News: Mr. Blackwell, Iran, Jesse Metcalfe, Wii, Dykes on Bikes

road.jpg Iran claims video of aggressive action toward American ships is U.S. fabrication: “The US has released grainy footage, apparently showing small boats speeding near the American warships. In an audio recording, an Iranian radio operator appears to say ‘I am coming at you; you will explode’. The Iranian parliamentary speaker has dismissed the affair as being part of a US propaganda campaign against Tehran.”

road.jpg NSA report confirms Vietnam “Gulf of Tonkin” episode never happened. (via americablog)

Poshroad.jpg Mr. Blackwell releases annual worst-dressed list. The winner? “Forget the fashion spice – wearing a skirt would suffice! In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty posh can really wreck-em.” See who else made it.

road.jpg Out writer Josh Kilmer-Purcell starts “Phags for Phelps” site after striking up email correspondence with Shirley Phelps-Roper: “I’ve long believed that the more chances America gets to see blatantly ugly homophobia in action, the better it is for the GLBT community. To quote Supreme Court Justice Brandeis: ‘Sunshine is the best disinfectant.’ Half humorously, half seriously, (as in everything I do) I suggested in my recent OUT column that gays and lesbians start a ‘Phags 4 Phelps Dephense Phund.’ Fred Phelps, if you don’t know who he is, is the patriarch of a one-family-band of hate called the ‘Westboro Baptist Church.’..I honestly think that the more America sees this ugly hatred, the more they shy away from it. So I suggested starting the “Phags 4 Phelps Dephense Phund” to keep them away from bankruptcy and out on the streets where they belong.”

road.jpg Parkinson’s Disease linked to exposure to common solvent.

Mumbairoad.jpg Madonna, Guy tour the slums of Mumbai.

road.jpg Youths arrested for alleged anti-gay attack on December 5 on the Washington Metro say they targeted victim because he was drunk, not because of his sexuality.

road.jpg Queen Elizabeth loves Wii bowling: “A Palace source told The People: ‘When she saw William playing a game after lunch at Sandringham she thought the Nintendo looked tremendous fun and begged to join in. She played a simple ten-pin bowling game and by all accounts was a natural. It was hilarious. William was in fits of laughter. He was enormously impressed at having such a cool gran. And although she is 81 the Queen’s hand-eye co-ordination was as good as somebody half her age.'”

Metcalferoad.jpg Jesse Metcalfe’s Hollywood hair-cut.

road.jpg Anti-gay Pastor Ken Hutcherson has reportedly initiated the Microsoft stock-buying scheme I posted about in November: “It’s unclear what effect, if any, the initiative could have on the stock price. It would be difficult to influence company direction — just to gain a 1 percent stake in Microsoft, about 31 million people would each have to spend $104 to buy three shares. Microsoft has about 9.36 billion outstanding shares, and its largest holder is Chairman Bill Gates, with 858 million shares, or 9 percent of the total. Capital Research and Management Co. follows with nearly 557 million shares, or 6 percent.”

road.jpg Scientists float new global warming weapon: super-hairy soya plants.

road.jpg Court rules that “Dykes on Bikes” can keep their name.

Genreroad.jpg Genre takes on the cheekbones of Michael Lucas: “I am very proud that Genre chose me to be on their cover, as national consumer magazines—even if they are gay—tend to shy away from putting members of the adult community front and center.”

road.jpg Wonkette has a chat with former Gawker editor Choire Sicha about the New Hampshire primaries and which Romneys might be worth molesting: “Josh. Josh is the hottest thing since bacon was invented.”

road.jpg Kentucky gay rights groups thumb noses at one another: “The general advisory council of the Kentucky Equality Federation has approved a resolution not to be aligned with the Kentucky Fairness Alliance. Jordan Palmer, president of the federation, released a copy of his group’s resolution noting the break. It said the group ‘has received many reports from federation management and affiliated organizations about difficulties in working with current leadership of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance and particularly its chief spokeswoman, Christina Gilgor.’ It added, ‘It is obvious that the Kentucky Fairness Alliance, through its current executive director, is alienating many members of the Kentucky Equality Federation and its affiliated organizations and thus becoming less of an effective force in lobbying and working for improvement of gay rights in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.'”

road.jpg Simon Cowell sheds some of his moobs.


  1. says

    Does anyone have any numbers on how well Genre is selling with the new format? I, for one, don’t want to buy or read it. If you didn’t know any better, you’d never know it was for gay men. I’m not saying it has to be stereotypical but at least be proud of your demographic by mentioning it on the cover like once.

  2. PeterH says

    I wish Michael Lucas would stick to directing and stay out of his movies. His scenes ruin them for me.

  3. Sebastian says

    While, I do applaud Mr Blackwell for not going off on poor, pitiful Brit Brit, he is right, and, its true, money can’t buy class and in her case taste in clothes. And, while not at all into fashion, Mrs Beckham looks like a large orange in that frock, as if she is on her way the Florida Orange Grower’s Ball or parade.

  4. ricardo says

    great to finally see people visiting locations for relief years after the infomercials….then considering the shit operas and musicals that have been produced — the delay in addressing something beyond “one issue” represents the consistency of the shallow and why potentiality is missed out on cheap and ephemeral possibilities.

    truly yawn — disney has the small world of puppets — with deplorable scripting, it’s no wonder that domestic locales were represented as selfish stick figures with a vulgar concept of sharing their fascist ideology.

  5. Davey says

    doesn’t jesse know never to get your hair cut by a hairdresser wearing a hat. if i ever had my doubts, by all means he is def straight

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Ricardo ‘s a poet, but it’s just a secret.

    David E, you know about Hollywood folks. Is Mr Blackwell gay, or does he just have sex with men…or escorts? Or should I say, “did he USED TO have sex with…”

  7. Sebastian says

    Derrick, about Mr Blackwell, I think he has had the same partner for over 40 years or something like that, there was a write up about him and his partner in one of the gay rags here a couple of years ago.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Ooooops, thank you, Sebastian. And I’m always the one sceaming about how we don’t respect our gay seniors. Shameful bitchy queen, I am!

    I’m happy that he and the other Mr Blackwe…I mean, he and his partner have been together so long. I’m not quite sure how many Hollywood celebrities share those sentiments, but by Hollywood standards the Blackwells are doing pretty damn good.

    Are y’all sure that our poster “The Queen” isn’t actually Mr Blackwell? No, our “The Queen” isn’t old enough to have a 40 year relationship, unless “she” committed to “her” present partner when “she” was ten.
    A gay child bride. No, I’m not a member of no damn NAMBLA!

  9. GM says

    “The adult community” – What the hell does that mean? PC double-speak. Call it what it is: Smut peddling. And there’s nothing wrong with it whatsoever. But that queen needs to get over herself. He’s a glorified pimp. His comment makes it seem like porn lacks exposure. Honey – it’s not an intellectual exercise. It’s all exposure, all surface, all appearance. Blech.

  10. ColumbiaDWTN says

    Having a gay porn star on the cover is not Gay enough, Junior? Who knows he numbers, but it looks more like a magazine than the college publication look it use to have.

  11. Jordan says

    Who is Mr. Blackwell? And what gives him the power or authority to dis people like that? I love Avril, Fergie, and Victoria…and was he dissing Victoria for being skinny or for her clothes? I think she’s just the right size myself…and think all of them dress fab.

    What is Madonna doing taking a vacation in Mumbai? Where even is that? I mean, I’ve heard of India, but couldn’t find it on a map I’m sure. And is there even a place called the Maldives? I’ve never even heard of it.

    Jesse Metcalfe is so hot. He looks just like a guy I made out with at a bar recently, but I was really drunk..and he’s prolly in LA.

  12. Paul says

    Jordan, what is the world is wrong with you? I mean, are you joking? I can’t imagine anyone reveling in their ignorance the way you often do. Is it an act? I can’t imagine you’re serious.

  13. alguien says

    so jesse m. & i go to the same barbershop-hawt! too bad the prices at rudy’s have been skyrocketing lately and i’m probably going to be forced to have my $5 haircut done at a place where the cost of a $5 haircut is closer to $5.

  14. Joshua says

    Thanks Paul… thoughts as well. God, no wonder the world thinks we Americans have our heads up our asses.

    Is it me, or does Metcalf sometimes look like a clueless bimbo? I do love his eye’s though.

  15. Jordan says

    Listen bitches, I AM REAL! How do you think I could type this if I wasn’t? DUH!

    What do mean ‘are you joking?’
    What’s there to joke about? I am totally serious. I don’t know what ‘reveling’ means, but I’m sure it’s a dis too. I’m SO used to this by now here… whatever.

    I’m the first to admit I’m not very smart, but don’t think it’s really a big deal. I have fun and don’t concern myself with things that don’t matter (and get tons of hot guys who can’t wait to do me, thanks)

    Why do people think I’m acting? My mom, my dr., my brother….IT’S NOT A FUCKING ACT!

  16. Mike says

    It’s surprising that a not very smart person ignorant of Blackwell, Mumbai and revelling would have an email address like ennuiesque!!

  17. Paul says

    Jordan’s response outed him as a fake. I’d suspected for a while that he was a madeup persona, because few people would actively display such an obscenely vacuous nature. (I would have used “wanton” in that sentence, but he’d probably make some stupid “joke” about not liking Chinese food.)

    Now I just wonder if he’s a right-wing stooge or a left-wing boor who isn’t funny enough, and either way wants to cite responses to his inanity. The post a few days ago about a grandmother willing to pay his college to fund a wing, just to keep him enrolled, was sufficiently over the top. But today’s—guess what? Really stupid people make a lot of typos and don’t notice them. Jordan’s are mindless but free of errors. I’m a writer and editor, and if you’re as dumb as you bizarrely and repeatedly claim, you’d have a lot more mistakes in your posts. Not to mention, anyone in the US who has ever experienced New Year’s Eve (meaning: everyone) knows what “reveling” means.

    So I have to wonder…Why? Are you just having fun, or trying to perpetuate absurd gay stereotypes? Or do you have an even more negative (no I won’t say “nefarious,” since that would simply be met with “what does that mean?”) angle?

    Not that I expect an honest answer.

  18. Jordan says

    What’s my email address have to do with it? It’s not even one I use anymore and one that a friend came up with anyway. I don’t get what you’re point is. Good thing thou

    whatever bitches. i’m through trying to defend myself. believe what u want. i don’t care. i don’t understand all you mean bitches. suck it!

  19. Jordan says

    What can i say? I’m OCD about typing, and that was one of the only classes I did good at in school. Anyway, you don’t know how long it takes me to do my posts, so why does everyone judge me so? it’s not like have a job or have to work…

    Yes, I played & partied all my life, (and still do) & yes, my grandmother IS rich and well-connected, so I’ve been bailed out of trouble a bunch. But I really don’t understand a lot of stuff and don’t see a point in hiding it. I don’t care. Why not BE YOURSELF?

    I don’t see why or how not making typos proves anything either. I’m anal about spelling (and other stuff – ha)

    Doesn’t matter…I’m pretty and popular, so people do stuff for me. Always have…always will.

    You people are just like my brother…just too damn smart for your own good. But I’m sure I have more fun than you…and hot boys love me. So there!

    Life is too just short not to party and have fun. you people think too damn much.

  20. Paul says

    So then, Jordan, why do you possibly have any interest in the (generally) highly intellectual site that is Towleroad? Yes Andy occasionally posts pictures of pretty shirtless boys, but otherwise it’s real news. If you’re so vapid, it seems like little else would be of any interest to you.

    There are plenty of other sites for people who don’t “think too damn much.” I still don’t believe that anyone could be as idiotic as you act, and revel (there’s that word again) in it. Maybe I’m too optimistic, though anyone who knows me would scoff at that claim.

  21. Jordan says

    I duno PAUL, it’s the best site to see cause the backgrounds black. I look at others too, and plenty of porn, thanks…this site would be better with some of that and less friggin’ smart talk!