In Honor of Dennis Kucinich, a Map of UFO Hotspots


From one of my favorite sites, Strange Maps, here’s a map showing “the number of UFO reports per 100.000 people by county in the continental US.”

They note that extraterrestrials seem to like it out west, except for a huge portion of northern Minnesota and small splotches in Florida’s panhandle as well as Missouri and Illinois. Also, they don’t seem to like the Bible Belt much.

Incidentally, the location of Shirley Maclaine’s home, where Kucinich claims to have seen his UFO, was in Graham, Washington, just outside of Seattle.

Here’s that video again, for those of you who missed it.

UFO Hotspots Map [strange maps]


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, that’s it for Dennis. It’s a damn shame ’cause all the Republcans are crazier than Shirley MacLaine–they actually believe that God likes them.

  2. dan cobb says

    Chris Matthews is such a moron.
    When Kucinich said he had seen a UFO, Matthews just about shit his pants with his arrested-development smirk. Kucinich went on to say that the object in the sky was unidentified. Matthews seemed to think that a UFO necessarily is some from-outer-space module of some sort. UFO stands for UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. Big deal. There are so many military prototypes being launched all over this country, it wouldn’t surprise me if most people have seen a light in the sky that they didn’t know what it was… not a plane, nor a star… sometimes people see weather balloons that they don’t know what it is. If they don’t know what it is, and it’s in the sky, it’s a UFO!

    Matthews is SUCH a moron. Ditto Tim Russert! Did you see Russert on celebrity Jeopardy! HE IS A TOTAL MORON! GET A CLUE TIM, THERE ARE 2 SENATORS FOR EVERY STATE!
    [In case you haven’t seen it, Russert’s performance was beyond embarrassing. It was horrific. He is a true moron.]

  3. peterparker says

    That’s interesting. Just about the only portion of my home state that is a UFO ‘hot spot’ is a small dot that roughly coinciding with the county in which I grew up.

  4. Zeke says

    I guess this map blows the theory that UFO sighting are more likely to be claimed by overall wearing hillbillies in the South right out of the water.

    I have to say however that I find the possibility of UFO’s to be more plausible than some of the deeply held beliefs of my fundamentalist Southern friends and family.

  5. says

    Thank you for the dose of sanity, Dan. It always bothers me when people think UFO = little green men. People need to stop letting their imagination get the best of them. UFO just means something in the sky that doesn’t look like a regular plane. It could be a military prototype, or perhaps just a neighbor playing with an RC helicopter. Who knows… but aliens are the least likely explanation.

    It’s just as silly to dismiss someone who claims to have seen a UFO. They saw something weird in the sky – so what? That does not make them crazy.

  6. Frank Braus says

    Totally retarded in every way. The media dimwits: “You saw a ufo, you saw a ufo. nah nah. you’re crazy as a shit house rat.” UFB. Chris Matthews you are total moron.
    People, why are we devolving? Why does this country’s people and media average third grade mentality?

  7. anon ( says

    I agree that the proportion seems to roughly correlate with the number of large military bases in the area and probably also inversely proportionate to education levels. Also, desert areas have clearer skies, less light pollution and more lines of sight down to the horizon. Is there a map of Elvis sightings?

    Saying “UFO” is hardly like using a scientific term. People know what you mean–aliens. Matthews took too much glee in DK’s statement, but if DK doesn’t know what he was getting himself into with his remark he’s dumber than Matthews.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Shirley has different lives, DAVID.

    Seriously, it’s a damn shame because half of these yahoos that will make fun of Dennis’ UFO sighting believe in all kinds of religious bullshit. You know, Jesus spoke to them while they hovered over the toilet throwing up Bourbon and pork rinds–and that’s how they got “saved”.
    The Good Lord aint going to speak to no evangelicals and Baptists. He knows they’re full of shit.

    And he don’t like no Mormons neither.

  9. Bob R says

    Kucinich says he’s seen a UFO and people think he’s strange. Bush claims to speak with God routinely and believes God put him in the White House, and America’s okay with that.

    I think for the past 7 or so years the lunatics have been running the asylum. I’ll accept Dennis’s UFO siting as authentic any day over Bush’s conversations with God.

  10. says

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  11. vinny says

    I’d like to see this hot spot map overlayed with the US military bases or so called training grounds…. I bet you find a match! Here’s a map of US Military bases…and it’s interesting to see a match to the hot spots.

    Come on people think, before you start calling the poor guy crazy. You better think about what kinda technology the government has developed. You don’t really think your tax dollars are being spent on education and health care do you?

  12. Jujin says

    UFOs do exist. Just do the research. The Russians found one in Anartica and asked the Americans for help digging it up. When the Americans tried to take over, the Russians blew it up. The small ones are called Vimana and the large ones a mile in diameter or larger are called Arcs. Read Ezekiel in the bible for a detailed description and the history of UFOs. There is a UFO in every 15th century renaissance painting of Baby Jesus and Baby St. John. How do you explain that?

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