Homophobic Former Houston Mayor Louie Welch is Dead

Former Houston Mayor Louie Welch, whose political career was brought to an end by a homophobic comment heard over a television microphone, has died of lung cancer.

WelchThe Houston Chronicle reports:

“After unsuccessful mayoral bids in 1952 and 1954, Welch was elected mayor for the first time in 1963. Welch was mayor in 1967 when two days of battles erupted between police and students at predominantly black Texas Southern University. A police officer was killed, and about 500 Texas Southern students were arrested. The events created a rift between the administration and many of the city’s blacks. Years later, Welch acknowledged that accusations of racism still bothered him. ‘It hurt,’ Welch said. ‘It still hurts to be accused of racism. It’s just a bum rap.’ In 1973, he did not run for re-election, joining what was then the Houston Chamber of Commerce. But he came back in 1985 in an attempt to take the mayor’s job from Kathy Whitmire. He lost the race after saying on an open television microphone that one way to stop the spread of AIDS was to ‘shoot the queers.’ He made the remark without realizing the microphone was on. Some gays responded with T-shirts that sported the slogan: ‘Don’t shoot, Louie!’ After losing to Whitmire, Welch said he had lost ‘the instinct to fight in the rough and tumble that campaigns have become.'”

Welch was 89.


  1. Craig says

    The world is rid of yet another hate filled homophobic biggot. Let’s hope his heart is free of such vulgarity in the next lifetime.

  2. Bojo says

    I hope someone is going to the viewing to stick a wooden stake through his hart to make sure he’s dead and stays dead.

  3. Bojo says

    I hope someone is going to the viewing to stick a wooden stake through his hart to make sure he’s dead and stays dead.

  4. peterparker says


    I’m actually surprised on a fairly regular basis at how open-minded and accepting many senior citizens really are. Louie Welch, apparently, was not one of them. He lived about 88 years and 11 months too long. Good fucking riddance, asshat!

  5. Mark says

    Well – where the hell is the WBC? …and big mouth Gordon? One of their bigots drops dead and not a peep.

  6. says

    I just have to say, with no sarcasm or irony, I just love an obituary headline that starts with the word “Homophobic”. This may be the first I’ve seen.

    If “homophobic” is the most notable thing about a man, than that’s the first thing that should be mentioned in his obit. It’s just good journalism, y’all.

  7. Erik says

    Play nice kids. The man is dead. No need to spit on his grave. He can do no more harm. One can hope that he now knows the truth.

  8. aGuyfly says

    I can’t help feel for sorry for this man. If the world he grew up in was different he may not have had such hate in his heart. I also feel sad that so many of you, my brothers, spew it right back. Don’t let his ignorance infect your minds. I’d hope we can be smarter…