Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie Talks (Fictional) Boyfriends



AfterElton’s Michael Jensen talks to Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie about where he’s gone with the “bitchy, gay assistant” character Marc he first read for when he auditioned for Ugly Betty. Recently, Marc got a love interest on the show who’s pretty much his polar opposite aside from the fact that their two jobs (Cliff’s a photographer) intersect in the fashion industry.

Says Urie: “Cliff is a very forgiving person and Marc is a very flaky guy. I think part of what intrigues Cliff about Marc is that he is such a shallow, self-centered person, but you see a glimmer of humanity and compassion when he meets Cliff. So I think that’s sort of the allure…they sort of look at each other like little projects. As you saw, Cliff is not the fashionable, sleek kind of a guy like Marc is, and Marc is not the sensitive, tender guy like Cliff is, so they sort of become each other’s pet projects a little bit.”

In tonight’s episode Cliff reportedly tries to kiss Marc but is rebuffed and offered the excuse: “You know the fashion world is very homophobic.”