1. FizziekruntNT says

    He sure IS a hot ticket, and like so many former athletes turned face men, he’ll have a long career ahead of him. Gotta love those brains too.

  2. Because He's Hot says

    Hey I’m all for supporting our own, but I haven’t seen to many of us that are looking like THAT..and if you know any, please post ASAP

  3. cbc says

    Don’t listen to them andy. A good tom brady shot is always fun. Oh and so is football. Oh wait is it ok to like sports if you’re gay? I must be a traitor if I actually enjoy watching him play too.

  4. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Nah, CBC. Football’s cool. It’s okay to enjoy it. But, I mean, c’mon… he is a total douche.

    I’m a Pats fan but then again, I live in RI. I have to be or else I’d be killed.


    As you may or may not know, many bloggers get their information from Started in July 2006, they became instantly famous with the reporting of the Mel Gibson incident. The gossip website is a collaboration between AOL and Telepictures Productions, a division of Warner Brothers. TMZ means “Thirty Mile Zone”, which is insider talk for an imaginary radius also known as the “studio zone.” All of which is headed by producer and lawyer, Harvey Levin.
    Levin is gay.
    Which isn’t news, but its also not known. The process of outing, presumably serves the purpose of making the world more comfortable with the notion that gays, famous gays, walk amongst us. And Harvey walks amongst us but he is not one of us (borrowing heavily from a LOST storyline). On a day when the big gay blog story is that Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell exchange innuendos about “Ryan coming out of the closet”, it seems peculiar, that no one has ever demanded, for whatever reason, the same of Harvey Levin. The world of gossip and the people who produce, manage and publish it are fair trade. If you make your business in gossip, there is no reason you shouldn’t be the subject of it. As it was once said of eating shark: turnabout is fair play.

  6. nic says

    those teeth are fake. andy, why do you keep posting about this hetero? if he were not the sports hero that he is, would anyone give a rat’s ass about him? ok, he looks like a typical “all-american-boy-next-door.” but who wants that anymore? i am tired of the pasty-faced, opie types. give us a dark-featured white guy, or a delicious latino, or a smooth asian, or a beautiful black man. but, please don’t force your obsession with this insipid jock on your devoted reading public.

    otherwise, andy, i love your blog.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t y’all. I don’t have gaydar, and maybe that’s the problem, but…are y’all sure he’s straight. When he retires from football y’all may get a surprise John Ameche moments.

  8. Jack Scribe says

    Gorgeous but as has been pointed out…a complete douche. I’d like to know about his contribution to child support and if he has any plans to be an active father. Or, is he just going on to his next girl model bedmate.

  9. says

    I swear, you guys that only have something negative to say should just shut the fuck up and start your own site. It’s really silly that you read this blog and comeback everyday, but don’t like it’s content. I guess if it is not an article about Madonna or something fucking stupid like that, you guys will hate on it.

  10. says

    A total douche? He got a woman pregnant and they’re not married and that means he’s a douche? I’ve got to say, having lived in Boston during his whole career, I think he’s a complete class act. A little cocky, maybe, but I doubt he’ll be a bad father.

    Let’s not forget Moynahan (sp?), who clearly loves to play the innocent, single mother card, is a wealthy actress/model herself and sold the picture of their baby for what’s probably hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m sure Tom Brady will pay plenty in child support – and he should – but let’s not turn this into something it’s not. I doubt either of them are innocent or douchebags. Most people are just in between.

  11. Lasgo says

    Ryan you fool, Bridget didn’t “Sell” those pictures. She donated the 100,000$ to a medical charity IMMEDIATELY after the photoshoot. And the reason he’s a douche is because he started dating Gisele in Oct 2006 behind Bridget’s back. And seeing as you live in Boston, head on to Boston Public, Newbury St and ask any of Tom’s many friends there. It’s well known in the circles that he DID know about the pregnancy which is why he ditched her. Problems started appearing in the relationship as early as Superbowl 2005 itself when he was hitting on other girls in Detriot SB afterparty. He always managed to make up to Bridget after that. But he’s put her through hell.

  12. Funbud says

    Keep ’em coming. Brady is one hot guy, even if he does fall into the old reliable “All-American boy-next-door” category. Speaking of which, if you’ve ever f**cked a boy-next-door type you wouldn’t call them “boring”.

    They could loose the broad in these pics, by the way (who is SHE anyway?). Brady is all we need…”sell the sizzle, not the steak”!

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