Billy Bean Submits Question to GOP Presidential YouTube Debate

Former pro baseball player Billy Bean has submitted a question for candidates in the upcoming Republican YouTube debate on November 28th.

Said Bean in an email to friends: “I hope you’ll take a look…and if you think you’d like to see one of those far right conservatives answer my question…pass the word, and tell as many people as you can to take a look. Apparently the amount of hits/views has a lot to do with the selection process. Please forgive the quality of the video….Spielberg was busy…., but I did it all by myself…(I know…it shows).”

Billy’s question: “Over the years, factions of the Republican party seem to have fully embraced religion-based bigotry and discrimination against the GLBT community as a way to win elections. Will you discourage people from using their religious beliefs as a way to justify discrimination against citizens like me?”

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