen, please go away.

  36. Sean H says

    Man, you guys are DENSE.

    I mean, truly thick. It’s her show. A daytime talkshow for that matter.

    It’s not 60 minutes. It’s not the evening news. It’s not even the damn Daily Show. It’s a daytime tv talk show, made to reach the vast majority of American who are either housewives, too old or too stupid to work.

    She can do whatever the hell she wants on her show. You know why? It’s called the “free-market” system.

    Look it up sometime.

  37. David says

    This is by far the most amusing thread I’ve read on this site.

    Also, Ellen’s hairdresser actually fronts a puppy sweat shop. The puppies make Ellen’s clothing in a basement. Thank everything holy that the puppy was rescued. It’s just too bad the adjacent meth lab exploded and killed the rest of the animals before they could be saved. :(

  38. Oooga Booga says

    Could you imagine hanging out with Shabaka? Every time you start to laugh, he’d raise a gloved finger to his lips and hiss “Shhh! No laughter while the children starve!!!!”

    Ellen is a really kind person and that 12 year-old deserves her puppy back. And that’s the end of it. =P

  39. John says

    First, it amazes me that this post has received more than 50 comments.

    Second, Mutt and Moms just wanted another $250 donation and doesn’t care about putting dogs in happy homes.

    Third, dogs are nasty, disgusting, and don’t bring one near me; I won’t be loving on it.

  40. says

    Sorry, any hairdresser responsible for Ellen’s ‘do shouldn’t even have custody of her own children let alone an innocent puppy. Also, she should teach her 12 year old daughter not to let strangers into the house.

  41. John says

    Oh yeah,

    Forth, don’t you people know that your house smells like DOG ASS when you keep it in the house? I hate going to someones house when there is a dog, whee-eeeww. And how hard is it for people to keep their dogs from jumping or licking? I don’t go around jumping on and licking everyone I see. Oh well, it doesn’t matter, there are better things to talk about than dogs.

  42. David says

    So you’re pretty much a lying dog?…

    HAHAHAHA, did you see how I totally just used the theme of this post to insult you?

    God, I’m so ridiculously clever.

    Don’t cry like Ellen, John. I know my insult was harsh, but as a peace offering, you can hump my leg any day.

  43. Rob says

    Anyone complaining that Ellen doesn’t help to bring attention to human problems, too, doesn’t watch her show. She has spent countless hours on her show over the years bringing attention and donations to humanitarian issues like breast cancer research, hurricane relief, tsunami relief, etc, etc, etc.

    Since Ellen personally knows the dog and the kids in this story, it’s very easy to understand her emotional response.

  44. says

    Jeez, people.

    This isn’t CNN.com. It’s Towleroad, for Pete’s sake. This site covers gay and lesbian news, media, and pop culture. I agree whole-heartedly with those who say this isn’t “news.” However, for this website, I think the story fits perfectly.

    For those who have the gall to say “come on, it’s just a dog” – well – then you will never really understand those of us who feel for the family who had the dog taken away.

  45. Paul says

    Usually a pet adoption agency has a trial period. Ellen has several cats, so it’s not rocket science to guess that things might not work out when introducing a dog. Her celebrity probably influenced her ability to get it, and Moms and Mutts probably got more than $250 and wanted to say, “We placed a dog with Ellen.”

    I have a beautiful dog I adore, but I’ll be the first admit it: people who devote their lives to animals are usually more than a little bit nuts. That said, Ellen, Portia, or one of their assistants should have read the papers and followed the instructions.

  46. Gianpiero says

    I have adopted several pets from different organizations over the years. I agree that the organizations have a responsibility to look after the welfare of the animal in the placement and transition process, and toward that end there needs to be some sort of written agreement–and all adopters must read it closely.

    That said, some of the agreements I’ve seen have truly gotten out of hand with their questions and their requirements–some of which are of rather questionable enforceability. It seems that organizations paste together lists of rules that other groups have pulled together or drafted up. For example, statements to the effect that the adoption organization can drop by unannounced for a home inspection at ANY time in the future, requirements that the new owner notify the organization of every future move, prohibition on moving the animal out of state, etc. Then there are questions like, “What will happen to the animal if your current relationship ends?” (If my partner and I are adopting together, they can consider both and each of us. Anyone’s marriage is none of their business). In the past, I have crossed off the most objectionable clauses or answered “N/A,” and have always been given the chance to adopt the animal. If the organization doesn’t accept the changes, there are other agencies and other pets. It’s important not to get too attached to a particular animal at any adoption venue before you get a green light.

    This organization’s handling of the matter sounds particularly heartless, but there is a flip side. “Take-backs” aren’t always bad. A good organization will gladly take an animal back if you feel (for whatever reason) it is not working out in your home.

    I applaud Ellen. This is the most genuine emotion I’ve seen from a television personality in a long time. Right or wrong, she’s made people more aware for the agreements that go along with adoption. T

  47. Labia Minora-Majors says

    Whatevs….why didn’t you read the eff’in papers before signing your name? I think it’s just an excuse. She’s using her “star-power” to get it back.

    Instead of making it a public plea and making Moms and Mutts the enemy she should’ve have tried to resolve this off camera. Whatta whore.

    Now poor Moms and Mutts will have people e-mailing them hate mail because they are SOOOO evil. Let’s not forget they are just doing THEIR JOB! Ellen needs to shut up! Read before you sign, dumbass!

  48. Joe says

    This is outrageous!! Mutts and Moms should be put out of business!! If they don’t do the right thing & return the dog, then everyone in LA should shut that place down for good!! I live in LA & I will never consider them for a pet. I wonder if they have some violations with the health department or something! Let them be warned, I am going to write to my representatives & I want to know why they think they can destroy a family & remove this dog!! Mutts & Moms, look out!! This isn’t over & you will be put under a microscope!! I hope the gay community unites as well & help get them out of business!!

  49. JT says

    >Third, dogs are nasty, disgusting, and don’t bring one near me; I won’t be loving on it.<

    John, John, John. You so don’t get it. It’s not about the love we give dogs; it’s about the love dogs give us. It’s about the opportunity to feel unconditionally accepted and how that is a priceless lesson. It’s about how we can then, in turn, learn to love others unconditionally.

    While some may see dogs as mere animals, I see them as superior beings. Given the opportunity, they will selflessly devote themselves to making out lives better. Sure, it may seem as if all they care about is dinner and a biscuit, but what they inspire in us, even if it is just a projection, is a beautiful thing indeed.

    I just wonder: If we learn to love dogs, could we not also learn to love others different from us”? Like, say, people, suffering in Irag or Darfur?

    It’s not about who or what we love; what is important is that we love. If we can love, we can care enough to change the world.

    Peace out.

  50. nic says

    the last i heard was that the heartless, human bitches at mutts and moms will not return the dog to the little girls because they have a rule prohibiting adoptive families from having children younger than 14 in the household. how absurd is that?

    it’s almost as absurd as the bitches on this sight who hate dogs but can’t help but contribute to a thread about dogs and people who love them; or, the irrational bitches who raise the spectra of children dying in darfur, as if people can’t think about more than one thing at a time.

    ellen is currently raising money through her show toward a breast cancer cure. she has raised millions through her show and her celebrity for katrina relief. the fact that she publicly asked the dog rescue agency (without mentioning their name, by the way) to return the dog does nothing to diminish her good work nor the positive influence she has had on gay acceptance since she came out 10 years ago.

    wtf is wrong with some of you? and especially you, Labia Minora-Majors (ugh)!? ellen is a whore? you clearly are not a well woman. this “rescue” agency with its draconian rules needs to receive a good comeuppance.

  51. shane says

    I wanted to give Ellen a big hug. I can see both sides. I help sponsor a couple of shelters in NJ and I know why they put that clause in the adoption agreement. But, there has to be some use of common sense. How many dogs really in need were neglected while this crazy lady used time and resources to reclaim this puppy?

    P.S. If you want to talk about the poor starving kids in Africa go to the “poor starving African kid” message board.

  52. shane says

    JT, that was beautiful! Hopefully people like John will actually read it and take it to heart.

    Hey John – I’ll bet you have one of those nasty, furry shit-in-a-box-in-the-house meowing things. And I don’t mean the one on your body.

  53. priscilla says

    ellen it is sad and very difficult to have to deal with the beaurocracy that is part of any organization. they should have stipulations where somebody from the organization would check and ok the new home or do they just want that adoption FEE. iggy needs to go home. i pray he is with those 2 little girls soon.

  54. Tiffany says

    I found this on another form that Pinups for Pups has challenged Ellen

    PLEASE forward this to every Animal Lover that you know! Pinups for Pups has formally challenged famed television talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to the: “Can Ellen Save The Dogs?” Challenge! Our challenge concerns her recent Mutts & Moms fiasco, her very public emotional breakdown, our brand spanking new 2008 Pinups for Pups Calendar, and most importantly DOGS IN SERIOUS NEED OF RESCUE! Thank you! Warmly,Sondra JoyPinups for Pups

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