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White Supremacist Charged with Gay Man's Murder in Oklahoma

Law enforcement officials in Oklahoma City charged Darrell Lynn Madden for the October murder of Steven Domer. The killing was apparently intended as an initiation into the United Aryan Brotherhood for Madden's friend Bradley Qualls, according to an affadavit filed in the case.

MaddenAccording to The Oklahoman, "Domer, 62, was last seen Oct. 26 at the car wash. His body was found a little more than a week later, dumped in a ravine in McClain County."

Madden has also been charged with the murder of Qualls, who died 10 days after Domer's disappearance. Qualls death was the result of a disagreement, according to police.

The AP reports: "Domer, who friends said was gay, was last seen Oct. 26 near a car wash, according to court papers. A witness said Domer had been talking to two men who matched the description of Madden and Qualls.
Domer's car was found the next day near Madden's home, according to an affidavit from Oklahoma City police Detective Kenneth Whitebird. Madden's roommate told police he heard Madden and another man describing an encounter with someone who 'wouldn't even fight back,' while a woman Madden had dated said she overheard him and Qualls talk about killing a man."

A doorman at Angles, located near the carwash where Domer disappeared told the Oklahoman, "This guy was motivated by hate — pure and simply. The fact is it's a hate crime, and it should be classified as a hate crime. It's just like if he was murdered for his race or his religion."

According to prosecutors, " Madden will not face a hate crime charge because sexual orientation is not covered under Oklahoma law."

We Don't Know Why They Killed Him [the oklahoman]
Washington man faces second murder charge in death of Edmond resident [ap via tulsaworld]

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  1. Well, 24PLAY, here we got what some believe is a hate crime, but the motivating factor may have been a barbaric initiation into a white supremacist group in a state that doesn't include Gay people in its hate crime legislation.

    What you think? Did he kill the old man because he was Gay? Would this be a hate crime in a more civilized state? Well, in a less backwards state?

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Nov 29, 2007 1:43:09 PM

  2. There is no proof from what we've been told that this is a hate crime. The victim who happened to be gay does not make it a hate crime in itself.

    There are instances when and if "hate" is established (for whatever reason it is based upon) can be or add to the motive of a crime resulting in a stiffer penalty.

    As far as this particular crime I have read nothing that says the initiation requirements included "kill a homosexual."

    Posted by: Lika Starr | Nov 29, 2007 2:46:39 PM

  3. I guess I'm ok with hate crimes legislation if it makes folks feel better. And, I understand why we've historically created these laws. But generally speaking, an assault is an assault. I don't care whether you intentionally attack someone because of their race, sexual orientation, or simply because you don't like them. The core issue is that an act of violence has been committed and that's really the point on which the legal system should be focused.

    Posted by: Brandon | Nov 29, 2007 3:21:04 PM

  4. So they said go out and kill anybody ?
    I would think if this is a rule to be a skinhead
    you would have to kill a non-white person ?
    But if that person was gay that would be Ok ?

    Posted by: Tyler | Nov 29, 2007 4:46:53 PM

  5. Me being shallow yet again...but WHAT is that ridiculous crap on his face?

    He looks like total scary, trailer-trash.

    HOW could anyone in their right mind do that to themselves? How totally lower-class. Not even white-trash, but crazy-trash.

    Posted by: Jordan | Nov 29, 2007 8:22:31 PM

  6. It's murder in the first, isn't it? And I believe Oklahoma has a death penalty....

    Posted by: Wheezy | Nov 29, 2007 9:00:12 PM

  7. Steve Domer was my best friend. He was a great guy and hated labels. He believed in being kind to people and always went out of his way to make someone smile. I still can't believe he's gone. I'm not sure how to feel about the situation. I can't believe Madden won't be charged with the hate crime because we live in the "bible belt". Just because he was last seen near a gay bar doesn't mean he deserved to be beaten, torchered, and murdered. I pray everyday that i might understand how human beings can hate the way they can. I miss you Steve, wherever you are. Love Tigger

    Posted by: Wyatt Morgan (Tigger) | Nov 30, 2007 12:50:22 AM

  8. Thanks for your message WYATT.
    Often when we discuss these kinds of tragedies we get so caught up in the issues (is, or is this not a hate crime) that we forget the victims are not just the deceased loved ones, but also those that are left to mourn.

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us, and reminding us what it feels like to loose someone you love in this manner.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Nov 30, 2007 10:11:23 AM

  9. I've never had a loved one this close to me die this way. Steve wasn't the kind of person to put himself in any danger. In fact he used to warn me about not being alone out at those bars. His death is all i can think about these days. It's creating problems for me at work and in my personal life and i keep waiting for it to get easier but it just hasn't. So many questions will never be answered. I'll never get to tell him the things i've been putting off for years. Anyway i needed to vent and figured this was as good as anything. Thanks for listening.


    Posted by: Wyatt Morgan | Dec 1, 2007 12:12:08 AM

  10. Move out of Oklahoma!!!!

    Posted by: jhuck | Dec 1, 2007 3:36:11 PM

  11. We may not have hate crime legislation in Oklahoma, but we do have the death penalty. I hope this monster is put to death over this. Fortunately, he did everyone a favor by murdering his accomplice. I worked with Steve years ago at United Design Corporation and thought he was an incredible man. I am sad that because of all of the craziness surrounding his death, I was not able to pay my last respects to him. I'm not sure if there was even a public funeral. RIP Steve. — Todd

    Posted by: Todd | Dec 3, 2007 11:09:19 AM

  12. I dont understand how this couldn't be a hate crime? If the guy being murdered was black I think black people would say it was a hate crime... Doesn't make sense to me...

    Posted by: ? | Dec 5, 2007 12:07:47 AM

  13. this was a horrible crime committed by a horrible person with no regard of human life. oklahoma is not a bad place it is actually a nice place with nice people. we all know that there are bad people everywhere. there is no one to blame but mr madden himself for taking someones friend and family away from them. when i heard about this on the news i was sickened and almost in tears to hear what this poor man went through. no one deserves that!!!! Mr. DOMER AND HIS FRIENDS DESERVE JUSTICE..

    Posted by: Tiff | Dec 5, 2007 12:29:21 AM

  14. No there were no services for Steve however the Church of the Open Arms did get together and have a service for everyone. Basically it was to make everyone aware of the hate crime. Harry Knox was there and held a press conference to make people aware of where the hate crime bill is and to show support. There was a candle light vigil in angle's parking lot the night of dec4th at 6 pm and the service was at 7. It was nice that the community did do something for him. A few of us were there mostly to find closure. We are thinking of doing a small memorial for anyone interested. Todd i saw your post. Charlotte also new him from United. Email me at, or go to my myspace at and i'll give you more info as i get it. Oh and the person that left the post above. A hate crime is any crime that targets people of a specific difference. Usually because of someones race, religion, or sexual orientation. I'm not sure what to believe about the people that killed him. First you hear hate crime, then you hear gang initiation. i even heard Madden is "bi" or formerly gay himself so it's hard to tell what really happend. I do know Madden usued to frequent the gay bars alot. We've seen him there. Hope everyone has a safe holiday. God Bless.

    Posted by: Wyatt Morgan | Dec 5, 2007 9:50:36 PM

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