NHL Toronto Maple Leaf Rookie Jiri Tlusty: “I am Not Gay”


Following the publication yesterday by a Canadian gossip site of photos of 19-year-old Toronto Maple Leaf rookie Jiri Tlusty tonguing another man along with a provocative suggestion that he was ready to come out of the closet, the Czech ice hockey player wrote into the site saying he thought the post was “funny” and he didn’t care.

Said Tlusty: “I am not gay or bi nothing.”

Tlusty says he was just having a bit of fun with a friend after his birthday and a night out on the town. Of course, that didn’t stop the site from pursuing their investigation a bit further (NSFW).

The whole incident should serve as some sort of guerilla tie-in with the upcoming movie Breakfast with Scot. After all, actor Tom Cavanagh had no qualms about kissing a man. Given that they allowed their logo to be used for the film, the Toronto Maple Leafs are, unofficially, the most gay-friendly team in professional hockey.

JIRI TLUSTY SPEAKS TO ITH… [is this happening?]
Welcome To The NHL, Kid [deadspin]


  1. Jorge says

    I disagree Little. I’m not saying he’s gay, he probably isn’t but the tongue thing isn’t something you see on straight guy Facebooks or Myspace pages often. Girls, on the other hand…

  2. says

    Straight men don’t have to say, “I’m not gay.” For example:

    Have you ever heard Clint Eastwood say, “I’m not gay”?
    Have you ever heard Bill Clinton say, “I’m not gay”?
    Have you ever heard Ray Romano say, “I’m not gay”?

    When a man is 100% straight like the above, they don’t have to say, “I’m not gay.”

  3. UAFA NOW says

    This new generation of gay friendly heterosexual male is our greatest ally. Why can’t the gay community be more hospitable instead of testing their heterness. Why can’t people accept their gay friendliness and leave it at that?

  4. jack says

    I’ve seen more comfortable male-male contact between straight guys in a mainstream bar than I have seen between gay guys in a gay bar. The straight guys will put their arms around each other, play with each other’s hair, hug each other etc etc. The gay guys all look like frozen dummies waiting for someone – anyone – to pick them up.

  5. Paul says

    How did they get photos from his camera phone? That seems like an extreme invasion of privacy. Especially since, as noted, his cock isn’t too pretty.

    I understand why some men shave their chests, but the younger generation’s interest in shaving their public hair as well (at least based on clips I’ve seen from the HIDEOUS Guys Gone Wild) baffles me. I think it’s creepy.

    Lots of 19 year old straight males get flirty when they’re drunk. Young people today are very gay friendly. I’ve no idea if he’s gay, but none of the pictures suggest it to me. And it’s not really my interest or business.

  6. anon (gmail.com) says

    Jack, you’re obviously going to the wrong bars. I agree that there are plenty of str8’s out there who don’t mind hugs and pats and things, so this could be a case of mistaken sexual identity. Mouth-to-mouth kissing, though, would be rare in the str8 world.

  7. Robert says

    Anon, that might not be so true if they were, say, on Ecstasy. I’ve kissed quite a few otherwise straight guys when on that. (This was many years ago.)

    Also, these pictures really aren’t showing any mouth to mouth kissing. And in any case, he’s European (Czech), where social kissing is far more common.

  8. Brandon says

    “This new generation of gay friendly heterosexual male is our greatest ally”.

    It seems that being gay friendly and what essentially appears to be mocking of gay people or gay relationships, are confused. Playing a little sexual ambiguity game for your own amusement does nothing to have gay people taken seriously – quite the opposite. The best thing straight people can do to be allies, is to get out of the way, imnsho.

  9. Giovanni says

    “Have you ever heard Clint Eastwood say, “I’m not gay”?
    Have you ever heard Bill Clinton say, “I’m not gay”?
    Have you ever heard Ray Romano say, “I’m not gay”?”

    No but then I’ve never heard anybody call them gay either least of all in the media so… Maybe I am alone here but it seems to me if you really are not gay it’s perfectly within your rights to speak up when others claim differently.

  10. Wayne says

    I applaud straight guys who don’t feel they have to placate people by not saying whether they’re straight or not. I hate those who try to be cutesy because they think the gay community will be offended. If you are straight, then why *shouldn’t* you say it. You can’t appease everybody.

  11. anon (gmail.com) says

    Do gay men start making out with women when they are on ecstasy or drunk? I’m too old for the rave scene to know. It’s very cute how they are sorta holding hands in the photo.

  12. Paul says

    Anon, the answer (at least for me) is Oh god yes. If I’m in the right mood, I will suck face with anyone attractive, male or female. I love kissing.

    Note that I always thought the rave scene was ridiculous, I’ve never slept with a woman, and am not bisexual. The women I’ve kissed have all known that. Though it hasn’t happened for a while, I would never mind kissing a beautiful woman. But it stops precisely there.

    It’s all about refining technique and just having fun.

    And Brandon, their tongues are not remotely touching.

  13. says

    Paul, for a very long time a lot of hockey players have shaved their pubic region. It’s not at all uncommon, or just in this current generation.

    And, for everyone who said there was, there’s nothing wrong with his penis. LOL.

  14. Edward says

    Oh god, gag me. That does not make him gay. I have plenty of straight friends that horse around this way, and their is not a gay bone in their body. People’s sexuality is their own business in the end, so enough said!

  15. Chev says

    Anyone who has been in organized sport knows of the sexual tension inevitably present when young men, full of hormones and pheromones play together, undress, shower, etc. They act butch to protect themselves, some go a little beyond in a “I dare you to do the same” mode. Putting your naked pic on the web for the universe to see? Why not while you’re young and gorgeous. At the university gym where I go, a lot of guys have shaved pubes in the shower, even the older ones.

    That kid seems so normal to me, gay or straight…

  16. glen says

    the guy is gay get over it if the world would just let them be themself this kind of crap would not go on the internet i say go live your life the way you want to you pay your own bills not us no one has a say injoy what you like kid go for it…

  17. Deb says

    Who cares if he’s gay or not! A person should not be judged! And what do we do because we see a picture of him kidding around with a friend….we judge him and automatically say he’s gay! Our society needs to wake up and grow up!

  18. Ray says

    I can just imagine the hell this kid caught by his friends and teammates…..I’m sure this group’s official stance on gays is one thing (politically correct) but privately I’m sure his buddies razzed him to no end.

    Many folks are figuring out that you can and should give lip service to many groups to keep the peace, but how they feel when the “cameras are off” is something altogether different.

    I personally don’t think he’s gay.

  19. DAN says

    Jesus, you people making an issue of this picture are clueless. Most of you are probably over 40, so you don’t understand youth humour these days. Go to any University party or pub and you’ll eventually see some drunken dudes dropping their pants, grab-assing, acting acting gay and so on. It’s all just jokes. I’ve seen friends hang their nuts out of their fly and carry on a casual conversation with another guy as if nothing was wrong. It’s hilarious! Yeah it’s pretty low-brow humour….it’s not as funny as say…a zany three’s company episode, but it’s what we laugh at today.

  20. Eric says

    the guy is not gay or anything man he said it himself it was just acting stupid after his birthday party having a bit of fun . its just a pic of him and his friend i mean im around his age and we joke around the same way and im no where near being gay

  21. Jay Wapoose says

    I am a Habs fan, this made me laugh soo hard, Toronto does make me laugh. But seriously is this a joke?? I hope so, because I dont think any Hockey players should be GAY!

  22. David says

    WHO CARES? As far as I know ones sexual orientation has nothing to do with how well you play hockey. If he is gay & some straight fan can’t handle it then you better grow up because the truth is someone you know is probably gay. And if he’s gay & so are you what does it matter to you? You’re never even going to meet him let alone have sex with him. And personally, I would rather see 2 guys be affectionate to each other then beat the shit out of each other. There is enough violence in the world. Just look at Iraq!!!

  23. Joshy says

    I agree with “Posted by: David | Nov 16, 2007 12:01:08 PM”

    For a 19 year old kid, that’s a pretty hefty, not even hard yet, cock. And it’s uncut too!
    I’d swing on it for a night, for sure!
    Those of you saying it’s small and ugly, well, you must not have seen very many cocks in your own sad little lives. I’d bet money that every one of ya who said negative crap about his cock would JUMP at the chance to swallow it to the hilt if he shook it in your cock starved, general queen direction.

    Pathetic little criticizing desparate housewives wannabe fag queens.

  24. nikko says

    Ok, how f*ing infantile and needy of you guys to constantly suspect others of whether their gay because of their horsing around/ having fun. Good grief, let all guys be themselves and explore their sexual/non sexual spectrum without it turning into a us against them or is he/isn’t he bandwagon. Pathetic. Get life retards.

  25. Mike says

    Keep in mind he is from Europe where men can have intimate//non-gay friendships with other men. It means nothing!! Manscaping is not just for gay men either…btw. The more and more straight men that have gay friends are learning that they might get more BJ’s from their girlfriends if they are not eating pubes for hours after the task!!

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