Blake Lewis Not Ready to Lapdance for Chris Richardson


Said Blake Lewis of the above photo, which was the topic of much discussion earlier this year during the American Idol season: “That photo is hilarious. There are a lot of gay people that wish I’m gay, but they gonna keep dreaming for a long time. I’m very straight. Gender or sexual preference doesn’t mean anything to me. If you like my music then we’re going to have a good time together, I can talk your ear off about it or sing you a song.”

Arjan Writes interviewed Lewis for Bravo OutZone about his new album and how he took things carefully after Idol: “I never worried about anyone but myself. I thought I lost my artistic integrity just by being on a television show that I had never seen. But I didn’t want that to happen and I represented myself to the fullest, and the fans responded to that. I take myself seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously. I just have fun with what I’m doing.”


Lewis also comments on the cover art for Audio Day Dream: “It was inspired by this digital art piece that I found on the internet with two faces and it was very futuristic, very sort of Star Wars meets ’80s. I’m lost in music. I hope that’s what listeners will get it from this music, they can just turn it on and just press play.”

My take on Lewis’ new album here.

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