Morocco Court Upholds Convictions of Six Men Jailed for Homosexuality

Calling them “prisoners of conscience,” Amnesty International has called for the release of six men imprisoned for homosexuality after a court upheld their convictions brought down following an alleged “gay wedding” in the northern city of Al-Qasr Al-Kabir last November.

MoroccoReuters reports: “The six were arrested in late November after rumours spread that a party they had held in the northern town of Ksar el Kebir was really an illegal gay wedding. The national press pounced on the story, and Islamist groups condemned what they saw as an attack on public morals and demanded an official investigation. Hundreds of angry residents marched through Ksar el Kebir to demand ‘justice’ and put pressure on the authorities to hand out harsh sentences. The six men were found guilty and given jail sentences by a lower court last month. They had all pleaded not guilty. The appeal court upheld a 10-month sentence against the party’s alleged organiser, identified as F., for homosexuality and the illegal sale of alcohol, defence lawyer Mohamed Sebbar said. The five others had their jail terms cut to between two and four months from between four and six months, he said. All six had pleaded not guilty to the charges. ‘It’s a very severe judgment because this case is empty,’ said Sebbar. ‘There is no proof that these men practised homosexuality in the affair of Ksar el Kebir.'”

Said Amnesty’s Benedicte Goderiaux: “We’re also concerned for their safety. Some of them should get out of prison within about 15 days — what will happen to them after all the public threats against them?”

Morocco court upholds jail for 6 for homosexual acts [reuters]


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    A morality secular versus religion powerplay between Spain and Morrocco? If that doesn’t motivate us as a minority group to take active part in our own government, I don’t know what really will. That is the most glaring example of what happens in a theocracy, and, nice connection there Andy whether intentional or not (see: Mike Huckabee: Amend Constitution To Reflect God’s Standards), but the Mike Huckabee’s of this country would just as soon have us live the very same way, simultaneously demonizing any other religion than his very own.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I agree with FIZZIERUNTNT also. NIC, it’s just the first sentence that requires a re-reading, the rest of his statement is clear.
    Aint it cute how we come to each other’s defense on this blog. Only my spelling can never be defended, but I don’t give a f—-k. But one big “family” defending each other–that’s what f—kin’ Hillary, Barack & John should be doing.

    And it’s a shame because Morocco has some of the most beautiful men on the planet…well, from what I’ve seen on television and the movies. I wish all Gay Moroccans (and those who don’t know they’re gay but like to “mess around” could escape to Philadelphia. They’ll be bored, but they’ll be free…well, actually it takes money to be truly free in America, doesn’t it? But, to their credit, immigrants have no trouble accomplishing that.

  3. nic says


    yeah, i got FIZZY’S drift. i was just giving him a hard time. someone needs to give ME a HARD time before i get more bitchy.

  4. FizziekruntNT says

    After about 2 hours of resetting my iPhone thanks to an iF**k upgrade to version 7.6, I finally got to catch up. LMAO@NIC&Derrick!

    I’d be happy to give you a both hard time *wink wink*. ANY time. Sorry about the early-morning brain mush. Must’ve needed more coffee 😉

  5. Jerry in RI says

    And this is just a taste of what is to come for the US if Huckabee wins the Presidency…yikes.