Italian Gay Activist Fabrizio Marrazzo Hit with Death Threats

The president of Italy’s largest gay activist group Arcigay has received a series of death threats via phone and text messages, gay news italy reports.

Fabriziomarrazzo_2Via Gays Without Borders:

“It was presented in Rome by Arcigay a complaint against unknown persons for death threats received in recent days, and regarding the president of the association, Fabrizio Marrazzo. It is reported by Fabrizio Marrazzo him, indicating threats came through repeated phone calls and short text messages. ‘The threats that have been sent have certainly troubled, myself and my dearest family, but we are not deterred by a step, in that we do for years to combat homophobia in the city of Rome.’ Marrazzo, which has undertaken to place great trust in the police investigation, said that in recent years Arcigay has done many events for the civil rights of lesbians gay and trans, and has dealt with many sensitive cases, such as the murder of Paolo Seganti, the murder of Roberto Chiesa and thousands of complaints that we have received through the Arcigay’s toll-free number. ‘No action – concluded – will stop our commitment.'”

The battle for gay rights in Italy goes on.

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Posted January 4, 2008 at 12:27pm ETC by Andy Towle
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