1. says

    Yep, January of 2008. This is the new Shia. Wonder what possessed them with the cowsuit? To be fair to the PhotoShop advocates…they probably did a lot of PhotoShopping…just not putting him into the suit! :0) Why buy the milk, indeed.

  2. jill says

    For people wondering “Why a cow getup?”. I believe it’s just a play on his last name which means “the beef” in French.

  3. johnnzboy says

    “Beef” in French is “boeuf”, not “beouf”, and it’s a masculine noun, i.e it wouldn’t go with “la”, so if it was going to be “the beef” it should be be “LeBoeuf” – I dare say that the name is somehow derived from “boeuf”, but it don’t mean jack in French now…

  4. lambman says

    regardless, this kid is a terrible one-note actor. Lots of people were impressed with him in Transformers, but that’s the same annoying character he has played in everything he’s done…0 range

  5. Matty says

    I dont care for him, he’s annoying, an overrated product of Hollywood hype and I’ve heard he’s a huge a-hole in real life, but the pics are cute.

  6. Jeff says

    Great photos! And he’s a great actor, too. I can’t wait for the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to come out. He’s got a great future in films.

  7. says

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