Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


World AIDS Day: Keep the Promise

road.jpg Officials note disturbing increase in HIV infections among men having sex with men.
road.jpg Out with the bad: Australian voters elect Kevin Rudd new Prime Minister.
road.jpg Mississippi Senator Trent Lott to resign; rent boy involved? Flynt simmering…; Emails.
road.jpg Boy George ordered to stand trial over bondage kidnap charges.
road.jpg Boxer Floyd Mayweather to UK rival Ricky Hatton: I’d make you my prison bitch.
road.jpg THE TUBE: Karl Rove, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dems, Giuliani Files, Quidditch, Dolly Parton.
road.jpg Halo 3 Homophobia: Gay man reveals results of “coming out” to peers in game.
road.jpg They meet again: Al Gore faces George W. Bush for first time since stolen election.
road.jpg Georgia man first openly gay Republican elected in deep South.
road.jpg Kevin Federline on Details: “Power and influence” label mystifying.
road.jpg Tom Ford to direct film adaptation of classic Christopher Isherwood novel?
road.jpg MUSIC: The Killers, Robbie Williams, Quiet Riot, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis.
road.jpg Larry Craig action figure: I am not gay, I have never been gay.
road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal to play Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath.
road.jpg Tennis’ #8 player Frenchman Richard Gasquet: Still not gay.
road.jpg Condoleezza Rice: Exercising foreign policy at the gym.
road.jpg Harry Potter, Superman, Darth Vader do drag for Manila gay bar.
road.jpg Gay couple forced to flee Canadian town over homophobic harassment.
road.jpg Retired General Keith Kerr rocks YouTube debate with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell question.
road.jpg The show goes on: Stagehands strike ends on Broadway.
road.jpg ON THE STAGE: The music of William Finn and last days of the Spelling Bee.
road.jpg Morrissey in controversy over race remarks; sues music magazine.
road.jpg Hideous anti-gay marriage attack launched in New Jersey.
road.jpg Art exhibit featuring nude NHL legend Bobby Orr raising eyebrows.
road.jpg The latest form of “ex-gay” therapy: naked men beating cooked chickens with hammers.
road.jpg Initiation: White supremacist charged with gay man’s murder in Oklahoma.
road.jpg Project Runway: Jack Mackenroth makes it work with outfit for Tiki Barber.
road.jpg Pat Robertson: God is using Interstate-35 to rid America of gay sin.
road.jpg 12,000 flags wave on Mall in Washington DC to mark 14th anniversary of gay ban.
road.jpg “Rogues Gallery” of Bush administration mugshots go on display in New York.
road.jpg PLUS: Daniel Craig, Prison bitches, Zachary Quinto, Jake Shears, ISS, Ewan McGregor.

Posted December 1, 2007 at 3:49pm ETC by Andy Towle
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