Sportrait: Riley Skinner

[September, 2010: photo removed as requested by subject’s representatives.]

Unabashed quarterback Riley Skinner takes his last name very seriously and ensures you’ll never watch a Wake Forest football game the same way again.
(warning: possibly NSFW)

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    See, this is exactly why I love football players. They’re always happy and proud to show off their stuff. Basketball players seem inhibited, wearing them big baggy bloomers as uniforms. (Never thought much about other athletes–well, the Track ‘n Field guys got a thing for spandex with no jockstraps–so that’s promising). But football players are always willing to strut their stuff in public. God Bless ‘EM!
    Maybe that’s why I never really hated ol’ Gerald Ford–not much brains, but a football player’s body.

  2. Mikey says

    Yeah I’m outraged — get that snake off the photo at once. (On a side note, he doesn’t seem to be packing much, but I’m trying to be less of a size queen.)

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Fuck the damn snake! Look at the beef! What the hell do I care about whether a guy has a big dingdong when he has all those muscles to play with. What if he has a big dingdong but a flat ass–that aint thrillin’ to look at.

  4. ATLSteve says

    Though I’m not not a freakin deacon, Riley is a stud. This picture doesn’t do his looks justice. Apparently the uncensored version is being e-mailed around WF circles so I’ve got some folks back home in NC working on getting that version. All the Deacs are making claims that he has nothing to be shy about so it must be OK – but I agree, the snake cover-area is rather small.

    The real version will get out soon enough. Now the backstory on who first started sending it out and why – that’s a developing story.

  5. CLEMSONAJ says

    Two questions:
    1. Where the hell are the ones without the suspiciously small snake?
    2. Why doesn’t that happen at my school? All we get are naked pics of the football coach’s daughter….

  6. Haxby says

    I was terribly disappointed to find that the poor kid has a cartoon rattlesnake for a penis. Not sure how he uses the thing, it looks dangerous, yet loveable and possibly very funny when being chased by a wiley coyote or wascaly wabbit.

  7. DeacFan says

    ATLSTEVE, ERIK, and others… I’m also working on finding the uncensored pics. Please post back here if you find them, and I’ll post my email address.

  8. ATLsteve says

    Will do … If I still had my scout forum account I’d request it from some folks on the WF boards.

    I have a good friend whose bf went to WF so they should be able to find it.

    Clemson – Riley’s gf goes to CU…word is that she didn’t start this but he was was cheating with another girl who did …

  9. Jake says part of this is finding the other gay Deacs…or gay friendly Deacs….seem like they are few and far between.

    Hopefully we can find the pic without the snake!

    sure is a distracting day in Winston Salem, i’m sure

  10. ATLSteve says

    I’m a Tar Heel … we have a ton of gay alums everywhere. A few years back, the same friend (now back at UNC for grad school) w/ the WF bf wanted to start a gay group here in ATL called the GayCC for alums of all the ACC schools – funny.

    Of course, UNC’s recent juicy sex scandal was the football players who got tied up and fondled by the two nasty skank hos and the naked guy. I’d still love to know the true story of what happened there. At least we were aren’t State and the tennis player…

  11. Erik says

    I’m a Deac and Tarheel alum — what’s the story on the tied up football player and on the State tennis player? Missing all the news by living outside ACC land…

  12. DeacFan says

    I’ve tried a few of my Wake contacts, but we’re all too old to know anyone “in the know” on campus. Anyone else having any luck? That censored part is so frustrating…

  13. john says

    WOW!!! WHAT A DUMB MOVE!!! I thought Wake Forest kids were supposed to be super brilliant. Riley’s forgiven though, because his Ivey appears to be out of this Leage.

  14. CLEMSONAJ says

    Thanks ATLSTEVE. Gotta love those girls with revenge on their mind…we get some decent pics out of it anyway. Be sure to copy me on a email if you locate the uncensored version.

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