News: Bill Gates, Warhol Scent, Gyllenspit, Vegas, Britney Spears

road.jpg I think now she’s doing it on purpose. Britney Spears has run over another foot.

road.jpg Striking gay WGA writers are holding their own march: “It will totally be “Norma Rae” meets the Abbey.”

Gatesroad.jpg Closet Idol fan? Bill Gates spotted at Kelly Clarkson concert.

road.jpg In wake of progressive Democrats move to censure Dianne Feinstein, her spokesperson defends: “[Feinstein] has been an independent voice for California.”

road.jpg Barack Obama says there are no existing records from his days in the Illinois state senate: “‘I don’t have _ I don’t maintain _ a file of eight years of work in the state Senate because I didn’t have the resources available to maintain those kinds of records,’ he said at a recent campaign stop in Iowa. He said he wasn’t sure where any cache of records might have gone, adding, ‘It could have been thrown out. I haven’t been in the state Senate now for quite some time.'”

road.jpg Meet the Dixie Chicks of competitive Bridge.

Silverroad.jpg Andy Warhol Foundation launches first of several fragrances: “The scent developed by Aurelien Guichard is a smoky yet spicy cocktail of incense, grapefruit, wood resin, amber jasmine, cedarwood and violet, one Warhol’s favorite aromas. The term is no longer ‘€˜unisex’€™ but ‘€˜universal’€™ to indicate that the perfume can be worn by both men and women and is said to smell like metallic rubber.”

road.jpg For you Scissor Sisters fans (or haters, I suppose): Whack-a-Sister.

road.jpg Scab-lash: Ellen DeGeneres cancels NYC tapings. “We’re delighted that Ellen DeGeneres has decided not to come to New York to tape her program. She knows that the Writers Guild East would have been there to protest her lack of solidarity, not only with her Guild writing staff but all the striking members of the Writers Guild, of which she is a member. We will be even more delighted if she does not cross the Guild picket lines at the NBC Studios in Burbank, where her show usually is produced.”

road.jpg Scientists identify oral sex “swallower” gene…in fish.

Gyllenspitroad.jpg Yes, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon have been captured swapping spit in public.

road.jpg Broadcast of McCain supporter calling Hillary Clinton a bitch sparks war between McCain campaign and CNN: “Now McCain’s campaign is trying to turn this to its advantage — by opening fire on the network and portraying it as both a Hillary ally and a liberal media foil to McCain. McCain campaign manager Rick Davis has just blasted out an email to supporters demanding that CNN apologize to the Arizona Senator for smearing him.”

road.jpg Bjorn Borg unveils new underwear line, and invites folks to send in pictures of themselves wearing it. Flashback: Model Search.

road.jpg In July 2006, Patricia Todd became Alabama’s first openly gay elected official when she ran a run-off race in the House. Pam Spaulding over at Pam’s House blended has posted a series of videos of Todd talking about some of the homophobia she faced during her election.

road.jpg BOOK: Gay community in Vegas on the upswing.


  1. Marco says

    The photo of Jake and Reese disgusts me. Straight people have a right to exist like you and I, but why must they show off their perverse lifestyle in public where kids can see them?

    (I won’t even touch how this crushes my Jake G. fantasies….bitch best be a beard)

    And I think Barack has lost my vote for good. How do you not have a record, even a poorly-kept one, of your time in the Illinois senate? Sorry, it boggles the mind.

  2. says

    The report on fish(y) mating got me wondering…Now what? I think scientists like to research boring(and useless topics) during their break time. Just go for a cigarette or something,like everyone else. You,nerds! Just kidding…just kidding…

  3. says

    Actually the old Silver Factory smelled like mettalic rubber — so the scent is accurate to that degree. But I don’t think Andy wanted to smell like mettalic rubber.

  4. Leland Frances says

    Any evidence of intellegence one of the organizers of “Gay Gate” for writers demonstrated in his projects “Latter Days” and “Sweet Home Alabama” was apparently a fluke.

    At 45, he’s old enough to know that “gate” as part of an open or closed compound noun derives from the fall of the Nixon administration after a botched burglary at the Watergate Complex and denotes a scandal. The most recent example is probably Attorneygate describing the Bush administration’s attempt to dump federal attorneys who didn’t toe the party line. Monicagate is even more famous.

    While it IS a scandal that fag Repug scribe Marc Somebody Anybody Fuck Me Please Cherry is so admired, I don’t think that’s what they had in mind, and their picketting in front of the gate of Raleigh Studios in no way redeems their stupidity.

  5. Derrick from PHilly says

    So, Dianne Lieberman is an independent. Yeah, well, she’s also a bastard.

    See, BRANDON, I didn’t call the traitorous bitch a bitch this time. I got manners too. (howya’ like like word “traitorous”…looked it up–all on my own.)

  6. woodroad34 says

    Oh, I see. Dianne Feinstein is an “independent voice” now. I thought she was voted in as a democrat on democratic ideals. So, she changes with the wind to suit her needs (or her husband’s war contract needs)? She’s a real poodlecrat– that’s in place of “bitch”crat; oh hell, she’s a real BITCH. Out with the BITCH!

  7. RP says

    Did anyone else read the article about the bridge players? Specifically their proposed punishment?

    “It calls for a one-year suspension from federation events, including the World Bridge Olympiad next year in Beijing; a one-year probation after that suspension; 200 hours of community service “that furthers the interests of organized bridge”; and an apology drafted by the federation’s lawyer.

    It would also require them to write a statement telling “who broached the idea of displaying the sign, when the idea was adopted, etc.””

    I am surprised they didn’t literally ask for a pound of flesh from each woman to boot.

  8. Paul says

    RP, I read the article about the bridge players. Talk about some crazy, touchy, hysterical people. No wonder I was always baffled when people tried to teach me bridge.

  9. says

    Re: bridge players
    This doesn’t surprise me at all. I played competetive bridge for a number of years before becoming tired of the pretensions and the VFW-like general attitude of the governing organizations. It’s another world in that oxygen-deprived and humorless little bubble.
    I feel for the ladies, but if they are playing at that stratospheric level, they know EXACTLY the organization to which they belong.

  10. Chad says

    Leland… I can’t quite follow what you are talking about. The picket was simply a show of support for the writers and producers of UGLY BETTY. It was at the Raleigh GATE.

    And since we’ve been picketing for nearly two weeks now, it was a way to boost morale for the strikers and supporters.

  11. Himbo with Highlites says

    Anybody else think the papparazzi are morons for getting that close to a moving vehicle piloted by Britney? I mean, you deserve to get run over, being that stupid.