News: Buenos Aires, Lance Bass, Salvador Dali, Pete Wentz, Brooklyn

road.jpg Tragic rape case in Dubai raises diplomatic tensions between the United Arab Emirates and France.

Axelroad.jpg Buenos Aires, Argentina gets five-star gay hotel: “The receptionists are slender young men in sleek suits, the brochure features chiselled male torsos, the rooms are soundproofed and stocked with condoms and every now and then Judy Garland croons in the bar: welcome to Latin America’s first luxury gay hotel…The £3.5m five-storey complex has been conceived and designed as an out and proud celebration of gay identity and sexuality, said Nacho Rodriguez, the general manager. ‘This hotel is not just gay-friendly. It is gay.'” Nacho Rodriguez has to be one of the best names ever. Website for the Axel Hotel is here.

road.jpg Lance Bass reveals he was once married to a woman: “People do stupid things in the heat of the moment. I’ve been in Vegas where I’ve gotten married for like five minutes, but no one talks about it though. In fact the only reason we did it is because we wanted to get free drinks all night… and we didn’t get one.”

Steinroad.jpg New York “Realtor to the Stars” found bludgeoned to death in her Fifth Avenue penthouse: “Linda Stein, 62, was found Tuesday night by her daughter, filmmaker Mandy Stein, lying in a pool of blood in the $2.5 million pad at 965 Fifth Ave. on the upper East Side. The city medical examiner ruled her death a homicide yesterday, determining the 5-foot-tall woman died from blunt-force trauma to the head and neck. ‘It doesn’t seem possible,’ said one of Stein’s neighbors, Seymour Holtzman, 72. ‘It’s probably the safest building I know. … It’s shocking.’ Stein helped her ex-husband, music mogul Seymour Stein, found Sire Records in the 1970s, a label that launched the careers of Madonna, Talking Heads and Depeche Mode.”

road.jpg Catholic school principal caught in drag, loitering in “high drug trafficking and prostitution area.”

road.jpg Gay bashing south of Manchester, England has police on alert: “A man is in hospital with extensive facial injuries after being attacked in Orford Park in what police believe may be a homophobic attack. The 39-year-old was walking through the park with a friend on Monday night when a man ‘violently attacked’ him, detectives said. He was punched to the ground and then repeatedly punched and kicked in the face and head while his attacker told him he was going to kill him. The attack only stopped when a resident alerted by the noise came out of his home. The victim is still in Warrington Hospital with serious facial injuries.”

Pattinsonroad.jpg Harry Potter actor Robert Pattinson to play Salvador Dali in new film that suggests Dali had a love affair with Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca: “Described by its producers as ‘racy’ and ‘sexy’, the film will show Dali and Lorca’s feelings deepen into a love affair which the sexually repressed artist tries and fails to consummate. As a substitute, Lorca sleeps with a female friend, with Dali present as a voyeur. The interpretation, by British screenwriter Philippa Goslett, is likely to cause controversy among biographers and historians. Although a physically intimate relationship between the men has long been rumoured, Dali told interviewers more than once that he rejected the homosexual Lorca’s attempts to seduce him.”

road.jpg Same-sex commitment ceremony announcement inspires hellstorm of hatred in Missouri town.

road.jpg Pete Wentz leap of faith presents podiatric problem.

road.jpg There’s Something About Miriam, the reality show about a 21-year-old transsexual model being wooed by six men who are unaware of her secret, begins airing on FOX Reality Channel tonight. Reality Blurred reports: “When the series first aired in the UK almost four years ago, Miriam said she was really looking for love. ‘I did it because I wanted to know if real love exists. Can a person fall in love? I was trying to be myself and if anyone had asked me about myself I would have told them,’ she said. As expected, the show was not well-received, and was criticized by many for its premise. The six men sued Sky One and the production company, a subsidiary of Big Brother producer Endemol, for what they said was public humiliation, settled for amounts that ‘various reports pegged at anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000 a man.'”

road.jpg What will Brooklyn, New York be like in the year 2012? Sir Ian McKellen gives a narrated tour. (more at Curbed)


  1. says

    I love that the opening ad for the Ian McKellan clip was “There’s strong, and then there’s Army strong.”

  2. crispy says

    Would somebody please tell Lance Bass that to get free drinks in Vegas all you have to do is play the nickel slots. I thought everyone knew that.

  3. says

    That gay bashing piece is disturbing…and so is the rape case in Dubai!! Ugh…And to think that these rapist could get away with their crime simply because they “topped” him. Of course the gay one is always the bottom! What a backward society!

  4. says

    Robert Pattinson is sex on a stick!

    Dali was a big queen and lying when he claimed notr to have done it with Lorca.
    Gala was a viscious fag-hag who had him completely in her thrall. Were it not for her and Franco, Dali would have been something other than the Roy Cohn of the avant-garde.

  5. Jordan says

    It’s not just Dubai that’s backwards. The entire Middle East is backwards when it comes to homophobia, and the men are SO two-faced when they condemn gays on one hand, yet continue to have sex with other men. What is with that? But they still consider themselves the big macho stud if they only do the penetrating, I guess. It will take another 5,000 years for those people to evolve to a progressive level.

    That was horrible about Linda Stein. She was a legend. I heard about her years ago, and although I never met or knew her, it sounded like she was a blast. I hope they catch who did it.

  6. Chris says

    What exactly did the Catholic high school principle do to warrant getting arrested?

    He was dressed up as a hooker, but that doesn’t mean he was hooking. Hookers do it for the money, to feed their habits. This dude had no need to be out there making money. He was doing it for the thrill – so maybe he was giving it away for free.

    Nothin’ illegal about that.

    “But he was in a high crime area dressed as a prostitute” – welcome to 1984 circa 2007, where thinking about something can be a crime.