Hockey Legend Bobby Orr and Fellow Players in the Flesh

Heeeeeeere’s Bobby! (NSFW)

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  1. Gregg says

    I’m gonna give a baseless critique here, but these painting are shoddy both technically and compositionally. If it weren’t for the “naughty” factor, which is about as cheap a trick as you can use, they would be ignored.

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    Did I miss something? Park speaks of the Orr and “Turk” like they’re deceased! And Deborah Kass? Feh! C’mon, uncomfortable? What kind of crap is she trying to buzz this show with? And pardon me for being ageist, but hell, I’d much more enjoy portraits of them now. Cute twinky jocks are fairly common and the portraits painted aren’t exactly stellar, aside from technical mastery.

  3. Nick says

    Some info:

    Kurt Kauper is a really good artist. Those claiming shoddy technique, based on seeing reproductions, ought to remain silent unless or until they see the actual paintings.

    I also like the fact that Kauper is heterosexual. (I know him.)

    Deb Kass, who is a lesbian, is an artist, not a curator.

  4. Steve says

    Got to agree with Gregg and Scott: you don’t need megapixels to tell bad portraiture and sloppy technique: although he might be heterosexual, his work reminds me of most ‘gay cinema': crappy work which the gay community laps up because it’s titillating rather than well done.

  5. james says

    bobby orr with a crewcut and a 60s Bruins sweater is way more sexy and titillating than some crappy paint-by-numbers piece. man, he was hot in the day. when i was a high school hockey player i’d see those old pictures and while i didn’t know i was gay then, something was happening…

  6. Gregg says

    Believe it or not, nowadays most of the paintings that people have viewed in their lifetimes, particularly of masterpieces, have been photographs of the works. Granted, it is not the best way to view a work of art. But a photograph does not transform a gorgeous piece of masterful work into a crappy looking and poorly composed drawing, as these look.

    As for me – degree, no. Schooling, yes. Experience viewing original works and photos of those same works, yes.

  7. Aunt Sharon says

    I stand with Gregg, Scott and company: it’s back to art school for Mr. Kauper! No amount of special pleading is going to make that left leg human.

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