Yoko Ono Unveils Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland


On Tuesday, Yoko Ono unveiled a monument in memory of John Lennon that she hopes will be a literal beacon of peace for the world. According to the AP, “The tower is a beam of light, radiating from a wishing well bearing the words “imagine peace” in 24 languages. The plan is for it to be lit each year between his birthday, Oct. 9, and the anniversary of his death on Dec. 8.”

The Imagine Peace Tower is located on Videy Island near Reykjavik, Iceland. Ono said Iceland was chosen “because it was a very eco-friendly country that relied on geothermal energy.”

Ringo Starr was there for the dedicated ceremony, which is below on the left. In the video on the right, Ono talks about the plans for the tower.

The Imagine Peace Tower has inspired messages from Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, rocker Alice Cooper, and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich:


  1. says

    Yoko Ono is fabulous.

    Waste of electricity? I wonder how much electricity a “good, old statue” would use in the creation versus the electricity used to run this pillar of light for 2 months each year. I’d be willing to bet that a “good, old statue” requires as much or more electricity over the creation process, not to mention that a lot of “good, old statues” are lit at night with electricity year round.

  2. jimi tutor says

    ulrich, did you miss the part about iceland being powered by geothermal? geothermal is pollution free, unlike natural gas or coal… and if that isn’t enough, iceland is turning excess CO2 from the atmosphere into stone.. they are really doing it right!

  3. William says

    No one admires and respects John and Yoko more than I do, but this is still light pollution. Dark skies are nearly impossible to find these days, and eco-systems depend on it. Why not just turn the light on the birthday and the death day only?

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