Viscount David Linley, the Queen’s Nephew, is Extortion Target

Viscount David Linley, a furniture maker and the Queen’s nephew, has been identified as the likely target of the extortion plot by socialite Ian Strachan and his accomplice Sean McGuigan I posted about earlier today. The two men are in jail after demanding £50,000 ($100,000) from the royal family to stop the release of a sex tape which allegedly shows a male member of the royals discussing performing an oral sex act on them. The video, shot on a mobile phone, also allegedly shows them discussing cocaine use.

LinleyVia The Daily Telegraph: “The royal, a respected fine furniture maker whose clients include Oprah Winfrey, did not hesitate in contacting police because the claims and so-called evidence against him were false – as the media has also discovered – and the footage did not implicate him in any wrongdoing. A police sting ensured the evidence was seized and the men were arrested with no money changing hands. They had allegedly attempted several times in the past six months to sell the footage to the media but an investigation proved the claim and the film were false. Buckingham Palace has refused to comment other than to say it was a ‘matter for the police’, while a court order has banned the media in the UK from revealing his or her name. Many royal watchers are expecting Viscount Linley, 12th in line to the throne and a father of two, to issue a statement to end the speculation and protect the rest of his extended family from unwanted publicity.”

Linley is currently 12th in line for the throne.

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  1. Dave says

    The video reportedly shows the aide discussing performing a sexual act on the royal, not the actual act.

  2. Becks07 says


    There is NO TAPE of a royal doing ANYTHING. It is a tape of a loud-mouthed, coked-out moron making claims of sex and drugs.

    PLEASE try to get this critical aspect of the story right as it speaks to the spuriousness of the entire con.


  3. Leland Frances says

    “Linley is currently 12th in line for the throne.”

    And first in line for the nearest royal tearoom?

    Boo-kaay residence. The lady of the house speaking.

  4. Steve says

    “a court order has banned the media in the UK from revealing his or her name…”

    Well doctor visits may cost money here but a free press is a nice thing too.

  5. Jordan says

    Oh damn, I was so hoping it was Freddy (Lord Frederick). He is single and a player (and cuter than Viscount Linley, but that’s not saying much).

    All the centuries of inbreeding in the Royal Family kinda cuts down on the looks department, but some members of that family can be immensely charming.

  6. Becks07 says

    ANDY — The apology is appreciated, but why is the information in both of your posts about this topic still grossly inaccurate about Lord Linley\\\’s role in all of this?

    Caveta emptor in the blogosphere, ladies and gentlemen, just like anywhere else.