Peter LaBarbera and Folsom Street Fair on Hannity & Colmes

On Tuesday, I posted the letter from Peter LaBarbera, the President of the right-wing religious group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, to Nancy Pelosi demanding she respond to the sexual fetish shenanigans going on at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Here it is, to refresh your memory.

Yesterday, LaBarbera held a screening of the footage he had collected at the National Press Club, and also took his crusade to Hannity & Colmes to show some of it off again (does anyone doubt he watches the tape over and over in his hotel room?).

A few responses to the LaBarbera appearance from around the web. One from conservative blogger Joe Murray who comments on LaBarbera giving Arnold Schwarzenegger a free pass, and another from transsexual blogger Happy Cat at Pam’s House Blend who extends an invitation to LaBarbera for a meeting.

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