Marc Jacobs Extends His Naked Moment

Last week, Jacobs told the NYT: “In the most basic way I can say it, coming from a psychological place, what I love more than anything is attention. That is about as honest of a statement that I could possibly make. I want a reaction, because I want the attention.”

Whatever your opinion of Jacobs or his want of attention, the image itself is pretty beautiful. And who wouldn’t lie down naked on a giant stuffed doll for Mert and Marcus?

For the full image, click here.

Visionaire [official site]
Loving and Hating Marc Jacobs [nyt]


  1. JOHN says

    Sure, he’s an attractive, famous guy with the necessary turmoils to make him an almost-fascinating pop culture figure, but c’mon…enough already. Who cares anymore, really??

  2. chris Allen says

    I effing LOVE that he copped to wanting the attention. It’s evident that he does (as do a lot of celebs. I’m looking at You Britney), but I love that he admits it.

  3. says

    I remember when he was the HOT!NEW! designer for Perry Ellis and did this punky, sexy spread in Vanity Fair…perhaps wearing the same boots. Hooray for the desire for attention, but part of me can’t help but feel that he is trying desperately to stave off impending old-goatdom.

  4. MT says

    I agree with JRM. The man worked hard to get where he is professionally and physically. Let him show it off. He should be proud of the career and the body he built.

  5. noteasilyoffended says

    Very pretty gift wrap. I wonder if the present on the inside is as attractive. His press leads me to believe not, but what do I know. He could be a perfectly lovely person. The shoulders and triceps could use some work, if you ask me (which no one did). Attention and hype is great sometimes. The secret is living up to it.

  6. says

    I rarely criticize other photographers, especially those who are 100 times more accomplished than myself, but photographically this image looks really crappy. All the blow outs, especially on the lower legs, look very amateurish. The quality of this image makes someone who is not quite a good nude model look even worse.

    As far as Mr. Jacob’s goes, he is free to do as he wishes and if people want to look at him naked and buy the special edition, good for him.

  7. Clint says

    Why don’t we all just ignore him and not post his naked pictures? He’s not all that and if he wants attention let’s just turn our heads. Doesn’t he buy enough attention from his male rent boy anyway?

  8. Gregg says

    oops – I meant “I can’t get the image OUT OF MY HEAD of Peter Griffin from Family Guy seeing this post and curling up in the fetal position, crying “Make it stop!””

  9. Jordan says

    Well at least he realizes his problem, which is needing a lot of attention. He just needs a LOT more therapy.

    It’s good though that he’s doing all this now and getting it out of his system while he’s half-way attractive rather than wait til he’s like Lagerfeld’s age and do it…can you imagine that horror story? Although Karl has far too much class to stoop to such antics.

    Why doesn’t he just adopt a kid or something?

  10. Davey says

    There are 5,000 queens in any given square block of Chelsea who are (objectively) in better shape and (subjectively) more conventionally physically attractive than Mr. Jacobs seems to consider himself. And the fact that he feels the need to flaunt his not-so-flauntworthy appearance tells me he’s probably not so pretty on the inside. I actually kind of feel bad for him, in the same way I feel bad when driving past a car wreck.

  11. peter mcquaid says

    I’ve always dug him, bigtime – even more after he ditched the Party Supplies. He’s honest. He’s intelligent. He’s talented as all fuck. And while he may not have seemed so until now, he’s always been one of those men who gets more alluring each minute you’re around them. Now, he’s “hot” too. And good for him! Nothing wrong with committing to look your best as well as be your best. Rock on, Baby!

  12. MDTopDad says

    Oh come on! We would all love to be exposed like that on some level. We should all celebrate the human form. Marc is not all that but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed . and as for the boots, they just make him seem hotter than he really is.

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