Washington D.C. Man Claims He Had Sex with Senator Larry Craig

CraigmanDavid Phillips, a man Wonkette describes as “a local IT geek and bear-about-town” has come forward claiming he had sex with Idaho Senator Larry Craig. It’s perhaps the dirtiest story I’ve ever read on Wonkette:

“I followed [Craig] from The Follies [bar] to a Capitol Hill neighborhood, parking on the street no telling how far from his house. We walked up the alley and through the back door of a house, with him repeating several times, ‘You were never here. You don’t know me. Right?’ and me responding, ‘Right!’ in boyish submission. As we tiptoed from the back door to the stairs to the upper floor, as if somebody else was home, he turned to grope my crotch and brush my face with his hand.”

And there it begins