Did Instinct Magazine Spoil Survivor: China?

Don’t contestants usually lose their prize money if they blab?

Todd_herzog_2The Malcontent picks up next month’s Instinct magazine wonderings if gay contestant Todd Herzog may have let the cat out of the bag, considering he’s labeled “Million Dollar Man” on the cover and Survivor: China hasn’t yet finished.

The good news for Herzog if he really is the winner?

“If you were hoping to get additional clues from the article itself, you can quit hoping…After a couple of desultory questions about the only thing truly interesting about Herzog, i.e., his presence on a major reality TV show (”What do you think of the portrayal of gay people on Survivor?”), the writers bring out the really heavy artillery: Do you remember your first kiss? How in the world did you find out you were allergic to rabbits? We’ve heard you love the Spice Girls: What are your top three reasons why? Herzog’s most surprising revelation was that coming out can be ‘scary.'”

So can almost losing your million dollars.

Learning Nothing About Todd Herzog [the malcontent]

Survivor: China Shows Off its Skin [tr]


  1. Marco says

    Isn’t the finale, live? No one has won the million yet … right?
    I can picture him in the final 2/3 though.

  2. says

    The finale is live, but the votes for the winner are usually cast before they leave the island or where ever they are for the season. Probst just reads the results live.

  3. Jake says

    The winner is revealed live, but it’s fairly obvious that Amanda has won. But Todd will be her second place finisher.

    And this season has actually been quite good. Great personalities.

  4. Dave says

    yes, Claude … people still watch & care about Survivor … and Jake’s right … this has been a really good season.

    Survivor: China has been averaging around 15-million viewers per week and is the #1 most DVR’d show in the US each week.

  5. says

    Andy, no one has won it yet because the votes are read live on the final broadcast. Todd doesn’t *know* yet if he won, though he would know by now if he didn’t win.

  6. DC ARNOLD says

    With our government asking our wounded soldiers to return signing bonuses, A niche magazine no one reads may give away the secret to a show no one watches?

  7. teddy b says

    dc arnold, why are you trying to make yourself seem more important than everyone else? shouldn’t you be out raising money for wounded soldiers instead of reading and commenting on gay blogs? once you’ve saved all their signing bonuses, then i’ll have a little more respect for what you have to say… survivor is fun and you can go suck it!

    secondly, publications usually do 2 (or many more) versions of their covers so they’re ready to print once the results are known. there’s probably a magazine cover we haven’t seen that reads, “gay boy almost becomes million-dollar man.”