Australian Politico’s Ear Wax Snack is International Sensation

In a testament to the power of viral video, a piece of six-year-old footage showing Australia’s opposition leader Kevin Rudd probing his ear and then placing his finger in his mouth has caused such a stir that it has been featured in newspapers the world over, as well as on The Tonight Show.

Said Rudd, who leads John Howard in the polls and looks likely to become Australia’s new PM next month: “I’m really pleased about that — how did I go on Jay Leno? All of us in public and private life I’m sure would wish our behavior to be more ideal.”


  1. says

    I saw this on Leno and was totally grossed out. And Dave…….you need to set the nose picker out on the street. I would never work in an office with a pig like that. This is a sign of the lowest form of intelligence, among other things.

  2. peterparker says

    Last week I was sitting in a booth in a crowded restaurant having lunch with some friends. There was a guy sitting in the booth behind ours, facing me, who kept picking his nose and then putting his fingers in his mouth. In a restaurant! People are disgusting.

    All I have to say about this Australian guy is that his politics pretty much have to be better than those of John Howard (who is just to the right of Bush), so ear-wax-taster or not, he’ll be an improvement.

  3. davefromtampa says

    Oh I wish I could put him out. Unfortunately, or fortunately in someone’s opinion, he is hot and knows it. He always wears tight dockers and on casual Friday, jeans so tight you can see his religion.

  4. Rey says

    My partner was so disgusted by this video and I totally agree.

    However, if it were a different Mr. Rudd, my disgust at watching him suck on objects straight out of his orifice would…um…


  5. Paul in Oz says

    Ha, too right Vi Agara! Anyways guys, have you ever actually sat and watched hours and hours of Parliament? You’d be driven to more than just picking your ears, believe me.

    And note that this vid was made and distributed by the staff of Rudd’s opponent, the ultra conservative John Howard, Oz’s Worst-Ever-PM who has just 22 days left before he’s massacred in a Rudd-slide (may contain boogers).

  6. nikko says

    Er, ‘scuse me, guys, but if I eat anus, it’s gotta be clean and washed or forget it. Besides, do we forget that vagina eliminates pee and…yep, blood? So oral sex is not exactly clean, but with hygiene, is relatively safe,and less gross.

  7. Becks07 says

    You guys can bitch about rimming all you want — I\\\’m grossed out by the guy fastening the top button on a 3-button jacket!!! YUCK!!!

    And is that Mrs. Slocum sitting in front of the wax-a-holic? Love the rrrrrred hair!

  8. Paul in Oz says

    ‘Mrs Slocum’ with the red hair is actually Julia Gillard, who has had a huge makeover since this vid was made (it’s quite old), courtesy of her boyfriend who’s a hairdresser.

    She sounds straight out of Kath and Kim but she’s tough and we love her (in a purely politically platonic sort of way, of course) and she’s going to be our next Deputy PM!

  9. Paul says

    Just to clarify—Hep C is only transmittable through blood, and has no vaccine.

    Hep A and B have vaccines, and everyone (especially gay men) should get them.

    And I hope this goes without saying: earwax has zero relation to any disease. Maybe it’s gross to you—-but it’s nothing like rimming, unless shit runs out your ears. Ears and anuses are erotic to some people. Go figure. But they’re not anywhere near the same.

  10. nic says

    where else but on towleroad would people be discussing the relative cleanliness of earholes and assholes? i prefer the nether regions; there is more personality there.

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