1. johnnzboy says

    Is this a trick question? NPH and a phallic object? I think it’s pretty obvious what the promoters want us to imagine him doing… (a not entirely disagreeable scenario, admittedly…)

  2. Davey says

    I love the first one…just stupid enough to be pretty funny. I always say the only reason to go into Jerzee is for White Castle…

  3. bizasizzalizzyizzo says

    I wonder if the writers took some inspiration from this:

    A friend of a friend in LA puts the cartoon together and it was what I thought of immediately once I saw this post.

    It is hilarious and should tide everyone over until they can see NPH on the big screen. I can’t wait to see if he rides side saddle. (No bareback jokes please.)

  4. Dean says

    I’ll be curious to see how (or IF) they reconcile the first movie- in which NPH plays himself as a womanizing party hound- with the post-out NPH.

    Will he continue to play Barney (“How I Met Your Mother”) or will they find a way to let him be out?

    All in all, not the weightiest of questions… I’m just curious.

  5. says

    I saw the preview to the new Harold & Kumar in the theatre and I am afraid a bunch of jokes about racial profilling and Homeland Security are going to be very funny.

    Neil Patrick Harris is awesome as Barney on “How I Met Your Mother.” His character makes the show.

  6. Dom says

    Why is it that str8 actors like Tom Hanks, Heath Ledger and countless others can play gay men to widespread critical acclaim and all people can do is ask how Neil Patrick Harris is supposed to reconcile his homosexuality to the str8 characters he plays. WTF? An openly gay actor can’t play a str8 guy, but a str8 actor can play a gay one? What is this, 1955? C’mon, people, grow up!

  7. says

    Dom, FWIW Neil Patrick Harris played *himself* in the first movie. So it’s not quite as simple as him playing any old straight or gay character.

  8. jacknasty says

    I am all for gay actors (and straight actors) being able to play whatever role a director decided they were the best choice for, regardless of the characters sexuality.

    but, I gotta say…I hope once again Neil plays a crazy, coke-snorting, stripper banging straigt version of himself lol it is the role that started his comeback!

  9. Dean says

    Thanks, Jeff. That’s exactly what I meant. In this movie Harris plays himself. The first movie was before he came out. I’ll admit my gaydar was off on him… I never thought he was gay. Well, we can’t ALWAYS be right. ūüėÄ

    Anyway, Dom, I have no problem with gay people playing straight characters or straight playing gay. I do like his Barney character on HIMYM. Although, his excessive womanizing does leave it open for him to be over-compensating.

    Anyway, I think gay actors play straight very well. Hell, gay men have been doing it for centuries.