1. Dan says

    So wait, are these Bjork songs actually in the ads, or has someone dubbed them over this footage for YouTube purposes? It’s hard for me to imagine that she’d sell her songs for underwear ads.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    The last time some of y’all called these boys stereotypical pretty gay guys. Shit, give me stereotypical prettiness any day–atleast to look at if not touch. I like rougher looking guys too, but who what pompous fool can’t appreciate physical beauty–which is what these young men have.

    And another thing, 5 out of the 6 of them seem to fill out the front of those jockey shorts pretty well. I aint going to point out the one who doesn’t–I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. It’s heart wrenching to see a pretty man cry.

  3. rascal says

    This is what happens when you have a location and a stylist but no concept.

    I can just hear the director: “Uh, yeah, just, sort of, walk around him, you know, sort of threatening. Yeah. Now walk around him again. Yeah. OK, just do that for a while. Yeah.”

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, DAVE, it all depends on what your fantasy is.

    County jails are horrible places. The inmates are no different than how they are on the outside: homophobic, violent, savage. They haven’t been away from females that long, so still claim to, “hate faggots.”

    The guys in state prisons used to be a little different. Many of them are aware and acknowledge their transition from heterosexuality to TEMPORARY homosexuality. And their choice of partner doesn’t always have to be “fem”.

    So, a state prison can be sexy–that is UNLESS privacy is a part of your prison fantasy–that you aint gonna’ get.

    And the guards are horrible–especially in rural prison settings where they’re all members of the Klan.

    But that was twenty-five years ago. Things have changed. I was as pretty as any of those boys in the Klein commercial. Men were different.

    DAVE, did y’all have airconditioning when you were in the Florida system?

  5. Miles says

    Mr. Towle, in order to balance out your perhaps inadvertent fetishization of imprisonment and rape, how about posting something serious once in a while about the very real and overlooked issue of prison rape and its acceptance in our society?

  6. peterparker says

    With all that twitching and jerking around they look like heroin addicts on a jail house detox.

    And did anyone notice the expression on the face of that dark haired guy who is third from the right. He seems vaguely amused, as if he’s thinking: “This is even more ludicrous than that video I made last year for where I was supposed to be a straight guy who was taking it up the ass for the first time in his life and it was all happening ON CAMERA!”

  7. rich says

    oh come on men, if pain and suffering weren’t both fun and sexy to watch, there would be no football, no soap operas and no war. stop trying to pretend that humans don’t get off on other humans in pain…esp if the humans in pain are HOT and striped to their underwear.

  8. Jordan says

    Their sneakers ruin it for me, that plus the fact that Unico or XXX or Papi undies are SO much hotter.

    That and the fact that I’ve been told by guys who’ve been there that I wouldn’t be a good candidate for prison, since pretty boys don’t fare too good when it comes to gang rapes, and speaking from experience, I know that even the willing can get raped sometimes, so I can imagine what would happen to someone like me in prison, so I’ll pass on that fantasy, thanks.

    And if all the mass violence / aids exposure / horrid food / gang rapes wouldn’t get me, the lack access to grooming products would certainly kill me.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Miles, Noah, Zeke: Of course, I respect what you’re saying about prison because y’all are RIGHT, but Andy didn’t mention rape. The ad doesn’t mention prison rape. And, fellas, not all same sex sex in prison is rape.

    Part of the perverse humor of the ad is these are the kind of “pretty boys” that you would hardly find in a prison. It happens every now and then, but rarely are they like the young men in the Klein ad.

    TAMPADAVE: Yesterday, I was feeling bitchy–you know, like the prison bitch you “read” me for being; but no, prison is not sexy.

    If you don’t enjoy being humiliated, degraded, threatened with physical violence by inmates and guards, causing your family pain thinking about your safety–then, no, prison is not the place for ya’.

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