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Hillary Clinton, John McCain Take New Hampshire Primary


Senator Hillary Clinton defied media predictions to win the New Hampshire Democratic primary ensuring a lengthier battle for the Democratic nomination, which will ultimately benefit the voters. John McCain trounced his competitors in a resounding win over Mitt Romney on the Republican side.

MccainThe NY Times reports: "The success of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain followed their third- and fourth-place finishes in the Iowa caucuses last week. Mrs. Clinton’s victory came after her advisers had lowered expectations with talk of missteps in strategy and concern about Mr. Obama’s momentum after his first-place finish in Iowa. Her team is now planning to add advisers and undertake a huge fund-raising drive to prepare for a tough and expensive fight with Mr. Obama in the Democratic nominating contests over the next four weeks. Mr. McCain had pursued a meticulous and dogged turnaround effort: his second bid for the White House was in tatters last summer because of weak fund-raising and a blurred political message, leading him to fire senior advisers and refocus his energy on New Hampshire."

Clinton and Obama's speeches:

Hillary Clinton: "I come tonight with a very, very full heart. And I want especially to thank New Hampshire. Over the last week I listened to you, and in the process, I found my own voice."

Barack Obama: "I am still fired up and ready to go."

Here's John Edwards' speech. Looks like Edwards got the Desperate Housewives vote:

The Democratic leaders Clinton and Obama left the state even on NH delegates, however. Via the AP: "Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama each won nine delegates in New Hampshire's Democratic primary, followed by former Sen. John Edwards with 4 delegates, an AP analysis of primary results shows. All 22 of New Hampshire's delegates to the national convention this summer have been allocated. Clinton and Obama won the same number of delegates, even though Clinton edged Obama in votes, because New Hampshire awards delegates proportionally, and the vote was relatively close. In the overall race for the nomination, Clinton leads with 187 delegates, including separately chosen party and elected officials known as superdelegates. She is followed by Obama with 89 delegates and Edwards with 50." More on the delegate breakdown, including Republican numbers, here...

Here are excerpts from McCain's speech and MSNBC's analysis. MSNBC ripped McCain speech..."If this is your introduction to America in 2008, do not have your head down looking into a speech...(cackling) It looked like every advisor that he'd ever had had given him one paragraph, one sentence and he read them all...that he dropped them on the way to the podium and resorted them and read them in order..."

TPM: Making Sense of It..."What's exciting about this, just speaking for myself, is that we're now on to a solid month of campaigning before the big cluster of contests on February 5th. Both candidates have had a riveting win. We've got a real battle on our hands. And I do not think that any of Clinton's critics can say that she won this one by overpowering Obama with money or mobilizing a dominating political machine or by expectations of inevitability and certainly not with the help of a friendly press. However you slice it this was a real victory under pressure. And if she's the nominee she'll be a much better one for it."

Media blew it: "This should be seen as downright liberating to the 48 states which have not voted yet. Because it means that everyone who hasn't yet voted should now rightfully conclude: "Those guys don't know what they're talking about. I'm voting for who I really want to win. Who knows, maybe they will!" To paraphrase (no relation to Hillary, of course) the immortal words of George Clinton: Free your mind, and your vote will follow."

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  1. Hillary has the goods. people in america do have sense. i'm so sick of pundits.

    Posted by: nic | Jan 9, 2008 8:39:42 AM

  2. And, she still thinks she will be elected, wow, can't wait to see the tears flow on election day when she finds out that she has been trounced. This is one election I'll sit out, since if she is the canidate, no way will it be a vote worth casting, since she is just who the GOP wants as they can tear her to shreds, even though she isn't too much different than they are on anything.

    Posted by: Sebastian | Jan 9, 2008 9:33:14 AM

  3. For a couple days, I was actually smiling, foolishly thinking that this country would be spared a Hillary Clinton, back to reality. I'll be voting third-party.

    Posted by: Another Matt | Jan 9, 2008 9:54:06 AM

  4. Sebastian,

    I know how you feel. I felt that way when I realized what were the three choices in the Democratic field--three pipe dreams for idealistic (and maybe naive) Democrats. But look-a-hea', Sebastian, when you start hearing the right-wing crap coming out of McCain's mouth in the fall (to bring his party together) that will help you vote for either Hillary or Barack--even if you have to hold your nose to do so. Believe me, I've been through this before.

    Why am I so certain the Republicans will stick with McCain. Well, even with on-coming senility, he's the closest thing to sanity they have --plus he's the strongest against Hillary or Barack.

    Funny thing (and ironic): Biden, Todd, Kerry, Gore would have been unbeatable this year against the Republicans; but my fellow Democrats got all gooey & idealistic and forgot all about American racism and sexism. Silly idealists, don't they know a little cynicism is essential when a presidential election year comes along--there aint gonna' be no more FDRs.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jan 9, 2008 10:02:47 AM

  5. I couldn't concentrate on what Edwards was saying with the Desperate Housewives guy looking Very Serious over his shoulder.
    It was sort of homoerotic, lol..

    I actually didn't recognize him, but I knew he was an actor because he knew EXACTly where to stand to hog some camera!

    Posted by: Arundel | Jan 9, 2008 10:14:43 AM

  6. McCain thinks we'll be in Iraq for 100 years. And you don't think Hillary can beat that?

    The fact of the matter is that the person Republicans will most likely chew up in the general election would be Barack Obama. What can they possibly say about Hillary that has not already been said?

    Hopefully now, Obama will actually start talking about how he is going to change things, and not just that he is for "change." It is not acceptable that I cannot listen to him speak and tell you what his positions are...even after the debate on Saturday. And no...the fact that they are on his website is not good enough.

    Posted by: Nick | Jan 9, 2008 10:44:27 AM

  7. Okay, guys. Stay home, vote for a third party -- and help elect a right-wing Christian conservative. Sounds like a plan!

    Posted by: Westerly | Jan 9, 2008 11:27:39 AM

  8. Nick, do, you really think that Hill has a chance of winning one state in the South? Which is needed to win? Fake News has been going after her for a years, and, will only turn up the heat, with lies that a public that is as easily duped as this one will go for, and, all she will do is weep, and, turn off more people IMO.

    Obama? He has even less of a chance than she does in the real world of winning, so, President Huckabee will continue the run of Southerners running that sideshow in DC. All I have to say is anyone but, Rudy or Mitt the twit.

    Posted by: Oliver | Jan 9, 2008 11:29:24 AM

  9. I agree with all here who are saying that neither Hillary nor Obama can win.

    Posted by: gay as life | Jan 9, 2008 12:01:42 PM

  10. Jesus, I am embarrassed by some of you. Thye've been saying Hillary can't win for years and she still wins. Obama isn't electable, yet he wins elections.

    But the worst are you out & out whiners who won't vote for the Democratic winner because your candidate didn't win. Fuck y'all. Stay hope and vote your precious conscience. Just remember there's a body count attached to it.

    Or you can stop whining, grow the fuck up and defeat the Republicans in November.

    Posted by: Marco | Jan 9, 2008 12:47:51 PM

  11. It's Hill all the way. She overcomes always. She's smart, passionate and tough. Can't wait for the Clintons to be back in the white house.

    Posted by: Davey | Jan 9, 2008 1:46:18 PM

  12. Sorry to burst your Cynical Bitch balloon, Arundel, but James Denton has been hard core campaigning—not just posing for pictures—for Edwards for months now, even going door-to-door in the snow of New Hampshire. And he's amazingly articulate for an actor, as evidenced by the video clips below from Monday. And I was stunned to learn for the first time that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are supporting Edwards, too, when I thought they would have gone for the Great On Points But No Chance of Winning Kucinich.

    Posted by: Mike Delfino's Mom | Jan 9, 2008 2:47:53 PM

  13. Marco, I couldn't agree more. Once again the media are failing to point out that two-thirds of votes cast in Iowa went to Democrats, and Huckabee won with just 11% of the votes cast. Similarly, in NH Hillary got 25,000 more votes than McCain, and Obama got almost 30,000 more than Romney. What does that tell you? Either Democrats and independents are voting in huge numbers, Republicans are staying home, or both.

    Democrats have lost plenty of elections, but there is no way we won't have a Democrat as president-elect this time next year. And you damn well better vote for whoever that person ends up being.

    Posted by: Paul | Jan 9, 2008 3:06:01 PM

  14. yes, by all means, sit out the general election. nevermind that if a repug wins he will continue to stack the courts with right-wing judges who will further erode civil rights and never advance gay rights.

    wake up idiots!

    in the mean-time, i'm waiting for a sheepish JIMMYBOYO to comment. he previously was giddily and breathlessly predicting the demise of hillary.

    Posted by: nic | Jan 9, 2008 3:37:36 PM

  15. I was not a fan of Hillary until I started really researching her record and watching these debates. What really impressed me most...She was at the gay pride parade and shoke my hand. That may not seem like anything important, but it is. I didn't see John Edwards or Barrack Obama there; because they weren't there.
    By needing the majority to vote for her in most states for her to win a general election, she put herself in a position of anialating all those southern state and mid-western people in small towns who don't care for us gays, but are still democrats. She showed up anyway, and spoke to the media and stood up with and for our community.
    I would recommend to all the Hillary haters to ask yourselves why is it that you hate her so much.
    When I have asked different people this question, the answer seems to be that they have adopted everything that the Republicans have made her out to be as fact.
    Make up your own mind people, and for God's sake, think about the future and the parameters of what that means if you don't vote.

    Posted by: daniel | Jan 9, 2008 5:58:41 PM

  16. To be honest I see now some truths.

    1. Main stream America is not ready for a Black president.

    2. Not sure if America is ready for a Woman president but America can imagine a female president than a Black president.

    Posted by: DB | Jan 9, 2008 6:30:08 PM

  17. I have been telling people for weeks, those who say they would vote for a black person in polls do otherwise in the voting booth. We live in a very racist country, no matter how you paint it, it's still black and white. Not to mention homophobic and sexist to boot.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Jan 9, 2008 7:04:44 PM

  18. Where is Jimmyboyo to spew his illiterate anti-Hillary garbage today?

    Posted by: jmg | Jan 9, 2008 7:05:50 PM

  19. Having voted for losing Democrats too many times in the past, I would never predict an easy ride for whoever the Dem nominee ends up being, but, really, the Republican 08 field is truly weak, each candidate having at least as much negative baggage (or other unredeemable qualities) as HC or BO. If every sane citizen in America gets out and votes come election day, we could definitely elect either a woman or a black man, both smart and worthy candidates. If we sit on our asses, or waste our votes on a 3rd party candidate, we get what we deserve.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jan 9, 2008 7:49:17 PM

  20. WAKE UP!!!

    the supreme court is leaning toward the right and all the liberal justices are old and might die any second now, we can't afford to have another right wing nut job appoint conservative judges.

    THESE PEOPLE SERVE FOR LIFE. their ruling on issues can effect the next few decades!

    *** no matter who wins the nomination, get off your lazy ass and just vote democrat!!! ***

    Posted by: G.C | Jan 10, 2008 12:13:44 AM

  21. No Hilary Clinton. She is to corrupt an individual to be president. She cannot buy her way into the White House. At least I hope that much. Barack Obama all the way!

    Posted by: Drew | Jan 13, 2008 1:05:48 AM

  22. DREW,



    Posted by: nic | Jan 13, 2008 7:33:24 AM

  23. Wait, let me get a violen before you continue whining!

    How is she corrupt? How about the fact she actually didn't get voted into her senate seat? She paid people off.

    If she gets into office the only thing that's guaranteed is lofty, and comfy positions for friends and family in the government.

    Unfortunately, it will be a cold day in hell before HC becomes. I've seen how sexist America is. If Democrats choose Hilary, they are effectively HANDING the win to the Republican party. On election day, if she is the Democratic nominee she'll be crying real tears, instead of the sad crocodile ones I saw the other day.

    You put up or shut up btw. I'm allowed to have an opinion.

    Posted by: Drew | Jan 13, 2008 8:25:24 PM

  24. The supporters of Clinton, Obama and Edwards who ridicule one another’s candidates all have one thing in common – they’re right. What’s bizarre is that they see fit to deny the similarities of these Democrat (sic) union busting, gay bashing chickenhawk warhawks and their cousins in the Republican Party.

    As queer provocateur, essayist and novelist Gore Vidal says "there is only one party in the United States, the Property Party...and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. Republicans are a bit stupider, more rigid, more doctrinaire in their laissez-faire capitalism than the Democrats, who are cuter, prettier, a bit more corrupt — until recently... and more willing than the Republicans to make small adjustments when the poor, the black, the anti-imperialists get out of hand. But, essentially, there is no difference between the two parties."

    Posted by: Bill Perdue, RainbowRED | Jan 13, 2008 9:45:15 PM

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