T.R. Knight is GLAAD He Came Out

GLAAD has released their latest “Be an ally and a friend” PSA featuring T.R. Knight. It will begin airing tomorrow, on National Coming Out Day.


  1. Sebastian says

    Not impressed, much more impressed with those who come out on their own, and, while its a process that is different for all of us, and, we are all entitled to our privacy, but, I can’t make a hero out of this sort of being outed, and, not coming out and being proud of whom you are before you are in your 30’s. Most of the ones who won’t come out in Hollywood do it for money and fame, not the good of the community. Give me the drag queen and young kids who dare to be out and vocal about it, no matter what may come their way. Real people, those are the heroes of the gay movement.

    I’m sure this is not a popular stand since many here are his fans, just my take on it.

  2. says

    Although, his coming out wasn’t due to ANY act heroism on his part, I applaud his effort to voice it publicly. God knows kids today need to “identify” with tv characters to build strong personalities. Sad but true. So, way to go, TR.

  3. MCnNYC says

    TR nice guy…wish he had the courage to come out on his own but at least he has a career (which I doubt he would have had if he was out earlier) BUT Shilling for GLAAD?!? Come on straight allys are not needed for this VANITY ORGANIZATION!

    Send the Straight allies to those who need them and actually do some of the work that will effect change.

    Gee it’s almost time for GLAADS annual glad-hand-a-thon and million dollar cash cow award season.

  4. Boobs says

    My God–what do you people want. He’s out, he’s proud, he didn’t HAVE to come out. He could have stayed in the closet and whimpered. He did not set out to be a spokesman for the gay community–but he’s doing his bit. It doesn’t matter what these celebrities do there’s always some anonymous bitch on the internet ready to knock them.

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