Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie Talks (Fictional) Boyfriends



AfterElton’s Michael Jensen talks to Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie about where he’s gone with the “bitchy, gay assistant” character Marc he first read for when he auditioned for Ugly Betty. Recently, Marc got a love interest on the show who’s pretty much his polar opposite aside from the fact that their two jobs (Cliff’s a photographer) intersect in the fashion industry.

Says Urie: “Cliff is a very forgiving person and Marc is a very flaky guy. I think part of what intrigues Cliff about Marc is that he is such a shallow, self-centered person, but you see a glimmer of humanity and compassion when he meets Cliff. So I think that’s sort of the allure…they sort of look at each other like little projects. As you saw, Cliff is not the fashionable, sleek kind of a guy like Marc is, and Marc is not the sensitive, tender guy like Cliff is, so they sort of become each other’s pet projects a little bit.”

In tonight’s episode Cliff reportedly tries to kiss Marc but is rebuffed and offered the excuse: “You know the fashion world is very homophobic.”


  1. MT says

    I love Ugly Betty. I’m so glad they are humanizing Marc like this. Everyone at a glossy has that freaky exterior, but we’re nice people underneath it all (well, most of us anyway).

  2. Jordan says

    [Sigh] If only life was that simple as portrayed on tv. Sadly people are not always emotionally developed in real life and able to connect to others….even ones with awesome, glossy exteriors.

  3. Tear says

    From the whole interview, it seems like they might not be showing a kiss at all. That’s fucking retarded. They have one of the gayest shows ever and it’s too controversial for man on man kissing? Wtf?

  4. says

    I love Ugly Betty and Michael Urie’s character, but my one complaint is that the straights hop in and out of bed all the time while the gays never get any action. Here’s hoping Marc and Cliff get it on.

  5. says

    Yeah, I’m hooked too! I can’t wait to see “Marc” finally getting his groove on. It’s about time! I would have luuvved to see that “Tavarez” character back on the show though! But I guess the same excuse apply as the one about “America not being ready to see two men kissing”. But we’re getting there…

  6. says

    There’s TONS of men kissing on “Brothers and Sisters.” But “Ugly Betty” is an 8 PM “Family Hour” show. It’s amazing that they get away with what they do at that hour. I’ve met Urie twice and he’s a really smart guy — in a way most actors are not. He thinks like a writer — not somebody obsessed with his own little self and “But enough about me, let’s talk about ME!” as is all too common. The Marc/Cliff relationship is genuinely interesting and has tons of possibilities that I expect the “Ugly Betty” gang is going to explore to the full. One thing I know is going to happen — as Marc gets closer to Cliff he’s going to try and hide their relationship from Amanda — who will of course be furious once she finds out. She never got into that “sharing” thing as a child. If she ever WAS a child. She seems to have been 30 at birth.

  7. humanist says

    i know… there’s the rule about “if you don’t have anything nice to post…”

    i liked ugly betty last season. i thought it was smart, and quirky in a fun way. this season, i just think it’s frightfully cartoonishly dumb. it seems like it should be a kids’ show.

  8. Jordan says

    I love Ugly Betty, and think it usually brings some good points across.

    Unfortunately, it’s just that many problems people face in life are much deeper and can’t be fixed as simply as characters in tv shows seem to make it appear each week.

    If only life were as simple as tv.

  9. anon ( says

    There is not “tons” of male-on-male kissing on Brothers and Sisters. In fact, they’ve neutered Kevin for what looks like the entire season–maybe because the actor doesn’t like the fact his character is gay or something pleasant like that.

  10. nic says

    ugly betty is a fun show. it is very well cast. the “ugly” people are pretty, and the “superficial” people have some depth. good on salma hayek and the writers for trying to be real and subversive at the same time. the show is easily the gayest on tv now. i shake my weary head over the comments from nitpickers. pick your nits about something important.

  11. says

    Last nite’s episode was excellent, I thought. The one thing I didn’t get to see was Marc rejecting Cliff’s kiss. I probably missed it while fixing my self a sandwich. Marc and Amanda are my fave characters on the show. Props to Salma Hayek and her crew!

  12. scar2 says

    Anon, Kevin has not had much action on “B&S” because the actor playing his minister boyfriend got cast in the musical series “Viva Loughlin.” That’s why he was shipped off to do missionary work. Now that “Viva Loughlin” has been cancelled, expect him to come back soon.

    I also loved last nite’s episode of “Ugly Betty.” It’s the only show that makes laugh & cry. Cliff is adorable & I hope they bring him back.

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