1. JR says

    Do you think he knows how completely twink gay he looks? I mean maybe he’s trying to play to that but YIKES! To each his own but as an actor it seems kind of limiting. Good thing for him there’s always Sean Cody.

  2. Jordan says

    I can totally relate to this show, since it’s basically ‘Mean Girls’ gone prep, and since I’m a gay gossip guy, I think it’s friggin’ awesome.

    And who doesn’t have totally embarrassing photos in their closet (or on the internet)? I’ve got shots taken of me passed out with people doing stuff to me…try xplaining that to your shrink.

  3. Jay says

    He’s gotta stop blonding his hair. It doesn’t go with the rest of him at all. He’s a fine, fine, one superfine boy, when he gets naked with…whatever her name is on GG.

    He’s so much better looking than Sac Efron, these pictures are a joke.

  4. Carla Thomas says

    initially i went to see ‘The Covenant’to gawk over Steven Strait “Caleb” but when i saw Chace Crawford “Tyler” i thought he was the most beautiful man i’d ever seen, i mean those eyes just sucks you in, carrie Underwood is one lucky girl, i mean my boyfriend is a total hottie, but Chace is so fine i can’t even find the words i’m just totally obsessed.

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