First Look: David Beckham for Emporio Armani Underwear


In November it was announced that David Beckham was to be the next model for Emporio Armani underwear. Here’s the first image from that campaign, and it’s quite a package.

The campaign was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Some of y’all don’t like him, but I do. He aint pretty like Marcus Patrick or Mario Lopez, but he’s a little rough and sexy. Hell, a little micegenation aint gonna’ kill you, unless the white trade is skin head..I didn’t think of that. Well, nevermind.

    And he must know that he has a big gay following. Why else would he pose like that? There’s something about him I like…no not just the front of the jockey shorts–he’s got “trade magnetism”. Maybe it’s just the lighting and photography. I like him.

  2. rudy says

    Looks like Becks decided it was going to be a two-sock night. Damn sensual, until he opens his mouth (to talk, anyway), but he’s wearing more padding than a $25.00 hustler.

  3. ggreen says

    The Beckhams hold the world’s records for male and female sphincter clenching. Don’t they both always look constipated? They employee a PR firm that gets images of them published daily in world media. They never really speak to the press because they are both dumber than boxes of rocks.
    That particular photo hides most of David’s hideous white trash tattoos while using digital enhancement to hide his multitude of physical flaws. Seeing him in person is usually a big let down he dresses like a suburban teenager and stands just a hair over 5 feet tall. (We represent the lollipop guild?)

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Sour grapes! Sour grapes! Again, JORDAN and I are the only quee…gay guys who can appreciate a REAL man. Gay men are simply envious of the beastial sexual attraction of rough trade.

    Y’all are exaggerating about the “sissy” voice, aren’t you? Well, he doesn’t have to open his mouth. I will. A little tacky, hunh?

    “$25.00″, Rudy? Well, as long as they’re clean (not too funky) with most of their teeth–that’s a bargain. But no crack or crystal meth, I mean it.

  5. the queen says

    ooooooo babeeee, now THAT i like. have to admit he never did much for me, but i’m slapping this pix on a red 7-day candle for one hell of a love spell, come to me babee, come to meeeeee, god i’d love to bury myself between those powerful thighs and rub my face on that bulging crotch redolent with animal musk… oh god, oh god…oh god…

  6. Matt says

    Beckham and his sour looking wife are so overexposed and tiresome that no amount of skin and “sexy” poses are going to get me interested in them. They are total publicity whores and bores to boot.

  7. Seattle says

    Breathtakingly gorgeous. Who cares if he’s dumb? I’m never going to get a chance to talk with him, but there will be plenty of opportunities to look. And sigh.

  8. A says

    I think Becks is handsome as an athlete. That being said, they should have portrayed him in that light, not as a model (which he is not, despite what his press would have you believe). This picture is so airbrushed, and his crotch is so stuffed it’s ridiculous!

    Armani, take your cues from Dolce & Gabbana – if you’re going to use sports figures in your ads, make them look like athletes!

  9. Teddy says


    His tattoos are the only thing interesting about him. Y’all are sounding like a bunch of bitter old queens. Who either resent the obvious photoshopping as it makes you feel bad about your own physical state OR are pissed off that you couldnt even land that “fugly moron.”

  10. ggreen says

    Teddy, The Beckham’s PR machine has sold you his “message” and as with all PR the “message” is the thing not the truth. The “message” repeated often enough becomes the truth in some simple minds. Since your can read peoples mind (and determine the “real” meaning of their posts) where is Jimmy Hoffa?

  11. Jordan says

    Keep posting, you negative bitches….just sounds like some jealous haters to me.

    Becks is hot, no matter what you say. Granted, his tats are somewhat tacky and rather trashy, but that makes him even hotter. He is pretty and superficial and commercial…all things I love! Yes he might be stupid, but so what? He’s pretty and rich and that’s all that matters honey.
    I doubt that he’ll need a Ph.D. to survive.

    Life is so much better when you don’t look past the surface of things, and don’t try to diss everything that doesn’t involve ‘politics’ or the ‘environment’ or other heavy topics.

    Leave Becks Alone!

  12. Leland Frances says

    And I thought Reichenelly had the market cornered on fake baskets.

    Well, the good news is that most of us on the west coast don’t need to worry about getting socks for Xmas now. Between the two of them they must have bought out every story from Cabo to Vancouver.

  13. naturegoulet says

    Can anyone say airbrush?

    We thought it was reserved for only woman, but now this? Suddenly Mr. Beckham has a gigantic package and the most chiseled abs I have ever seen. I’m with PROTOGENES. I’ve seen better.

  14. BUTCHer says

    To all the bitter queens who talk about how feminine he sounds- If his voice is too feminine for you I can’t figure out how you function in gay culture–beckham sounds more manly than over half of the gay men I know. jealousy never ceases to find absurd ways to express itself

  15. tony says

    I like this guy’s SPUNK!..and he’s pleasant to MY eyeballz….he is overexposed thou and that is a perfect pear in that crotch…would have been much more sexier with the head of his dick showing through the underwear

  16. Luis says

    What a bunch of sour losers. Do you all wear specs? If you watch that photo carefully you can see the tattoos on his right arm. The rest of his tattoos are on his back and his forearms, that’s why you can’t see him. I’m not english, I have no fling for Beckam and his silly wife, but don’t you queens sound so butch today. As someone wrote earlier on, lots of gays sound girlier than him. For a moment I thought I was on an american blog, ’cause, yeah man, americans sound so manly when they open their gobs.

  17. says

    David Beckham is fit fit fit! End of!

    Look at that picture, yes airbrushing may have been used, but a good base model is always need! And I’d like to get my hands on his base model!

    Beckhamania can be over-whelming at the best of times, but with photos like this we can always forgive them for trying too hard! As hard as they try they never seem to do our heads in. I’d forgive them both for anything!

    Yes he has a girly voice, but all you’ve got to do is look…not listen! And if he does open his mouth then just put something in it…I’ll leave that up to you, but I was think a sock perhaps? Maybe the one in his pants?

    Hannah Bloor,
    Fashion & Style Editor for The Sambo Blog

  18. says

    I am not bitter, I would do him in a nano second. I am just saying he’s not hung, like the photo suggests.
    If he actually had that much of a bulge it wouold show during his games when his shorts are stretched tight across his front, (usually being pulled by another soccer player) and even with compression shorts you would show something.

  19. BITTER says

    He’s extremely average. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but hey…..I can think of 100 men who are hotter, Chris Meloni, Gary Dourdan, Tyson Beckford, Ben Cohen (UK footballer)….the list is endless.

  20. GayMormon says


    I’m positive it was a horrific oversight on LDS, Inc.’s part to be associated with, considering their current fight against marriage equality in California.

    Believe me, they’re no closer to embracing us queer Mormons than they ever were.


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