Brutal Anti-Gay Attack in Sydney Ignored by Police

Law enforcement authorities in Sydney, Australia have been accused of negligence after reportedly refusing to investigate a brutal gay bashing which left Craig Gee with a broken leg and a partially shattered skull. Additionally, Gee’s mobile phone was stolen during the attack and friends and family have been receiving disgusting abusive threats and taunts from those who attacked him.

CraiggeePolice told the victim they’ve “already spent too much time on this” and initially refused to review closed-circuit TV tapes shot around the time of the incident. The tapes, which were later reviewed, did show the attacker but he has not been able to be identified.

“Part of Craig Gee’s skull was reduced to powder and his leg broken during the late-night attack last month, which his boyfriend Shane Brennen initially thought had killed him. Despite repeated attempts, NSW Police have not responded to SSO’s requests for an interview about the case. Gee and Brennan had been holding hands on Crown St at 1.30am when Brennen said they were attacked by two men who yelled, ‘Give us your money you fucking faggot.’ Gee, who has undergone facial reconstruction surgery, cannot remember the attack. Brennen remembers it clearly, but said the responding officer rebuffed his attempts to give a statement. ‘He told us they get 15-20 cases of this a night and don’t usually get a result. ‘We don’t have the resources’,’ Brennen said. The couple claim they were repeatedly turned away from Surry Hills police station because the reporting officer was not available. Their trauma was exacerbated when Gee’s mother received a call from his stolen mobile four days after the attack saying, ‘We killed your faggot son.’ The couple’s friends and colleagues also received homophobic calls and text messages threatening rape and violence.”

‘SORRY, WE CAN’T HELP YOU’ [sydney star observer]


  1. Michael W. says

    And yet, if Gee were to have retaliated against these scumbags and hurt them, he would no doubt have gone directly to jail. The Sydney police sound either fucking bigoted or fucking lazy or fucking both. It’s nice to know that it’s not just the U.S. that’s so fucked up.

    By the way, I thought cell phones were traceable these days–oh wait, the fat cops would have to get off their ample asses to do some actual work. My mistake.

  2. Mike says

    Curiously I was just a few minutes ago refiling the police reports from my own bashing by 4 men in Sydney in 1990. While my injuries were less extreme than Gee’s, I did spend a year visiting dental specialists _every_ week. Although the crime was reported through the 000 emergency service, the police refused assistance to go through those phone logs, and I was also turned away from several police stations when attempting to obtain written police reports that could be submitted for the Victim Compensation Tribunal.

    When a police inspector turned up months later to investigate all of this it was simply to protect the “promising career” of the young officer who had failed to submit a crime-scene report, NOT to address the issues of a citizen of violent crime.

  3. AJ in the 310 says

    “15-20 cases of this a night” the officer said…….Sounds to me like Sydney is not as safe as they would like us potential tourist/travelers to believe. Perhaps a boycott by potential tourists and notices of such boycott to the local tourist bureau/visitor center would make them rethink their position on investigation and selective enforcement in problem areas. How much did the average gay tourist spend last year again???????

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