News: Venezuela, Andy Roddick, Melting Glaciers, Lynne Cheney

road.jpg STUDY: America’s youth rejecting Christianity because of hypocrisy and homophobia. “A new book based on research by the California-based research firm The Barna Group found that church attitudes about people in general and gays in particular are driving a negative image of the Christian faith among people ages 16-29. ‘The Christian community’s ability to take the high road and help to deal with some of the challenges that this (anti-gay) perception represents may be the … defining response of the Christian church in the next decade,’ said David Kinnaman, Barna Group president and author of the book, UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity. ‘The anti-homosexual perception has now become sort of the Geiger counter of Christians’ ability to love and work with people.'”

Blackoutroad.jpg Assessing the disaster that is Britney’s album cover art.

road.jpg Venezuela looks ready to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation.

road.jpg Three people in Cheney’s office reportedly tried to silence MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “I thought on the 10th anniversary it would be good to celebrate the First Amendment, which gives us all our living. We reviewed in brief the remarkable experience of covering the Clinton [scandal] and the defense of the war with Iraq. And the difference in these two cases was that although I was extremely tough on Clinton, there was never any attempt to silence me — whereas there was a concerted effort by [Vice President Cheney’s office] to silence me. It came in the form of three different people calling trying to quiet me.”

road.jpg British university student expelled for leaving homophobic comments in a group on Facebook.

road.jpg STUDY: 16,000 couples wed in first year of UK civil partnerships. “London was the area with the highest number of ceremonies, about 4,000, followed by the South-East, which accounted for about 2,700. Today’s report also reveals that 10 per cent of the men and almost a quarter of the women involved in a gay wedding were previously married-The average age for males registering a same-sex partnership was 47 and for females nearly 44. The average age gap between partners was eight years for men and six years for women.”

road.jpg Elton John bangs balls with Andy Roddick at benefit tournament.

Rickyroad.jpg Ricky Martin receives key to the city of Miami.

road.jpg Fragrance industry sniffing out Madonna.

road.jpg The big melt: Glaciers disappearing from Montana’s Glacier National Park “eight years ahead of schedule.”

road.jpg Tennessee attorney general Bob Cooper releases opinon to judge saying that the state’s constitution presents no barrier to same-sex couples who want to adopt: “In it, Cooper wrote that, under the state constitution, same-sex couples should be eligible to adopt children as long as the court finds the placement to be in the child’s best interest. Cooper found the constitution doesn’t mention adoption, meaning the process is governed solely by statutes. Tennessee law doesn’t require people petitioning for adoption to be married.”

road.jpg Lynne Cheney booed on The Daily Show, says terrorist attacks worldwide don’t affect American interests.

road.jpg This is a particularly hypnotizing optical illusion.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Mr Chavez aint stupid. A few years ago he laughed about “los maricones”–gays weren’t even a serious thought in his mind. He now understands public relations, and improving his image compared to Dumb Dumb W. Bush. Of course, it could mean he and the Venezuelan government have had a change of heart, and actually believe we are human beings. I like the 2nd possibility, but I bet most gay Venezuelans will settle for either.

  2. anon ( says

    Venezuela: the law protects everyone, but there is no law no more.

    The illusion is nice but the “theory” behind the description is hogwash.

    What’s going to silence Chris Loudmouth Matthews is one hamburger too many.

  3. Paul says

    It’s spreading all over Latin America. I’d rather have that than religious dogma and civil wars.

    By the way, that optical illusion is absolutely hypnotizing. I stared at it for far too long.

  4. says

    Although Lynne Cheney was booed for her comments on terrorism on the Daily Show….she received tremendous applause for saying she supported gay marriage.

  5. Wes says

    The spinning lady was crazy!!! I looked at it as clockwise for soooo long until I finally managed to see it the other way!

  6. Tom says

    I have just lost a good 15 minutes of my life staring at the dancing lady as she went clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then back again. I am feeling a tad dizzy now.

  7. Zeke says

    1) Good news that people, especially young people, are rejecting the homophobia and divisiveness of fundamentalist Christianity.


    3) Good for Venezuela! They join South Africa as the only countries in the world where gay rights are constitutionally guaranteed. And don’t forget, South Africa’s gay supportive Constitutions is THE reason that the country now has marriage equality for same-sex couples. I still fear some of the moves that Chavez is making though. Seems like a consolidation of power to start a dictatorship. Like what Bush/Cheney would do if they could get away with it.

    4) Slight correction: Over 18,000 gay couples tied the knot in Britain since the new Domestic Partnership law went into effect. 16,000+ partnered in 2006 but an additional 1500+ partnered in the last month or so of 2005 when the law went into effect. And as wonderful as this is, it still isn’t marriage. There is still another step to go in the UK. Hopefully TRUE equality will come to the British Isles soon. It still beats the hell outa what we have here!

    5) I thought the Ricky Martin headline was gonna have something to do with National Coming Out Day. Oh well.

    6) Here we go with the next anti-gay amendment push in Tennessee and a new rally cry to the fundamentalist neoCON troops across the country. Arkansas is already moving forward on an anti-gay foster/adoption amendment.

    7) Lynn Cheney is every bit as evil as her husband.

    And finally, that optical illusion is crazy wild. I saw it on DailyKos yesterday. It says that most people see her spin anti-clockwise but I, my husband and my son all see her spin clockwise. I am able to make her change directions though. Does that make me BI-llusional?

    I’d love to take a poll of Towleroad readers as to which way they see her spin. They say gay people are more likely to be right brain dominant. I fit the bill. I just wonder how many others here do to. Please share your results and observations.

  8. yummy says

    Hot damn, Ricky Martin as a cute as ever. He is still so sexy, yummy yummy. The things I would do to that boy!

  9. Chip says

    The trick with the spinning lady is to focus on the shadow of her leg that’s in the air. Try to see it passing in front of her, then try to see it passing behind her. Really cool stuff. For the record, I first saw her going clockwise (I’m also left-handed).

    Oh, and homophobia should not be punishable by expulsion. I’m really quite appalled.

  10. says

    Stop the Dancer! I can’t stop watching! I must be strongly right-brained because I can only see her going clockwise.

    That Britney cover photo looks completely amateurish. Was it taken for a yearbook?

    Dobson and his acolytes have hijacked Christianity and are killing their creation.

  11. the queen says

    This is a good sign that American youth are rejecting the hypocrisy and bigotry of fundamentalist x-tianity. It seems more and more young people are turning towards the alternative forms of spirituality, i.e. paganism and witchcraft. All to the good and makes me hope for the future. Blessed Be.

  12. Zeke says

    I’m starting to think that the information on the dancer page is a misprint. It says that most people see her spin anti-clockwise but everyone I’ve heard from says they first saw her spinning clockwise.

  13. GBM says

    Is it rigged? She always seems to spin in the same direction, but sometimes has her right leg extended (clockwise) and then sometimes it changes in a millisecond to her left leg (counterclockwise). Or am I just not getting it?

  14. says

    I would love for Bush to follow Chavez’s lead in gay marriage, and since ya’ll think he’s so great, maybe Bush should install himself as dictator for life, close down the free press and arrest/kill anyone who criticizes him.

  15. Jason says

    The first time I saw the dancer she would only go clockwise but then she started changing direction and I’m not doing shit. I said on another forum that I think she actually randomly changes direction and it has nothing do with what side of the brain you use, but rather if you have functioning eyes.

  16. says

    I can’t even force the image to turn counter-clockwise. I don’t see how anyone could see that.

    I’m not even right-brained, particularly.

    Oh, and Zeke, I love your posts. See you at Kos.

  17. davefromtampa says

    I only see her going counter-clockwise, can’t see her going any other way. I tried and tried and I know I am a homosexual, well at least in theory lately.

  18. GBM says

    Okay, it’s rigged. And it does change direction. Right leg extended is always clockwise, left leg extended is counterclockwise.

    On another note I feel seasick after looking at it too long.

  19. 24play says

    I assume the good people of Venezuela will adamantly refuse to accept the meager protections of an anti-discrimination law that is not trans-inclusive.

  20. Gregg says

    I and my husband see her spin Clockwise, but I can see both directions if I use my peripheral vision and come back to it.

    But is there some basis for the analysis? Without a source it seems to have no validity.

  21. jzn says

    Spinning lady: what if the top half of the lady spins clockwise while the bottom half spins counter-clockwise? I think it might have more to do with the quality of my video card then it does with my brain.

  22. Mark_in_Belgium says

    What’s the deal with the spinning lady? No matter how hard I tried, she keeps spinning clockwise.

  23. Zeke says

    For those of you having trouble making her reverse here’s a tip. Scroll your screen down so that all you see is her legs (without seeing her hips). Then, which ever way you see the extended leg moving, reverse it. For example, if you at first see her leg move from left to right in front and from right to left behind, make yourself see her leg pass in front from right to left and behind from left to right. Once you get used to her legs going in the other direction, scroll the screen back up and WHAALAA! she’s going the other way.

    At least that’s how I did it the first time. Now I can reverse her at will. It’s fun to make her go one way a half turn and then back the other way a half turn, bouncing back and forth without ever making a full revolution.

    For those who think that the image actually changes, it doesn’t. It remains constant. Only your perception and perspective changes.

    And DAVID H, THANKS for the kind words. Much appreciated!

  24. Zeke says

    HAPHAESTION, welcome back!

    We’ve missed having the GayPatriot voice here at Towleroad since you’ve been gone.

    It’s good to see that you haven’t lost your love for all things Bush or your Straw Man rhetorical skills. Who was it again that was saying they “loved” Chavez?

    I for one said I fear him.

    But who needs facts when you’ve got tactics, right?

  25. beergoggles says

    Ok you people are missing the actual point of the spinning dancer. Which way was she actually spinning when the image was created?

    That’ll show whether it’s the left brained or right brained people are correct and the rest are liars.

    Ok, I’m kidding, but I had to say that.

  26. Paul says

    I saw the spinning dancer clockwise at first, and had a simpler way of making her reverse: I just focused on the leg on the ground and told myself it was her right leg or her left leg depending on which direction I wanted her to go. And yes, this seems to make everyone slightly nauseous after a while, but it’s unbelievably captivating.

  27. Derrick from Philly says

    “…but it’s unbelievably captivating.”

    Paul, you turnin’ straight on us? If so, it’s ok. At six foot two, I aint gonna’ argue with you. Actually, I like height.

  28. anon ( says

    I first saw the lady going counter-clockwise but it wasn’t hard to see her switch. Not sure how that correlates with being left or right handed. Has nothing to do with being gay or str8.

    Kids these days. Actually, I’m sure if you polled youngin’s from times past they would appear more open minded than their parents and less religious. People tend to become more cautious (read “conservative”) and religious as they get older, though the strongest held beliefs occur during early to mid twenties. Thus, the poll is probably meaningless, as most polls are.

    Chavez is a Castro wannabe, and we all know how well that turned out.

  29. GBM says

    “I just focused on the leg on the ground and told myself it was her right leg or her left leg depending on which direction I wanted her to go.”

    This is gonna kill me. I don’t understand how can you ‘switch’ her legs. Since she has an obvious front/back orientation (with nipples no less), she thus has a fixed right leg and a fixed left leg. Sometimes she raises her left leg, at others her right but I am convinced that this is timed into the image, and not an optical illusion that can be manipulated.

    Am I thinking about this too much?

  30. Jeremy says

    It all has to do with her shadow. If you wanna switch her direction, focus in on the shadow. I’ve been going back and forth and it’s amusing me far too much.

  31. Rob says

    The dancer’s a hoax. Sometimes her left leg is lifted and sometimes her right. The switch is built into the animation.

  32. Eric says

    The dancer isn’t a hoax. If you capture a freeze frame of her, you can’t tell which direction she is going. It depends on which leg you say is up. When you freeze it, you can more easily see how it might look like she is going the other way.

    A freeze frame is the only way I can picture her going counter-clockwise.

  33. says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Lynn Cheney has not come out in favor of gay marriage. She has gone on record opposing the constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage and did so again on the Daily Show. Interestingly, her husband used to hold this same view under federalism grounds until he started toeing the official administration position.

  34. nic says

    i can’t see the woman turning other than clock-wise. but, i can never understand people like Hephaestion either. what a shame he brings upon that noble name.

    alexander would have nothing to do with his ilk. “ilk.” what a grand gay-patriot word that is!

    see how easy it is to turn those epithets against them.

  35. k says

    If you focus on the spinning lady’s foot that is closest to the ground, you can see that it is not really spinning — but moving back and forth in about a 45 degree angle. Your brain thinks that it is spinning because that is what we are trained to see, but also because we forcing a two-dimensional object to take on the characteristics of a 3-dimensional one. Once you focus on the extended foot, it is easy to have her “change direction” in our mind, even though she never really does, because she is a two-dimensional object that cannot spin but only move back and forth.

  36. RJ says

    Thanks, Zeke. Your method actually works. I first see the spinning lady going clockwise. By covering up everything with my hand except her pivot foot, I can perceive her turning counter-clockwise. It seems I can best initiate the change of direction by only looking at the pivot foot.

    Ok… figured out a different way to make the switch. I use the mouse to “click-drag” to freeze the image, then focus on the pivot leg and decide in my mind whether it’s the right or left leg. If I make myself see it as the right leg, she turns counter-clockwise. If I envision it as the left leg, she turns clockwise.

  37. Zeke says

    JEFF, you are in fact correct. Lynne Cheney NEVER said she supported gay marriage. She said she didn’t support a constitutional amendment to ban it. She is VERY careful in what she says and what she doesn’t say. BOIFROMTROY saw the same video that you did. He knows better than to make the false claim he did but he just can’t help himself.

    For those of you not familiar with our cowardly, drive-by poster BOIFROMTROY, he has been a Log Cabin Republican shill for a long time. Check out his site by the same name. He’s just full of all kinds of right-wing apologist hilarity that’s just one baby step to the left of GayPatriot.

    He’ll also explain to you how Cheney is really a cool guy who deserves a place in the gay ally hall of fame.

    BOI, to answer your question, YES, this is in fact a gay website; but unlike your less than D-list site, people here deal in facts and reality and not in delusion or neoCon talking points.

    Do you, as a website owner, make it a habit of going to other people’s sites to question their gay credentials and snipe ar their guests?

    Not only are you politically delusional but you’re unethical and rude to boot.

    I think you’re just bitter about your “Boys from Troy” going down to UNRANKED Stanford. That’s almost as humiliating as Michigan losing to Appalachian State. Funny as hell though!

    Where exactly are those Boys from Troy ranked now?

  38. GC says

    I, too, saw the lady only spinning clockwise, and I was thinking that the “illusion” was a hoax.

    But omg. I finally got it. And it’s scaring me. I’m totally freeeeeeeaked out.

  39. no-no says

    clockwise looking up front. anti-clockwise at the corner of my eyes if I try really hard. I’m gonna send it to everyone I know and choose my friends accordingly.

  40. Paul says

    Derrick, I just like pretty things that distract me from working. So maybe I’m not so butch after all.

    Although last night I thought of you because I was at a steakhouse in the suburbs with 10 people I didn’t know (it was after a poetry reading by a friend of mine), evenly split male and female and ranging in age from 35 to 78, and two drunken guys tried to start a fight with us—apparently they thought we had driven away the “bar” crowd. I guess they thought we were a big bunch of queers, but in fact only one other person was gay besides me. Anyway, I got them to shut up pretty quickly, so again I’m just glad I’m lucky anatomically. I’m also practiced in the art of making homocidal-looking faces, which is part of the reason I’ve never been in a real fight.

  41. Adam says

    The spinning dancer is a big fake I’m afraid. Look at which leg is raised from the hip – it alternates every minute or so, and the direction of spin is changed accordingly.

  42. Robert says

    Adam, I think you may be right. Though I have spent so much damn time staring at the thing that I’ve probably lost any objectivity.