Letters of Support Come in for Michael Sandy’s Killer

The judge in the Michael Sandy hate crime murder trial has received a letter from the jury’s foreman, playwright Eric Zaccar, renouncing his decision to convict Anthony Fortunato: “I never, at any time, believed, stated or wanted to vote that Anthony Fortunato was guilty of manslaughter two, much less a hate crime.”

Sandy_fortunatoNine other letters have been received urging leniency, according to Gay City News: “Other letters seeking leniency came from Di Chiara, Fortunato’s mother and other relatives, a professor and the dean of students at St. Francis College, where Fortunato was once a student, from the head of a Brooklyn recreational facility, and from State Senator John L. Sampson who wrote that he had known the Fortunato family for many years. ‘I know the difference between a criminal and someone who gets wrapped up in a bad situation,” Sampson wrote in a letter on his official stationary. ‘In my opinion, and I hope your honor will agree, Anthony Fortunato falls into the ladder (sic) category.'”

Fortunato is due for sentencing on November 20th. According to Gay City News, Fortunato “faces a maximum sentence of eight-and-a-third to 25 years and would get his first parole hearing after serving just over seven years if he receives that sentence.”


  1. Cadence says

    Let me get this straight, Fortunato and the others admit to regularly beating up and robbing gay men, but yet they just fell into this situation and are still good boys. What type of logic is that? Again, I wonder if the situations were reversed, would the state senator say the same things about Sandy, or any other gay man who would prey on young white boys.

  2. says

    Amen to the previous comments!!

    Did the jury and the school’s dean also send condoleances to Sandy’s family? Just wondering…

    Race issues in the States are much more f-d up than I previously thought!

  3. Juan Pablo says

    I guess this shows that Mr Sandy’s life was less than that of the convicted killer, this is unbelievable, well, not really. He must be really charming, and, I guess being “hot” looking as many called him just makes him worthy of not doing any time in the eyes of some, although, letters to the judge are not that unusual, but, one from a State Senator who can’t spell is kind of odd.

    The victim is always wrong in this country, and, had Mr. Sandy did what this kid did to him, I wonder how the Foreman would have felt? Somehow, I doubt if all that compassion would have appeared.

  4. Cadence says

    This may be about race and sexual orientation, or at least the issue of sex. Several articles I’ve seen seem to have a problem with Michael Sandy looking to have sex with a stranger. One writer even wrote that Sandy was looking for trouble. To them, Michael Sandy looking for a hook-up i s a bigger crime than these boys being habitual criminals.

  5. says

    Yea, and if this had been about a white middle-class woman, it would have played ad-nauseum on all the cable news outlets and “experts” dissecting the case to “death”. This is so sad and embarrassing. It’s the fucking 21st century for God’s sake!

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