Noah’s Arc Star Darryl Stephens Comes Out Quietly


Honored as one of “The Serialists” in this year’s OUT 100, Noah’s Arc star Darryl Stephens is still apparently not talking about his sexuality, but as OUT reports, in this case actions speak louder than words:

“And, in a year of revolving closet doors for TV actors, we can also offer one long-anticipated quiet confirmation: Noah’s Arc star Darryl Stephens, who has declined to discuss his sexuality while playing a series of nuanced gay roles. He doesn’t exactly talk about it, but he proudly joins the other queer honorees in our pages.”

And he also gets gorgeous portrait treatment from photographer Francois Rousseau.


  1. soulbrotha says

    I don’t get it.

    “..Stephens, who has declined to discuss his sexuality while playing a series of nuanced gay roles. He doesn’t exactly talk about it, but he PROUDLY joins the other queer honorees in our pages”(emphasis mine).

    If he’s so proud about it, why doesn’t he just SAY it?

  2. Charles says

    “There is no straight man alive with skin that flawless.”

    It’s called good lighting, airbrushing, makeup, and PhotoShop.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    He’s not black, Patrick. He’s biracial–black and brown. There are some biracials who are part white and part pink. Then there are umpteenth-racials like Tiger Woods– he’s part black, part white, part yellow, part pink, part olive, part feline.

    Am I being bitchy today. Well, I’m not crazy about November…too many damn Scorpio folks showin’ off their smug asses.

  4. Zeke says

    PATRICK, your statement sums it up perfectly!

    I assumed he was out and proud when he was prominently on display at the LOGO presidential debate.

    As far as I can remember I’ve never heard of a straight person who doesn’t “talk about” his sexuality (either directly or indirectly). When someone says “I don’t discuss my sexuality or I don’t talk about my private life” it’s pretty clear what they are saying. It’s kind of the not-coming-out way of coming out.

    Regardless of his out status, I think Mr. Stephens is an absolutely beautiful man.

  5. says

    Forget about the flawless skin, the great airbrush techinque the photographer used and even forget about whether he’s part black, part brown or even part Martian.

    No straight boy has DSLs like that! (In case you didn’t know: DSL=Dick Sucking Lips)

  6. Gregg says

    So, Derrick, is Obama not black then?

    Aren’t we ALL actually multi-racial if you go back far enough in the gene pool?

    I never really enjoyed Stephens on Noah’s Arc, but then again the “acting” on that show was generally bad across the board. But I did enjoy him immensely in Another Gay Movie.

  7. G says

    He’s totally gay. I know his ex-boyrfriend I’ve seen them walking down the street holding hands here in Chicago before.

  8. anon ( says

    Revolving closet doors? 2007 has not been a banner year for coming out proudly. 2006 was much better–though some were kicked out first. Good for him–I guess?

  9. P.S. says

    he is out in west hollywood. I frequently see him out at the gay bars. i don’t get the sense he is living in the closet at all.

  10. Jordan says

    He is beautiful.

    Someone with lips as big as mine (and I’m a white boy). I’d certainly do him, and yeah, it’d be hot!

  11. Derrick from PHilly says

    Of course, Gregg, I knew you were biracial. That’s why you can get out on the floor and shake that thaing! Go on, man!

    Obama is a Jew, passing for Christian. The Coward.

  12. Leland Frances says

    “Darryl Stephens, who has declined to discuss his sexuality while playing a series of nuanced gay roles.” NUANCED?

    Jeez Louise! Will someone please buy the 12-yr.old typing [not writing] for “OUT” a dictionary? Stephens drowned his “Noah’s Arc” cast mates in tidal waves of ssssssss’s, twirled his wrists like windmills that PG&E would envy, and had more mince in his walk than a holiday pie!

    As for Stephen’s childish coyness [does he really expect to be cast as a Black Rambo soon?], shouldn’t OUT’s ennabling editors recall all their copies and retitle them the “OUT 99″?

  13. Brandon says

    I follow in saying that I took it for granted as well that he was already openly gay. It may not be PC to say, but he definitely “looks” gay to me. It’s not so much his lips for me, but those eyes. I agree with someone else – he’s cute, but not my type. He’s real fine from the nose down, but those eyes are too womanly for me….as well as some of the hairstyles.

  14. John says

    Uh, I’ve partied with this kid before in West Hollywood and there has never been any question which side his bread is buttered on, (to quote Olympia Dukakis). Guess it’s one of those out-in-real-life-just-not-out-professionally situations Hollywooders are so fond of…

  15. says


    I still can’t figure out if he’s out or not!

    This is the most unbelievably horrible doublespeak I have heard since Republicans and Catholic denied there are gay people.

  16. Thomas says

    I Simply LUST for this chocolate dude’s body. There’s so much about him that TURNS
    ME ON tho. Start with his CAPTIVATING EYES
    WASHBOARD ABS, then give him a GORGEOUS set
    of CLUB-LIKE BICEPS. Wouldn’t mind being in
    his tight grasp all evening long. Splash him with a little perfume, send him to my
    bedroom & I’ll see if I can somehow drug him
    into semi-consciousness. Add defenseless to
    that equation as well. The possibilities
    would be endless!