Invention of the Week: Wedgie-Proof Underwear

One battle against bullies has been won. Eight-year-old twins Justin and Jared, who were on Ellen last week, have invented the Rip-Away 1000. Here’s their interview with Fox & Friends.

FOX: What’s going on with you right now, you’re without a band?

JARED: Right now I’d probably be running to tell the teacher or someone.

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(via slog)


  1. soulbrotha says

    So the band rips right off and the underwear falls down? Oh, the pedophiles are gonna just love that little feature. Yeesh.
    Is it me or do these kids look like Children of the Corn?

  2. Cris says

    Wow….that was the most interesting interview that I have ever seen!…..I can really see why these two were in such a need to invent these undies! Poor little fellas! =(*