Washington D.C. Man Claims He Had Sex with Senator Larry Craig

CraigmanDavid Phillips, a man Wonkette describes as “a local IT geek and bear-about-town” has come forward claiming he had sex with Idaho Senator Larry Craig. It’s perhaps the dirtiest story I’ve ever read on Wonkette:

“I followed [Craig] from The Follies [bar] to a Capitol Hill neighborhood, parking on the street no telling how far from his house. We walked up the alley and through the back door of a house, with him repeating several times, ‘You were never here. You don’t know me. Right?’ and me responding, ‘Right!’ in boyish submission. As we tiptoed from the back door to the stairs to the upper floor, as if somebody else was home, he turned to grope my crotch and brush my face with his hand.”

And there it begins


  1. Paul says

    I loathe Larry Craig, but I’m also rather wary of someone’s tale of a brief fuck 20 years ago. I had an older guy take advantage of me when I was 16 (so, 19 years ago) at a fancy resort, and I could no more recognize his voice or face than I can explain why I let it happen. And I’m not at all using a blame the victim approach, but it sounds like this guy slept around quite a lot, so his startling post-Follies revelation seems slightly dubious. Though certainly not impossible.

    I guess someone with more knowledge and research interest can determine where Larry lived back then, and whether Suzanne lived with him or in Idaho. We all know he lives at the boathouse now…

    Though it was nice to have some memories of D.C.’s many strip bars, now torn down. I spent far too much time in them, but tended to hook up with the dancers, not the customers.

  2. anthony in sf says

    possible, yes. probable. i need more information. the shitty underwear was awfully gritty and i cringe thinking how that aspect of the story’s gonna play out in the straight world.

  3. Leland Frances says

    Hmmmm [and Eeewww!]. Terry Dolan died of AIDS a year before this “bear-about-town’s” alleged encounter with Craig and alleged familiarity with Dolan and others’ alleged attendance.

    Before his AIDS incapacitated him, the politically evil Dolan was known to cat about town, and the other named Repug, Jon Hinson, a Mississippi Congressman, was so sexually-obsessed Craig’s story pales by comparison. Hinson was arrested twice—in 1976 for exposing himself to an undercover cop at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington Cemetery, and in 1981 for fellating a man IN A HOUSE OF REPRESENTIVES RESTROOM!!! That ended his marriage and political career. As horrible as the arrests were, he later revealed that, in between, he had nearly been killed in a 1977 fire at the notoriously sleazy Cinema Follies sex dive. He was found trapped under a pile of bodies, nine of them dead, and the authorities hushed his involvement up though the fire story itself was huge at the time. He came out after the ’81 arrest and became an activist before dying of AIDS himself.

    The Follies has long since closed leaving Craig with the Capital men’s room and the Iwo Jima Memorial. Ladies and germs, place your bets.

  4. Paul says

    Quite a few well-known people died in that fire, including a high-up World Bank guy.

    On another note, can we stop having corrections on basic typos that would only confuse a total moron? I make my living as a writer and editor, but even I’m not anal (!) enough to worry when a single letter is misplaced or misspelled. The potential for confusion is minimal, and likely unnoticed until posters point out their own mistkaes.

    No Leland I’m not attacking you—it just seems like a waste of time, and part and parcel of informal responses.

  5. Paul says

    My exceptionally gay-friendly brother used to live across the street from the Iwo Jima memorial, but finally got tired of living there becase his dog was forever happening on used condoms. It’s also where my partner and I came out to one of my other (four) brothers on July 4 in 1996, when he and I were making out during the DC fireworks…something we might not have done had we not eaten mushrooms at a party beforehand. Ah, memories. Thankfully, behavior long in the past! Fortunately, all went well.

  6. Nita says

    “Then, he stripped naked and asked me to suck him. I complied for a while, then he disappeared and returned with lube and a condom to fuck me me with. It was a clumsy and unremarkable fuck, except that I wasn’t clean and he was frantic about not getting my shit on anything. Still, he blew his load, ripped the dirty condom off and ordered me to get dressed without wiping myself. He hurried me to the back door, again ranting, ‘You were never here. You don’t know me. Right?’”

    AS disgusting as the descriptions about ‘I wasn’t clean’ and ‘frantic about not getting my shit on anything’ are — I find a brief ray of hope in the fact that when this encounter took place TWENTY YEARS AGO, Senator Craig used a condom.

    It’s hard enough getting straight guys to do it consistently, now. But 20 years ago Craig was using a condom? Wow. You all may not want to hear this, but the stereotype of gay men is that of a preference for unprotected sex, of barebacking, if you can get away with it.

    How many of you all use condoms consistently, now? So Craig scores a point, even as he loses points for being into nasty pig sex on the down low. Unless this guy is is a liar.

  7. ronan says

    Honey, your standards are pretty low, and like scraping the bottom of the barrel if you want to have sex with such a sneaky, low-down closeted and publicly antigay + married to a wife piece of no-good shit instead of having a committed, monogamous life with a beautiful, free, happy out and glad to be gay real man who would be totally yours and who would love you without end.

  8. Daithi says

    Even though I am with the same man for years, we still use a condom for anal sex with each other, he and I do not like risking the exposure of our bare penises to filth in the rectum and we love each other more because we are not taking the chance of giving each other an unwelcome viral surprise that can’t be cured, even though he and I are disease free as far as we know, we just would rather not take any chances so we used condoms because we truly love each other and want each other to be safe for many more years.

  9. says

    Some warning please, Andy. I thought I was just going to be reading sex details. Now I wish I had finished my breakfast before reading the story. Needless to say, some remains (and will remain) on my plate.

  10. rascal says

    As revolting as the scatological aspect of the story is, I might argue that this particular detail may well be the basis for the man’s uncommonly vivid memory. That’s a complication one is unlikely to forget, and one which could easily translate into a symbolic encounter of regret, representing an entire phase of demoralizing behavior. As someone else remarked, it’s that very detail that lends the most credibility to this unfortunate tale.

  11. RP says

    “Haggard was taken down by phone messages”

    I don’t think there were phone messages in the Haggard-Jones debacle. I could very well be wrong, but I think you might be thinking of Ed “looking for a big package” Schrock (congressman from Virginia Beach who was alledgely caught calling hook-up lines).

  12. anon (gmail.com) says

    No, Jones played them on a radio station (though I’m too lazy to double-check). There are reports now that this story is a parody. Not sure what to make of it.

  13. BW says

    I’m yet another guy in DC who knows the folks involved. This isn’t just true; it’s the tip of the iceberg, as most gay men here know. I just happen never to have ended up in a situation like this with some high-ranking closet case–call me picky–but practically everyone who has casual sex here is going to, especially if they like the kind of furtive, no-names-please sex a lot of folks do–and I’m not denigrating it or anything. People have sex because they find it exciting and fulfilling, not because it’s part of their life plan for achieving normalcy. If readers here think this story sounds suspicious, they’re equally likely to accept that “there’s no homesexuality in Iran–we do not have this problem.”

  14. dc10001 says

    AT, I’ve had your blog bookmarked for years and enjoy the design, range of interests, approach to news stories, the hot men, the tech news, &c…truly gay fabulous. The one thorn in your lovely manflower: there’s a strain of your reader base which is- forgive the generalization- a rather bougie, mean-spirited and amazingly sex-negative bunch of homos. I can’t impugn the site for its reader base though.

    These are the folks who generally post dispective comments about a story like this.

    “it sounds like this guy slept around quite a lot…” -Judgemental prig.

    “I cringe thinking how that aspect of the story’s gonna play out in the straight world…” and “As disgusting as the descriptions are…” You think some shit on your dick is more distasteful or disgusting than adultery, hypocrisy and self-delusion? Grow up.

    “An entire phase of demoralizing behavior…” Wow. That is so NOT the take-away from the sexual revolution. Phillip’s post recounts pre-AIDS days, when gays men cruised bars and took chances. We were outlaws on the forefront of sexual liberation. Those days are gone. Not to get wistful about them, but to condemn a whole era in this way is plain ignorance.

    To the commenter “having a committed, monogamous life”- congrats. But there’s no need to cast aspersions on those among us choosing not to retreat into staid monagamy in the wake of AIDS.

    “Please shave your silly stash off…” Phillips has endured much since his nasty trick with Craig. We’re lucky to have him in our midst. He has something to teach us- about LC, about the evolution of a gay man who lived through the time of AIDS…some big-picture perspective that seems to elude the idiot carping about his appearance.

    Show some gratitude that our brother lives to tell. Phillips has nothing to apologize for. He is honest and brave.

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