Nine Out of Ten Men Prefer the Taste of Chace Crawford

“Whats up Everyone?

So I have been checking this as much as i can but have not had time to respond to all the messages and comments you ask! I do appreciate every single comment and keep them coming! Anyways you guys asked questions and Blake has told me to make a blog of answers, when I’m freee.. My favorite color is Midnight Blue, My hometown is plano, TEXAS

I love a girl who loves Animals, I’m very unpredicatble! I’m a big texter! I rather just eat fast food and chil at home! My best friend is Taylor Kitsche, I love keeping everything simple cause i’m a simple kind of guy. Something i miss about home is going to my Grandparents Lake house in the summer. It was the highlight of my high school. I’de cruise around water on Jet skies, than drive around the country at night.

Everyone always ask what do i think about the cast. I love every single one of them, and I currently live with Ed Westwick (chuck from GG)We love to catch concerts at Central Park, and we spend our downtime watching football game.

I am not dating Blake or Leighton, they are both beautiful girls, but we are close friends. As of now, I am ready for a girlfriend. Alright, thats all i have time for right now, I hope you enjoyed that and Have a good day!
Chace Crawford”

(a few more shots at source)


  1. Jordan says

    What’s so special ’bout pictures like these? All my friends and me have pictures like these on our myspace & facebook pages, and I can’t even remember half of ’em.

    These are just cute. What’s bad is when you have really embarrasing pics posted of you out there (like when you’re passed out or naked & making out with random people and stuff)….fun times.

    but is he gay or what?

  2. says

    I love GG. I prefer Penn Badgely over Chance, since you brought it up. But I love the guy candy posts.

    What’s with all the haters?