Billy Bean Submits Question to GOP Presidential YouTube Debate

Former pro baseball player Billy Bean has submitted a question for candidates in the upcoming Republican YouTube debate on November 28th.

Said Bean in an email to friends: “I hope you’ll take a look…and if you think you’d like to see one of those far right conservatives answer my question…pass the word, and tell as many people as you can to take a look. Apparently the amount of hits/views has a lot to do with the selection process. Please forgive the quality of the video….Spielberg was busy…., but I did it all by myself…(I know…it shows).”

Billy’s question: “Over the years, factions of the Republican party seem to have fully embraced religion-based bigotry and discrimination against the GLBT community as a way to win elections. Will you discourage people from using their religious beliefs as a way to justify discrimination against citizens like me?”

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  1. Leland Frances says

    Perhaps, Matt, if you spent more time reading books than reading blogs you’d have known not just who Bean is but lots of other things, too. If you can’t afford to buy such books, go back to Wikipedia and look up “public library.”

  2. Gregg says

    Matt – I’m not sure if your comment was meant as a dig at obscure figures on Towleroad, or as a self deprecating nod to your own lack of knowledge. I’m hoping it’s the latter, but feeling like it’s the former.

    I’m sure I’ll get called a pretentious ass for this, but, Matt – if you’re going to tout the joys of Wikipedia, you might want to look up the spelling of the word “half.” It’s not spelled “have.” Which would explain why it took me so long to understand your comment.

  3. SC says

    I think it was Andrew Sullivan (?) who wanted these two questions asked: “If you could, would you go back in time and abort bin Laden?” and “If it would prevent a terrorist attack, would you have sex with a man?”

    I wish someone would submit THOSE questions.

  4. Disgusted American says

    Nice question Billy..but we ALL knwo the answer already..OF COURSE THEY “THE GOP” WILL SUCK UP TO ANYONE WHO VOTES FOR THEM…especially the Christies/Evangelicals…Gay Baiting is thier way of Life to obtain votes…good question, but a waste of time…since that’s all they do!

  5. Matt says

    First of all, I know I screwed up half and have. I wasn’t paying attention and I haven’t had my cup of coffee yet.

    Second, it’s not a knock on Towleroad or Andy. I just don’t know a lot about some of the people mentioned. As Albert Einstein said, “why should I memorize something I can easily look up?”.

    Leland, I do read. My interest include finance and I like the occasional good murder mystery.

    Sorry I don’t do public library or as I like to call it the homeless shelter.

  6. Mike says

    GLBT? I wonder if anyone understands how stupid that sounds to the regular person. A lot of people don’t know what GLBT means! So he just essentially lapsed into gibberish and tons of people who might have been sympathetic or at least open-minded just tuned out. Go team!

  7. johnoshon says

    wtf? why are you guys picking on matt? must he know every damn gay person.gee.

    and by the way i did not have to read his book to know who the hell he was, found out on a blog.

    get a life .

  8. peterparker says

    GREGG…actually, SC was correct when he said the questions were posed by Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan posted them on his blog first. Later, when he appeared on Bill Maher’s show, Maher brought it up as a topic of conversation. You can see it unfold here:

  9. Joshua says

    Oh God….I just had a horrible thought. I wonder how many closet Republican politician, and religious leader bathroom Queens will now use the excuse they were sucking cock in the men’s room to prevent terrorism…

  10. anon ( says

    On second thought, there are probably some men I wouldn’t sleep with, even if it meant the death of millions….

    I mean, the president of Iran? come on!
    Kim Jung Il of North Korea? oooohf!
    Sorry guys.

  11. Gregg says

    PETERPARKER and SC – sorry about my Bill Maher screw up. That’s why I wrote “I believe”, but I should have just checked it out first instead of spouting from my faulty memory. I still think Sullivan is a douche bag though.

    MATT – I’m glad I was wrong (again) about assuming that you were knocking Towleroad. But at least I wasn’t quite as dickish about it as Leland – LOL

  12. Ronnie says

    Does “douche bag” have a space in between words?
    And the library is not a “homeless shelter”. I know you were jesting, but I spent many a happy hour there as a child. My parents didn’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive books, but I found a wealth of free knowledge there and eventually purused my love of reading/writing in college. The library’s one of the only, or perhaps the most exemplary, examples of equal access and equal treatment of any institution we have. It doesn’t deserved to be knocked like that.

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