News: Morrissey, Insects, Calvin Klein, Guam, Hannah Montana

road.jpg Rasmussen poll: Hillary Clinton’s national lead collapsing

Mozroad.jpg Morrissey negotiating concert date in Tehran?

road.jpg One half of millionaire gay couple who started major chicken restaurant franchise in Western Australia is found dead in a luxury penthouse and his partner has been charged with the murder.

road.jpg British Christian registrar makes first legal challenge to the UK’s civil partnership laws, refusing to perform the ceremonies: “The woman, a devout Christian, is taking action against Islington Council, saying the civil partnership ceremonies she has been asked to perform are against her religious beliefs…Her stance has escalated into a full-scale dispute with her employers, who she is now taking to an employment tribunal, in the first case of its kind…Last night Islington Council, which is now Lib Dem-dominated, confirmed the tribunal was pending but refused to give any further information. In a statement, it said: ‘A claim has been made to an employment tribunal which Islington Council is defending robustly. The council does not intend to comment further.'”

road.jpg Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Tabs have field day as Britney Spears checks out of hospital after Dr. Phil forces himself on her. Shacks up with paparazzi.

Hannahroad.jpg Drag queen attempts to fool crowd, taking over for Hannah Montana in concert stage swap.

road.jpg Gay Black leader of MassEquality reaches out to African-American community in Massachusetts. David Wilson: “Having grown up in Boston and experiencing all of the discrimination as a young boy growing up in the ’60s, and now as a gay man, it was a high priority for me to reach out to my own community.”

road.jpg Gay candidate B.J. Cruz victorious in Guam, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund reports: “Victory-endorsee B.J. Cruz won a special senatorial election on Saturday, capturing 41 percent of the vote. Cruz, a Democrat, beat Republican Telo Taitague and fellow Democrat Tom Ada, who won 30 and 28 percent of the vote respectively. According to the Pacific News Center, Cruz wants to get to work immediately by taking part in legislative proceedings and confer with other legislators on matters pertaining to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. The election gives the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund its first win this year. The organization has endorsed 34 candidates so far for 2008.”

Bugroad.jpg New theory places blame on insects, not meteors, for death of dinosaurs.

road.jpg WALES: Gay man found lying in pool of blood…

road.jpg Calvin Klein and friend dish the dirt in Miami.

Shiaroad.jpg Shia LaBeouf is smokin’.

road.jpg In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a lawsuit over being called drama queen: “An academic is suing a columnist who called him a “drama queen”, claiming that in Malaysia’s version of English known as ‘Manglish’ the term is a homosexual slur, a report said on Thursday. Retired lecturer Edward Dorall told a court in Penang state that columnist Thor Kah Hoong had libelled him by calling him a ‘drama queen lecturer’ in a 2004 article, the New Straits Times reported. Thor said he had no malicious intent and that Dorall had deliberately misinterpreted the word “queen”, which on its own is a slang reference to a homosexual man, particularly one who acts in a flamboyant manner.”

road.jpg The One and Only: Graham Norton launches reality competition show based on tribute acts.

road.jpg Gay rights governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus mourned at Wisconsin vigil.


  1. johnosahon says

    apparently, animals are more important to that bastard morrissey than gay people.

    he refused to come to canada two years ago because of killing of sea animals BUT where they murder gay men he goes?

    unless, negotiations means stopping the murders of gays, i don’t know what he is doing there.

  2. ricardo says

    that person in malalysia should be joyous considering the apathy and yawn that passes for anything standing remotely as a queer lexicon these days. i have never in my life seen something as malnourished, as what some accept as reaching potential whereas it’s merely a stick figure such as tumble weed is the perfect imagery for the reality of paltry fiction posing as reality — such as deplorable scripting and speech writing are.

    thank you.

  3. Jordan says

    Shia is so hot. Who cares if he smokes or not? Tho’ I hate kissing guys who do. But if you’re drunk or messed up enough, even that you don’t care about 😉

  4. Anon says

    I am licensed by the State of California to practice psychotherapy. It is my understanding that Dr. Phil simply showed up unannounced at Britney Spear’s hospital room without having been asked to be there by friends/family/managers/etc…If that is the case then his actions are, at the very least, ethically questionable. I’m hoping his licensing board takes notice of this and takes appropriate steps in the matter. What a hack.

  5. rudy says

    Ack. ACK! Out! Out damn star screen swipe. Andy, I am begging you once again, please warn us that you are linking to PITNB. That blog always screws up my computer. I am forced to exit and reboot.

  6. John says

    These anti-smoking guys need to let it go, big deal if someone uses a legal product, its not as if he was going to date you or care what you think. The Puritans have made this country more boring than it was in 1908.

    So, puff on Shia, still as hot looking as always, if not more so!

  7. crispy says

    Rudy, all you have to do is hover your mouse over the links before you click them… the URLs will appear in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser. And if it’s (or any other site you don’t want to visit), then don’t click it.

    Honestly, you should be doing this anyways. If you’re just randomly clicking links on blogs, you’re opening your computer up to any number of potential hazards.

  8. says

    As a paparazzi member, that creep knows all too well how much people are willing to pay for first-hand accounts of major celebrities. I’m sure his tell-all will earn him millions, and be soon forthcoming. Perhaps that is why his WIFE doesn’t mind what is happening.

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