1. Eric says

    It’s all very well to take the mickey out of Prince William (and Prince Harry) being in the army/air force and actually having to wear uniforms but at least the British Royal Family (as usual!) are showing their solidarity with the troops on the ground (and yes, we know nobody supports this war) by joining up. Don’t see too many British or American politicians’ families doing the same, and they were the ones who got us all into it in the first place.

  2. Bruce says

    He’s doing as his father did; spending service time in each of the armed forces: army, air and navy. Each of he and his father will be head of state one day, so it’s perfectly fitting that each has a firsthand understanding of the services. Heck, even his mother was a mechanic in the motor pool in WWII.

  3. sparks says

    ANON: I should certainly hope he starts flying lessons in a simulator — where every other airman starts their jet training. I suppose when he goes up in a real plane you’d like for him to not wear a parachute either? Geez. Give the bitchy queen act a rest.

  4. Joshua says

    Peterparker….check out Harry…..he’s aging quite nicely.

    I think it’s quite good that the royals spend some time with the various services….even for a ceremonial position they still try to know as much as possible about their country. I wish our own politicians would serve some time in the military andlearn about our country before they run for office and send the rest of us off to war.

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