Revisiting the Fake FEMA California Wildfire Press Conference


The former director of public affairs at the agency, John “Pat” Philbin told CBS News regarding FEMA’s fake news conference that “[he was] not aware that [Vice Admiral Harvey Johnson] knew what was happening and all of sudden staff were asking questions.”

A photo (above) they published Friday, however, exposes the news conference in all its fraudulence:

“From left to right: Nathaniel Fogg, Counselor to the Director and Deputy Director; John “Pat” Philbin, former Director of External Affairs; Michael Widomski, Public Affairs Specialist; Eric Heighberger, Special Assistant, Office of the Administrator; Cindy Taylor (in tan suit), Communications Deputy Director; Dan Shulman (red tie), Director of Legislative Affairs; Debbie Wing (curly blond hair), Media Response Liaison; Aaron Walker (back to camera), National Spokesman.”

CBS reports: “Identified in the photo are staff members that Johnson works closely with on a daily basis…It was announced Thursday that an internal investigation had found that FEMA’s press secretary encouraged, and in some cases instructed, employees to pose as reporters and ask questions at the fake news conference.”

Philbin lost his post as the director of national intelligence over the incident.

Just Who Was At That Fake FEMA Briefing? [cbs]