Tearful Ellen DeGeneres Begs Agency to Return Dog to Kids

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An emotional Ellen DeGeneres broke down on her show today, pleading with a dog rescue agency to return an adopted dog she had given to her hairdresser and two girls because it didn’t get along with the cats at the DeGeneres-De Rossi household. Here is Ellen’s tearful hello to her audience.

The AP reports: “The talk show hostess and her partner Portia de Rossi adopted Iggy, a Brussels Griffon mix, on Sept. 20. But when things didn’t work out, DeGeneres gave the dog to her hairdresser. In doing so, DeGeneres violated an agreement with the Mutts and Moms agency by not informing them of the handoff. When the agency called DeGeneres to ask about Iggy, she said she found another home for the dog. The agency sent a representative to the hairdresser’s home Sunday and took the dog away. DeGeneres went public with the doggy ordeal Monday while taping an episode of her show to air Tuesday. She admitted she didn’t read all the paperwork involving the adoption.”

Perhaps Mutts and Moms, a volunteer nonprofit organization in Pasadena, should add “militant” to their organization’s name.