Flashback: Huckabee Congratulates Canadians on Their Igloo

Openly gay Canadian Broadcasting personality Rick Mercer made a trip to Arkansas back in 2001 to interview Arkansans in a segment called “Talking to Americans” and finished off by talking to the state’s then governor Mike Huckabee.

I last featured Mercer on the blog in November 2006, in a segment with diver Alexandre Despatie.

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  1. justincredible says

    Mercer actually was said to have felt bad about that interview (or as bad as he could feel) because Huckabee was so likable and accommodating. I wonder if he’d be so nice to Mercer’s husband.

    God I love interviews like this! Jaywalking might be one of the few things I like about Leno’s comedy… Huckabee aside, it is funny how smart people can look so stupid in front of a camera.

  2. KevinVT says

    “Openly gay” is rather generous. Mercer reluctantly and quietly acknowledges that he’s gay only if pressed. As Richard Burnett wrote in 2005, “I asked him if his (gay) sexuality and personal life help shape and define his work. But a pissed-off Mercer, the man famous for skewering Canadian politicians for being evasive, disingenuous or just plain stupid, lost it and snapped, “I don’t talk about how I vote, about my family or my personal life. As part of my job I stand up but I am always leery of saying, ‘This is my position. I’m not a politician.’””

    Mercer still has problems with being gay and thinks it will interfere with audiences finding him funny (huh?). That said, I remember loving this series of interviews, where he asked various clueless folks in the US various leading questions about Canada.

  3. says

    Rick Mercer rules all, and is Canada’s Jon Stewart.

    Regarding KevinVT’s comments, I’m not sure if that’s 100% true…

    Rick will sidestep questions about his personal politics, but I think that’s because it’s pretty obvious what Rick’s political views are.

    As for his the openly gay “generousity,” I don’t see how a “reluctant” homosexual would go on Queer Radio and talk about politics and sex. Rick did an live on-air interview with Shaun Proulx at ProudFM.

  4. says

    He is a Canadian star, and we aren’t as obsessed with Canadian stars home lives as the Americans are. Frankly, who he has sex with has very little to do with the topic at hand, so we aren’t as interested.

  5. Viagara says

    Al ozarka what a dumb comment. Get a fresh perspective man. Life’s too short to be so hateful. It is comedy. Leno and Letterman do this stuff all the time.
    Why do so many have a blind spot to good satire?

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